The Garden

The Three Types of Trees

The Four Rivers out of the One River, and their meaning as energy currents and fields of action in the physical body, below that sphere of energy.

1. Eden, as described in Genesis 2 : 8, is the etheric or astral plane of finer substance than the physi-cal. The garden is a special, local limitation of that substance. This garden is also called Paradise. It is the individual etheric or astral body created for man at this stage and on this level of involution.

Genesis 2 : 15 gives us the key and explanation of this mystery : "And the Lord ( Jehovah) God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it." This instruction would fit any soul which is literally put into a new body, to dress it and keep it. So we see that our etheric or astral body is just as much our responsibility as are the physical and mental bodies of our being.

According to the Bible, the Garden is planted east-ward in Eden, the etheric realm. This would indicate that it is the sensory body and area, because the sun rises in the east. The anterior part of our body is the east, as we face the sun, symbolic of the rising of our sensory currents. The back of the body is the west, of the setting sun, or the outgoing motor currents and their major area. Accordingly, the top of the head is the north pole, and the feet the south pole of the body. All these currents were understood as sun and moon or hot and cold Polarity Principles in the Ayurvedic medicine of old. They have their physical application in therapeutics, whether known or unknown.

2. Three types of trees are mentioned in Gene-sis 2 : 9. These trees are not physical trees in our sense of the word. They represent energies, because all this description is of an energy realm and not a physical one, for this had not yet appeared in the process of creation and precipitation from higher energy levels. The three types of trees are the three gunas or the three energies in their mode of motion.

The trees themselves and their locations in the physical design of the body, become the three Tattwas or substances which are the most active and important in the material body and in the bloodstream. They also become the three `doshas' or evils when out of balance and proportion in their function, as mental, emotional and physical action. The heart center in the etheric realm was assigned to Siva, the Destroyer, for that reason.

The first and most important tree in the human body is the Tree of Life (Gen. 2 : 9). The position of the Tree of Life in the human body is the central axis of the brain and the spinal cord, down to the second lumbar vertebra. The brain is the root of this tree, from where the higher energies descend. This is an

 inverted tree, with its branches growing downward and its roots in heaven above. That is why man is not comfortable on earth and always seeks an escape in one form or another. If man were to seek a solution to his problem, by the light of his God-given intelli-gence, then the answer would be found, because it is engraved in his very being, in definite patterns and characters of geometric design, like on the tablets of Moses on Mount Sinai. The Tree of Life is the airy element, in the finer Tattwas, over which the mind energy travels and gives the intelligent direction for coordination, sensation and motion in the body. Kabbalistically, it is the mother letter `Aleph' of the Hebrew alphabet. Its position in the human body is the cerebrospinal axis, down to the end of the spinal cord, the second lumbar vertebra.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the generative impulse. ( Up to that time there was no such thing as good and evil, for all was heavenly bliss; therefore, the need for knowledge of good and evil did not exist.) It is the mother letter `Mein' in the Hebrew alphabet. It embraces the waters and all watery secretive action. In all accounts of the Creation, it is stated that the earth rose out of the waters where it was generated and floated in the amniotic fluid in the womb of the cosmic mother, much the same as the human embryo develops into the fetus and is born out of the human mother. Brahma, the creator in that realm, was given these attributes and functions in the cosmos. In Greek cosmogony, the name of the one entrusted with this function was Jupiter. The attributes and functions are identical, but each language  has a different name for them. So it is in all Sacred writings. The places and functions are the same, only the names differ according to the language used. Energies and regions exist, whether they are described or not in any country or language.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and. Evil, as re-ferred to in Gen. 2: 15, 16, 17, is the center of the desire body in man, which has the power of further involu-tion into matter by attraction and craving. Its physio-logical position in the human body is below the Tree of Life, where the spinal cord ends, at the second lumbar vertebra. These parts of the spinal nerves are called the " Cauda Equina " or horse's tail, because of the branched-out appearance. This is the motor area of the generative impulses. The sensory area is in the front, in the external generative center in both, male and female.

Without the bonds of the desire impulse, these would be but fields of reproduction, the same and as natural as in the vegetable kingdom. Man is the only living creature who can either further degenerate and scatter himself into matter, or properly control and use these same energies to return to his Father's House of Eternal Bliss, by directing them upward and inward to the brain, from whence they came. By doing the former only, he is but an animal in human form. But if he makes the proper use of his human body, then he becomes God-like. The central core must eventu-ally have the same expression of fulfillment as the shell or the circumference.

The Trees Good for Food represent the fiery energies of the digestive system, which separate the  food and extract the fine fiery essence out of it for warmth and nourishment of the body. The deity in charge of this cosmic process is Vishnu, the nourisher and supporter. The Greeks attributed this function to Saturn who devoured his own children, because life lives on life in all lower creation. Even man has not chosen to step out of that category of eating flesh, fish, fowl and eggs, and things containing them. In the Kabbala, the Hebrew mother letter `Shin' was applied to this function.

The three classes of trees or principles of air, water and fire, are the etheric energies in the cosmos. They represent the three most active Tattwas which are the conveyors of the three guna essences in the bloodstream, as breath, semen and nourishment; or air, water and fiery substances or warmth. The etheric realm and prana are their root and cause. The gross physical body is the end product or precipitation of all these processes.

3 . The One River of energy is the psychic prana which flows out of the etheric realm and becomes the gross physical prana which in turn flows over the ner-vous system in the body of man. The prana flows over the five Tattwas as fields and regions in the human body, as wireless energy, before it becomes the gross prana of nerve impulses and physical action.

The downward drive for sensation, wastes the precious psychic pranic energy and binds the senses, mind and soul to this earthward pull. There is little chance for this fine sensory energy to be purified and drawn upward and inward by concentration, when it is exhausted in the downward trend. Not only does


this waste of energy prevent one from making spiritual progress, but it also robs the rest of the life energy cur-rents necessary for maintaining the physical body in perfect health and vigor, because through this wasting or squandering it uses more than is naturally appor-tioned to that center by the economy of the pattern essence. Only six petals are allotted to this lotus or chakra, out of the total of fifty-two petals on the Tree of Life in the body. The energy goes either up or down. If up, it enriches the mind function and the con-sciousness and helps to free the soul from bondage.

"And a river went out of Eden to water the garden and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. The name of the first is Bison : that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone." (GEN. 2: 10–12)

The river Pison means `Current', `energy'. Havilah, the land over which it flows, means ' sand land '. The gold and onyx stone further complete the definite identification, in the mystical language, of the actual current and where it flows in the little world of the microcosm, our body. This is the energy or element of fire of the ancients, which creates the first sphere or oval—the head, the brain and the nervous system-and flows over it. The brain is the root of the nervous system, like a tree that is upside-down. This latter is spoken of in the Bible as the symbolic Tree of Life.

`Havilah' (sand land) identifies the pituitary and pineal glands, by their sand-like constituents.

 The `gold' spoken of is the energy current of a yellow color, flowing upward, over the pituitary and pineal bodies and the optic thalamus, and creates a gold-colored light current which is pictured as a halo around the head of saintly persons. The Hindus call this current `Udana'.

The `onyx stone' is the stone spoken of in Revela-tion as being in the center of the forehead at the third eye, or Tisra Til, the door of the soul, the narrow gateway to the Lost Word and higher realms, symbolized by the Ureus of the Egyptians. Physiologically, we think we cover all this ground by merely calling this the cerebrospinal nervous system.

The name of the second river is Gihon, which means `gusher' or `intermittent spring , `virgin fountain'. This applies well to the heart and its beats, the fountain of life in the body. This energy element was called `air' by the ancients. It creates and sustains the second oval cavity, the chest with the heart and lungs. Science calls it the respiratory and circulatory system. The • diaphragm is the dividing line.

This is also mentioned in the Bible :

"And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters."      (GEN. 1 : 6)

In the human body, the diaphragm is the elastic, functioning firmament which divides the waters or energies—the above from the below : two rivers above (the fire and air elements) from the two below (the earth and water elements.) It is upon this important inter-action that life depends. Without diaphragmatic function, there can be no respiration nor heart beat,


no proper elimination nor assimilation, nor motion. It is a fixed stabilizer of bodily functions.

Here, also, we find the mystic chalice spoken of as a cup : namely the heart, the mixing bowl of the life principle (Prana) in the air, fire and water elements. Prana or the universal life force, which is the same energy as is in the sun, uses oxygen as a conveyor, and we breathe it in as air. The Bible clearly states that the "life is in the blood".

If the chemical oxygen was the life principle itself, we could prolong life indefinitely under an oxygen tent, which is not the case. Prana is the universal breath of life, called `Ruach Elohim ' by the Hebrews. And when Elohim breathed this breath into the nostrils of the form called man, this form became connected or united with the function of the Soul power within, and man became a living, existing soul on this earth. This Prana, Ruach or Energy flows over each nostril alternately, enlivens the sympathetic nervous system, and links the body to Nature in this Energy field.

The third river out of Eden's one river is `Hiddekel', `Tigris', or `black'. This is the earth element of the ancients, which built and operates the third cavity the abdomen with its digestive, assimilative and elimi-native activity. The Hindus call the energy - Raman'. We call it the gastro—intestinal tract and its function of digestion, assimilation and elimination.

The fourth river is the Euphrates, the `great river' or `water wheel'.  The ancients called this the water element. It is situated in the fourth cavity of the body the pelvic cavity. As earth and water landmarks are irregular, so is .the space, with the earth element above  it. Science calls this the genito-urinary system, includ-ing the kidneys, which are post periteneal structures.

The earth is said to have been created out of water; and is surrounded by it, like the embryo is surrounded and floats in the amniotic fluid. The Great Wheel refers to constant births in this river of life. It is also referred to as the `wheel of eighty-four' because it con-tains eight million, four hundred thousand species of life through which the soul can incarnate. It contains the seed power which is the one evidence of the eternal power of perpetuation in all life, whether human, animal or vegetable. The billionth descendent of any life form or pattern has the power to create, th.e same as the original pair had. This is the only perpetual motion power we know of; namely the seed power in all created things, sustained by the psychic prana as the energy immediately above the physical plane.

The 'four rivers' are the same as the four elements of solids, liquids, gases and energy fields of the ancients, and the `four systems of the body' of modern science. As long as these four elements or energies flow into and through each other, and support each other in function, all is well. When one or more river of energy is stopped up, or cannot flow, life departs from it and goes back to whence it came. It is then that the good minister, at the funeral service, revives our memory of this mystic lore not now understood, when he picks up a handful of earth and says, as he throws it on the casket, "earth to earth, dust to dust, and ashes to ashes."

A doctor wrote out a death certificate which probably stated `heart failure' or 'endocarditis'. But the minister here tells us the true story as to why this person died, from a real scientific energy standpoint. The earth element in this body could no longer function nor draw energy from the great earth element outside, which is the cosmos, and could not co-operate with the other elements, so now this earth element of the indivi-dual body goes back to mother earth."and thou shalt eat the herb of the field: In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat . bread, till thou return unto -the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."      (GEN. 3 : 18, 19)

"Dust to dust". The element of air has dust as its negative symbol, and when the air principle can no longer breathe or flow in rhythm with the universal air principle outside, the individual air or life breath of Prana, the life in the body returns to its universal res-ervoir.

"Ashes to ashes". This person died because the fire principle of energy could not flow in this body, and be renewed by the universal fire of energy and life. That is why it must return to its source in the Essence. The evidence of fire is ashes.

In the Koran it is stated that when the forms were built, God played beautiful music upon them , and souls entered those forms. It is important to know and understand this process of the involution of the soul into matter, because `this beautiful music' is the Sound Current, THE WORD, or the Holy Shabd. All these finer principles, vehicles and life lines of energy direction are still within us, although buried and covered with mud and. rust, the results of our own thoughts, words and deeds. That is the reason we have so much  conflict within ourselves and are constantly searching for our lost estate, a `Lost Chord' or link to Life itself, by seeking out higher essences and trying to discover our-selves.

Every principle or energy field within us, our little world, has a universal plane of being or field of operation. And as our four elements must blend with that greater world outside 'and draw from its universal supply in order to be well nourished and healthy, even so, all the higher energy principles must be supplied from their own plane. The Soul itself must constantly be supplied by the Sound Current, the 'beautiful music', the Shabd or the Word issuing forth from the Supreme Father who created it.

No part is complete in itself except it abide in the Whole" and is united with It. "I am the true vine, and my Father is the hus-band-man. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit, he taketh it away :     and every branch that beareth fruit, he cleanseth it, that it may bear more fruit. Already ye are clean because of the WORD which I have spoken unto you. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; so neither can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches. : He that abideth in me, and I. in him, the same beareth much fruit : for apart from me ye can do nothing. If a man abideth not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and they gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatso ever ye will, and it shall be done unto you." (JOHN 15 : 1—7)

Why should man be so proud, when everything is but a gift and a loan to him from a gracious, loving Father, the Source of all things and essences?

Communication, contemplation, meditation or concentration by the individual soul within man with its Universal Source, is man's real function, path of travel and well-being. This can be a communication or communion of soul with its Source, during this very lifetime, as Love with the Ocean of Love and Bliss, or Intelligence with the Universal Intelligence and Pat-tern World of things, creativeness and inventions.

The individual mind also communicates with the Universal Mind in its constant activity, motion, illusion and theories, thoughts and wishing. This gives us the psychology of man in its true scope and path of travel. Like any one of the four elements, when one stops flowing, having lost its rhythm or tuning with the Whole and its Source of supply, it has a tendency to lock itself in, turn upon itself and disintegrate. There is pain, sorrow, etc. If this balance can be restored, there is well-being and free flow of energy.

The Universal Energy, like air, is all around us, and we can benefit thereby if we do not choke ourselves up with too much at once or try to retain used material. In fact, we, like a bubble in an Infinite Ocean, live, Move and have our being in this Source of all, at all times. It is merely a matter of what we are seeking, and at what level we tune in. This is what actually takes place and needs no other psychology, for it is the breath and movement of the Soul itself.

 All dramas are based upon the story of the tragedy of the Soul being bound by matter, as with chains. `Prometheus Bound ' is one of these dramas, telling much of the Greeks' understanding of psychology.

Every life is but the relationship of the unit to its source; and the only possible path of travel is the flow between the two—the microcosm (man) and the macro-cosm (the universe)—in its various degrees of fineness and density of energy and matter, as crystallized, fixed, static fields The outer relationship is the form re-lationship of the unit to the storehouse or the whole in which it lives. The True Inner Relationship is of the soul or spark of the Eternal Essence to its Divine Source, the Creator Himself; and His Breath of Eternal Life which is the Holy Shabd. It is the Truth that was before creation, and the Love and Wisdom which en-folds all in a perfect state of Eternal Bliss.

A centrifugal force, out from the center of The All -Being Essence, causes creation, as myriads of sparks from a central hearth fire. And the return flow of this energy, as the centripetal, attractive force, links it and makes it seek its Source in an effort to become unified again in its Rhythm, Essence and Bliss. That explains the hunger of the Soul and the constant will and desire within the Soul as unrealized longings and yearnings. The whole mystery of destiny and pre-destination lies here.

The Soul, in turn, steps down its energy, is influenced by the mind, and expresses itself through the senses. These relate to the mind as units to the Whole; a posi-tive pole above, as the Source; the negative pole or units below, seeking experience in multiplicity and outward expenditure of energy. Mind is the negative pole of the soul, for expression in the denser states of matter. All things are suspended from a Universal Source or Center and travel in that orbit; like the planets around our sun, the electrons around the neutron, etc. It is one grand story, in endless variety of spinning energies and finer particles, clear up to the Essence.