SELF " know thyself "

S E E  as a word encapsulates " know thyself " ...

it is a process of  

S elf  awareness  E mpowerment   E nlightenment

A S E E centre is being developed, amongst nature,
in Queensland, Tropical North Eastern  Australia 

lighting the way to Self Realisation 
PO Box 213 Palm Cove. 4879, Australia

Spiritus ... a privately funded, non profit Fellowship, provides information that has the purpose of   helping our  Human family, particularly Youth, to Wake up ... Wake up and Remember who we really are.... Wake up... Wake up Remember who we are Remember to Remember .

To S E E means to be Aware ...we need to become Aware of who we really are, and why we are here! ... once we understand and acknowledge this, we can change the way we think... we are in a mind prisonwhen we change the way we think, form changes form is the result of energy, the result of thought,  form would not exist without thought .... our task is not to change this prison world but to change our thoughts about the world ... this  Empowers us to take control of our lives in a holistic way body - mind - spirit

Once we Empower ourselves our consciousness blossoms, we SEE that we can choose to reclaim our own power, tap into our true potential, and make our lives, while we are here, more meaningful ... this is Universal knowledge that we already know, but we have forgotten ... it is brought forward again to help us, on our journey of "Self  Realisation".

S E E  lights the way for true seekers after  Truth ... it is a process of   "God Realisation through Self Realisation" ...

Self  ( individuality/essence)       we are aware that we are Spirit having a human experience ...

Empowerment (authorise/enable)    externally we choose to enable our power, so as to choose, think, and act for ourself ...

Enlightenment (shed light on)                internally we choose to be free of illusion, reawakening in the light of our Supreme Creator ...  

Through this process we "realise ourselves" as Souls ... choosing to reintergrate our consciousness with, and live our lives according to the Ideals of our Supreme Creator, the Lord of All Souls.



 SELF  awareness

We are eternal beings of Light and  Love, on an epic, adventurous journey of discovery, through experience... "We are Spirit We are Free" we are a unique aspect of the ONE Consciousness on the threshold of our dream  of going back to our true home.

In this new  Millennium life seems to contain everything except meaning... in spite of our intellectual and scientific advancement we are still groping in the dark so far as spiritual matters are concerned we are troubled and unhappy and live in fear rather than in hope.

Yes, many of us are concerned by the crumbling of traditional values, the spiritual disorientation and moral degradation we are striving to find dependable spiritual values, for even in this materialistic and scientific world we still feel we have a soul but we dont know how to find it.

Who are we  ?

Why are we here  ?

Where did we come from?

Where do we go from here  ?

These are the questions that we continuously ask ourselves as we search for the basic truths of life  the ultimate meaning of our existence and our deep longing for a higher more perfect life.

No questions of greater importance confront us than discovering who and what we really are, what place we occupy in the creation, and what our relationship is to the Supreme Creator, our Father/Mother.

Jesus the Christs parable of the prodigal son epitomises the story of all humanity the descent of our soul and of its wanderings for many ages in the lower worlds and of its eventual return to our true home.

This then is our story . the parable of  we prodigal Souls!

Before time,  in a region of pure spirit and bliss Supreme Spirit , our Creator,our MotherFather, brought us into being as individual and immortal souls, each of us being of Creators essence of Love.

For aeons we dwelt in our true home but on separation from our MotherFather we obtained our own individuality, which bore within it potential egotism and limited free will to take the upward or downward path.

Being a sparkof the Supreme Spirit we wanted to explore the outer limits of Spirits form, away from the centre of light and lifeso with countless others we adventured forth as prodigal souls to explore the beauties and delights of the regions beyond.

Gradually, over a long period of time, we descended through the different spheres, coming at last to the physical universe which is like a sphere with the higher worlds being increasingly larger spheres surrounding it on all sides and interpenetrating it.

Whilst Earths recorded history is only 5-6 thousand years, many of us have been coming here in many different forms for millions of years like lost children at a fair we wander in wonder at the many attractions, having lost all recollection of our MotherFather.

During our descent we, as pure Soul,  were captured in the web of the universal mind  its ruler the negative power shackled us to his essence , his agent, the mind .Our Mind is like a covering made of a very fine and subtle form of matter constantly in very close communion with our soul., and continually  with us as we go about our affairs here on earth...

While we were in the negative powers web we were also fitted with a second covering our causal body is composed of very fine matter allowing us to contact the lower levels of life through our astral and physical bodies.

Our soul thus became subject to the influences of the mind and matter which hampers us in expressing ourselvesour pure spirit thus acquired a dual nature which resulted in harmful self indulgences and commenced to cloud our inner spirituality.

Wrapped in our new coverings we then descended to the next region, where we were fitted with  our astral body, which allowed us to function and communicate with others... this body reflects in its form and colours our true character everyone can see us as we really are, no deception is possible and, as in our physical body, we have the five senses.

Remaining some time in the astral region we next descended to the material world where we needed a physical body thus our soul was wrapped in four coverings, being the mind, and our, causal. astral. physical bodies.As each covering was put on our light was dimmed and we were further shut off from the life giving Word or Spirit of our Creator.

However it is the Supreme Creators will that the negative powers duty is to keep us imprisoned here until we are purified and made wise by manifold experiences

We are imprisoned through our mind, confined here by worldly desires and attachments, thus shutting us off  from the music of Spirit, the Divine sound current, making us forget our  FatherMother and obliterating all memories of our Divine origin and our true home.

In this world we are associated with the pleasure loving mind which in turn receives impressions of the material objects and people through the five senses...under these conditions, far from our original home, lonely and lost we are subject to all the worldly and downward pulling desires of the mind, the senses and the  passions Anger Attachment Ego Greed Lust.

As a result we are in a never ending struggle between our immortal longings and the material desires of the mind this is our spiritual plight today, we are Prodigal Souls dwelling in a distant place far from our true home.

Here on planet earth we live in the lowest region, a physical universe of gross material where coarse matter predominates, with only a small amount of mind and a very small amount of spirit just sufficient to maintain, in this mind prison, of life and death, the millions of species.

This region contains all the stars and suns and their planets of which the Earth is one of millions, most beyond the reach of telescopes... the immensity of our universe staggers our imagination, yet it is but a tiny speck of dust floating in the sky of  the creation.

Here, we are so deficient in spirit substance that, we are in a state of semi-death, like zombies  compared with the heavenly realms above us it is this condition that gives rise to all the difficulties we experience, for the level of true happiness, peace, harmony and joy is determined by the amount of spirit present.

In this world there are four cycles of time that follow each other in the same order again and again the ages of Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron ... the Golden age is the best and longest  and each of the succeeding ones are progressively inferior and shorter each age lasts millions of years we are currently at the end of the Iron age, and the beginning of the new Gold age

When we first arrived here we retained some of our original spiritualty and experienced  the first Golden age when sin and evil were virtually unknown gradually as millions of years passed our spirituality slowly diminished due to our pleasure loving mind and the senses as we sowed the seeds of Karma, in subsequent lives, we experienced hardships, afflictions, sickness, sorrow and humiliation.

However our Creator ensures we have these purifying experiences as a necessary start  to the process of spiritual regenerationlife here can be likened to being in a Reform School what we dont realise however is that our suffering  is a great blessing in disguise.

We arrived here because we desired to gain through external knowledge, pleasure and experiences, which unfortunately built up our ego and many other illusions we lost our spiritual supremacy because we lost touch with Spirit and associated with the mind.

We do know however that like the Prodigal Son we Prodigal Souls will return to our MotherFather and our true home .

To recapitulate

1. We left home on an adventure of discovery

2. We were captured, implanted with a mind tag, shackled with bodies and thrown into a dark dungeon called Earth

3. On Earth we don't realise that we are Spirit, a Soul, having a human experience, our body is only a shackling garment which allows us to function here on Earth

4. During our experiences in the negative powers domain of the three worlds  we have become disorientated and lost

5. Having forgotten our Royal ancestory we have associated with bad company, the mind, which leads us astray through the senses.

4. But by waking up and remembering who we really are we can take action to  return to our True home.



Things are not as they seem, are they! ... having awaken as to who we really are, we now need to understand how we can take control of our lives while we are here in the Physical Realm ... to do this we have to acknowledge who we are and the rules for being human...we are then able to change the way we have been taught to think ... we choose to think for ourselves.


I  ( name)

remember and understand that

I am Spirit ... a Soul  having a human experience

I am a unique and precious being created for very special purposes

I am ever doing the best I can

I am ever growing in Love and Awareness

I am at one with my Creator giving thanks and praise for everything

I am peaceful and happy, all my needs are met

I am able to respond to all challenges with confidence and faith

I am sustained by my Creators Love, which leads me to peace in Oneness


Life is a journey of Truth ... I can walk it, share it, and teach it, but must remember it is only a game an illusion.

I Appreciate Life is a gift, to be loved rather then fought..

I will receive a body...I may like it or hate it, but it will be mine for the entire period I am here.

I will experience ...I am enrolled in a full time informal school called Life... each day in this school I will have the opportunity to learn through my experiences... I may like the experiences or think them irrelevant or silly.

There are no mistakes, only experiences which expand my consciousness Expansion is a process of trial and error, of experimentation... the failed experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately works. is called Experience

Experiences  are repeated until learned ... A learning will be presented to me as various experiences, until I have learned it...when I have learned from it, I can then go on to the next experience.

Learning experiences do not end ... There is no part of life that does not contain experiences... if I am alive there are  experiences and things to be learned...  however Life is not a bunch of lessons to experience is to learn

There is no better  here ... When I am there has become a here I will simply obtain another  there that will again look better than here.

Others are merely mirrors of me ... I cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something I love or hate about myself.

What I make of my life is up to me ... I have the tools and resources I need right now...what I do with them is up to me the choices are mine.

My answers are inside me ... The answers to Lifes questions are inside me... all I need to do is look, listen, trust.

Love is all there is....Start the day with Love Fill the day with Love Spend the day with Love ... End the day with Love

 I will remember   this                                       I will remember this                                                              I will remember this  


Gautama Buddha said " enlightenment is progressive disillusionnment".

So how do we overcome the "illusion"  and regain our supremacy?... by Meditation, it is an Internal process of becoming once more connected with the Divine Word through the example of   Master Teachers who are sent by our MotherFather to rescue us from the darkness of this material world.

In all times Master Teachers have been here saying  "ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you".

Our Supreme MotherFathers Love , mercy and power are boundless...the divine plan is to bring back home those of us who have become ready to return as a result of our experiences.

Once we come to our senses, and commit to a honest, non violent, and moral life, we abstain from meat ,fish, eggs, alcohol, drugs and Meditate daily concentrating our attention at the eye centre, drawn upward by the power of the Light and Sound,   we  prodigal souls start our homeward journey to where our MotherFather, long suffering, and infinitely patient, has the light burning , waiting ready to welcome us wanderers home.

Eventually, while still here in our earthly bodies, or at death, our astral and causal bodies and mind, and soul pass through the third eye,which is in our forehead,  into the resplendent and colourful Astral plane, where the brightness and beauty of Earth pales into insignificance.

The astral plane is much vaster than the physical universe with many sub planes, heavens, purgatories and numberless continents, rivers, mountains, oceans and citiesit abounds in an endless variety of life, which like here, is mortal and perishable.

It is like stepping out from a dark and dirty prison into a beautiful garden ... we enjoy happiness and bliss hardly imaginable  experiencing so many  bewildering new sensations, becoming intoxicated with delight there is a marvellous influx of power.. light joy lucid vision space is obliterated time disappears all events stand before us... the past ... the present ... the future.

The scenic beauty, landscapes, rivers, mountains, forests and buildings are awe inspiring ... there are multitudes of people gathered from every nation on Earth, and we are able to converse, for all languages are understood... we enter the indescribably beautiful capital  where there is a large centre light surrounded by a thousand smaller ones each a different colour clustered together like an immense lotus flower, this constitutes the powerhouse from which flows the energy that creates, sustains and controls  the millions of suns ,stars and galaxies below.

This then is   Brahmand meaning the egg of Brahm referring to its shape, roughly that of an elongated sphere; this is the spiritual-material region ... the substance here is mostly spirit mixed with a certain amount of refined or spiritualised matter, including that constituting the mind. in the lower portion nearest to the material worlds it is coarse and mixed with matter here mind dominates spirit but the higher we ascend the more spirit dominates.

Its vastness is beyond our power to imagine, but is very small compared with the highest division Brahm is the ruler of the three Worlds (  Physical, Astral, and Causal)  which, are subject to change and dissolution... depending on our karma, the difficulties within ourselves, and our level of spiritual fitness, we may spend months or even years visiting the Astral world.

Eventually  when we are spiritually ready we move on to the realm of Universal Mind where we function in our causal body much of what is here cannot be described in human language but we see with an ever clearer eye the wonder and glory of our Creators purpose, the majesty of  which is an overpowering splendour... we find we now possess new powers and understanding, growing spiritually as we advance, for we must be fitted for higher and purer spiritual atmospheres at this point we discard our mind, we no longer need it.

Moving onward we attain the next region we leave behind the last remnants of earthly impurities and function without a covering or body of any kind for the first time we see ourselves as pure Spirit, a child of the Supreme Spirit we attain the  brilliance of twelve sunsexperiencing glorious freedom from knowing that we will no longer be born on earth.

Our tendencies now are ever upward, our longing becomes overwhelming and Master guides us through the vast void of darkness we rise rapidly to the next region where we behold the majestic awe inspiring beauty and grandeur realising sublimely  I am That! ...  That am I, ... knowing that we are one with the Supreme One... we arrive at the fifth region  the true or Imperishable region, the lost world of beauty, light, peace and joy.

Through the grace of our Master we have now reached the region of immortality and truth, we know the truth and it has set us free... all of the Lords and regions are Divine manifestations... Supreme Spirit may take millions of forms but none of them express Divine totalityremaining formless and all pervading Universal Spirit, universal life; the spiritual essence of all that is, this heavenly kingdom is the infinite and eternal ocean of reality and spirituality.

This region is the highest heavenly region of pure Universal Spirit, which is the purest spiritual state of creation ... we are in our true home, which is ever sustained by the waves of life, Love and power that emanates from our Supreme Creator...

From here this light, life, and power flows out and down to sustain all the worlds belowit is the region of Truth, of ultimate reality, the supreme heaven of heavens the dwelling place of an infinite number of pure spiritual Souls, including many who have finished their earth lives they possess God like beauty and majesty knowing neither death, sorrow or imperfection.

The wonders and beauty here  are beyond our human thought forms or language  to describe it is immeasurably vast,  and its light is so brilliant that our sun, a thousand times larger, would appear as a tiny dark dot... no human thought can embrace the glory or language describe the formless, all-embracing, omnipresent one... the impersonal ,infinite ocean of love in which we abide from which flows all wisdom, Love and power.

We have now reached the end of the path we have changed from a circumscribed, limited human being, driven by the base desires of the mind and the earthly passions to a GOD of unimaginable glory, wisdom and power... looking back to our dark, dirty, crawling life on Earth we are grateful to Master that we have returned to our true home !.