Through an unfortunate misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the brief mystic text in the Old Testament on the Creation of Eve, the women of the world have suffered much. Giving a cosmic event personal and individual interpretation made life diffi-cult and miserable for the feminine species. It is only in this century that women were given statutory rights, equal to that of men : although there were a few excep-tions in other countries previous to this time.

The account of the Creation, as given in the four brief chapters of Genesis, was based upon the older text of the Zohar and the Talmud. The principle of reflection and emanation was the foundation of this presentation of the cosmic Adam, called Adam Kadmon in the Kabbala. The Creator, in that essence and realm, was called the Ancient One in the writings of the Kabbalists. By His Light and by the means of the Sound Current in that region, He beheld His image in space and breathed the breath of life into that image. Thus Adam became a living being, after the image and likeness of the Creator, first as a cosmic creation. All other creations on that plane were included in that huge cosmic man, and all things below were taken out of him as units of life; yet they.continue to live in him as the Universal Whole of crea-tion, the same as mankind lives and breathes the air in the universe or on earth.

Just as the male principle was present in the very first manifestation of creation, in the same manner was the feminine essence of 'Prakriti' or matter present but latent in the first centrifugal, outpouring energy. The neuter pole or the Source manifests first as a posi-tive (male) outward current, in order to create that which is not yet, by bringing all things out of himself. When the outpouring is finished, then the precipitation and crystallization of forms, and sprouting and reproduction is in order, like after a refreshing rain.

Forms are of the feminine pattern, out of the sub-stance of Prakriti. Life itself is the masculine pole of energy, which precipitates as a substance, into forms on the return current to the center, from the opposite pole or direction. As the energy rises from the center or heart of life, which is its Source and neuter essence, it rises like the sign of Aries to the head region, the pos-itive pole, and splits into two currents, like horns, to complete the oval as it descends. This oval, when formed, is the female symbol of life. It can be a plan-et, a human being, a cell, a magnet with its currents, a molecule or an atom.

The neuter center plus the positive protons and the negative electrons are still the essential ingredients of energy forms in matter. The outer energies, which form the shell of the oval shaped forms are usually the negative, dancing electrons. These are like the ribs of the structure which hold it bound and form its limits. If one of these units were extracted, it would be a feminine electron in action.

This process goes on everywhere in the universe, even in the minutest structure or whirl of energy. This dual polarity was present, from the very beginning, even in the mind energy field as well as in the formative astral region. Genesis 1 : 27 plainly states : "Male and female created He them" and that was prior to the account of the physical creation.

In the cosmic man or outpouring of energy, in the form of the sign of Aries (v) as the beginning of the oval, there are two positive or male currents, like father and son. At the center of the upper half of the oval, the expanded portion of the egg, the masculine energy has expended most of its energy and must return to its Source or it would be lost in space. Then the attractive power of the neuter center draws. the current from the other end of its central pole where the current flows in on its return circuit, creating an upward and inward vortex from the lower center where the oval joins, form-ing the upward indentation. The outer lines flow into the center by attraction as a return current.

The negative or feminine was in the positive or masculine energy from the beginning, and the positive and negative currents cross over at every joint in the human body as they do in the very pattern of form, like alternating currents, to carry on, else there would be no motion or perpetuation of form.

In the cosmic process, mentioned in Genesis 1 : 6, 7, the first dividing of the upper half of the arc of the circle from the lower half, by the firmament,  confirms the idea of the Kabbalistic system of two posi-tive polarized currents above and two negative polarized currents below, in the creation of energy fields of elements which are called Tattwas in the Vedas. It is the `rod He' above, and the Tau He' below the central line. The ancient Chinese called it the `Tang' or active male principle above, and the `Yin' or negative female principle below.

In the human body, which is a microfilm of the cosmos, the diaphragm is the firmament which divides the fiery and airy regions above, from the earthy and watery regions below. Again, the composite is male and female; the above or fiery and airy regions being masculine, while the below or watery and earthy re-gions represent the feminine half. The diaphragm func-tions as the neuter stabilizer and activator of the fire of life.and ftranic breath from above, and for nourishment and reproduction in the lower half of the human body.

This separation of the male elements as the superior pole, from the female as the inferior in the cosmos, was established in the pattern world of mind, right in the beginning of creation or nothing could have been fructified and reproduced in all the lower regions of creation.

The same was established in the astral sky as the light of the positive sun energy, which is the pranic generator in our solar system. The negative or moon energy of the watery and earthy essences acts as con-veyors of life and form in the etheric principle of the cosmos. The sun force expands energies, as heat; and the moon contracts them as cold. This Principle of Polarity is present everywhere in nature.

 In the second chapter of Genesis, verse 5, is plainly stated : "And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew : for the LORD GOD had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground."

Creation from the top down, up to that time, had taken place in the pattern energy field and in the astral light of the pattern energy substance, as Tattwas or essences of matter.

According to Genesis 2 : 7, the microcosmic man, as we know man, was formed out of the essence of the four elements, the dust of the ground representing the four polarized Tattwas of matter, since air and earth form dust. This is the substance spoken of in the Sepher Yetzirah as the red clay out of which Adam was made. The red, earthy principle mentioned here represents the four polarized elements or Tattwas of matter; namely, the air and fire as the dual positive poles, and the dust or earth and water as the two negative poles. This creation furnishes the composite body with the four cosmic earthy Tattwic qualities to complete his complex make-up as a human being and a perfect rep-lica of the great Cosmic Being or the Universal Adam and its universal forces.

The Hebrew Yod-He-Vau-He is the sacred Name or Word of the Creator called Jehovah God in the Bible. He Himself is the fifth Neuter Essence out of which the other four flow and return to constantly. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

 The brief allusion and description in Genesis, of the entire process of creating the various bodies and stepped-down energy fields of man, could not be under-stood except by a deep study of the Zohar and the Talmud, from which the ideas were extracted. Later, the Kabbalists formulated this into a system with a Philosophic Tree of Life.

Prior to this, all these processes had been explained at great length in the Vedas. In the light of these older writings, the account given in Genesis can be deciphered intelligently. The Ayurvedic medical practice of India, founded about six thousand years ago, was based upon the understanding of these finer energy constituents as bodies and forces within the form of the physical frame, which were the real factors of the soul to express itself in form as well as in its finer atomic energy constituents.

It may be well to explain here that man has three bodies within and through which he functions namely, the causal, the astral and the physical. This coincides with the three separate accounts given in the Bible and other Sacred Writings on the creation of man as Adam. If this idea is not accepted, then the biblical account of creation and much of its other deeper signi-ficance amounts to unintelligible repetition, because it has no bearing on the gross physical body of man as we understand it from the standpoint of merely physio-logical, chemical and anatomical construction.

Materialists insist that all must be matter or it could not be real and accepted as scientific data. Yet, how much of real solid matter is there in the energy field of one single atom? However, the existence of energy in the atom is accepted by material science while it rejects the idea of extending it to the composite whole of man's energy fields, and seeing the whirling spinning wheels or Chakras as finer centers within the gross form. Yet the physical form is the result of spin-ning, finer energies which precipitated into grosser ones.

"There is nothing new under the sun", said Solomon, the wise king. This is truly spoken when we see how the old becomes new by a new aspect and approach discovered through man's research in another cyclic round of time. When he finds it, then it exists to his mind; not before can he,.accept it or know it except by physical methods of external research and proof. And this accepted material standard has proven a great. handicap to man's understanding of the deeper concepts of Life.

Man, as a genius of intellect and a good mechanic, makes all his instruments for his scientific research and then depends solely upon these man-made instruments and their recordings. That is the accepted proof today. But man has faculties within himself, which if trained and given only a fraction of the time and attention that the machines and instruments require, would prove far more sensitive and penetrating into the depth of the mystery of Life, and open up his own inner capa-city of thought and observation in the realm of essences far beyond mortal ken.

Nevertheless, this idea is too startling and not scientific from the accepted external point of research, even though every human being has the capacity to prove it in the God-given laboratory within himself. And no matter how many others may have found it, it is up to each individual to discover and prove it to himself. Each soul must find his Savior. Every man must light the lamp of his inner intelligence and love to find the way of life.

Matter, as the one substance and reality, is upper-most in the minds of the people in this Iron Age. However, a greater vision and a longing for depth rather than merely material gains and comforts can still usher sincere souls and minds into a deeper concept of fife and, understanding, as one lamp can light another.

Mind and its function in man is an accepted fact. But in order for the mind energy to function intelli-gently, it must reach, govern and influence every atom and "sensory cell in the body. How else is this possible but through a mind body which is the pattern energy of the physical body? The pattern energy which formed this physical frame by precipitation of its energies, is a finer substance of matter.

The same holds true of man's emotions and sensory ability and activity. The finer energies first worked to precipitate, build and function through the grosser form which we call the body and senses of man. These two ideas are the factors described here in the story of Creation, in their process of condensation before they became the gross material body and functions.

The negative pole as matter in its magnetic desire body, was called the feminine form, which had not yet been precipitated out of the positive, active centri-fugal cycle, and so was not bent upon its return journey, inward. In the Bible, Eve is referred to as the mother of all living. This essence existed in the very beginning  in the highest spiritual plane situated below Sach Khand, the Eternal Realm.

Male was the energy essence, and female was the energy substance. The latter was latent in the essence, or it could not have been extracted or precip-itated out of it. Without the substance or the Light principle there could be no form, no refraction, as the microfilm of the macrocosm. Sound energy is the essence and the life principle. LIGHT PRO-CEEDS OUT OF THIS PRIMAL SOUND ENERGY. It lighteth every man into this physical world, as Light substance from the Sound essence.

"That was the true light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." (JOHN 1 :9)

"The light of the body is the eye : Therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light ; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness. Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness. If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light." (LUKE 11 : 34-37; and similar stated in MAT. 6 : 22, 23)

It is by this same Light and Sound that we are to again return to the Father's House. But most of us have so completely covered this Light with the filth of egotism that we see nothing but darkness when we close our physical eyes. Naturally, we need a living Guide in the human form to show us the way until we have' reached that state within where we can consciously contact the True Light and Sound, and the Guide in that resplendent Light and Sound or Shabd Form.

Now to get back to the creation of Adam and Eve: Both male and female energy existed in the very begin-ning of every plane and realm of creation. That does not imply two beings, as man and woman, but rather the two currents or energies. Woman was not a brand new creation when she was drawn out of the essence of Adam,. the male principle, as all energies were so preci-pitated.

Heaven, the above, gives. The deep sleep which fell on Adam (Gen. 2 : 21-22) was a sinking into a lower level of consciousness in his energy fields or chakras, where the negative pole of energy as the lower half of the oval of energy was extracted in the form of the de-sire body, and presented to the composite beings called Adam or the Adamic Race, as a new vehicle through which each could function on a lower vibratory key. Geometrically, in the lines of energy travel in the cosmos, it is the sinking down of the centrifugal waves below the straight line or in the lower half of the oval travel, in an exhaustion of the positive qualities of the outward flow, as previously described. The return flow gravi-tates inward and sets the limits of the outward-bound currents.

As stated before, myriads of male and female beings existed in individual forms on higher regions and planes, long before the creation of this material world. The shells or forms constituted the feminine principle or sub-stance, while the life and energy—which is the soul-was the masculine essence. All human beings have

 both principles within themselves in order to polarize, but one or the other is predominant in each individual, resulting in one being male and the other female. Souls may take either a male or a female body, as their karma directs.

All that was mentioned in Genesis thus far took place on the astral plane and its substrates of energies nearer to the physical plane. However, the actual descent into the gross physical plane, as we know it, did not occur until after the fall and expulsion out of Paradise."And Jehovah God made for Adam and for his wife coats of skins, and clothed them." (GEN. 3 : 21, American edition.) "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them." (GEN. 3 : 21)

When Jehovah made the `coats of skins', He gave them bodies of flesh, bone and blood. Then they were clothed. This was an entirely new field of life on earth, and a physical body was necessary to protect them from the elements and enable them to function as human beings.

In Gen. 3 : 16-19, new conditions and rules were also given in the new environment, which may sound like a curse, but are the natural consequences of life in a grosser media and density of matter. It is all a part of the plan of involution for experience and ulti-mate emancipation.

In Genesis 3 : 13, 14, 15, the desire principle is referred to as the serpent in Paradise. The desire body is the sphere in which it operates, and is called woman. "Desire, thy name is woman". The lower, sensory and sensuous part of the mind is like a serpent. It entices :and promises so much in sensory pleasures but, acted upon, they result only in pain and misery. This part of the mind ever 'grovels and cringes and crawls in the dust of desire and wanting. It is evasive and winds and winds and craves to get what it wants, but is never satisfied in this downward trend.

.Substance attracts energy unto itself. This attractive field is centered within the female principle and identified with her. Hence, women get all the blame for man's fall. The fact that this feminine aspect was also a part of man before the separation of the sexes, is entirely forgotten. No mate was found for Adam until Eve was extracted out of his energy which included this desire body. Without his latent desire, there could have been no such creation out of his own essence.

The upward and inward current of Love and Devotion, which this same desire body is capable of, will ultimately crush the head of the serpent after it has bruised the heel of the desire principle and lead it through dire experience and suffering. This is the fulfillment of the prophecy in Gen. 3: 14-15, the prom-ise of raising up the soul beyond the realm of desire. It is truly a promise of Salvation for incarnated souls. Jesus fulfilled it in Himself, and so must all His followers and every individual who desires Liberation.

According to Gen. 3 : 22, in order to ascend to the spiritual heights, man must learn to govern the mind and all its lower energies. Otherwise sensation runs wild and becomes evil and destructive. It was necessary for man to come to earth and learn this lesson through bitter experience in a denser media,  where the mind could register resistance and reaction in all levels of matter and sensation. Only thus could it become aware of its own doings. And that is a slow process.

Genesis 3 : 24 confirms the expulsion of man and his consciousness out of the Paradisical state of Eden, and the placing of a Cherubim before its gates to guard them. The Cherubim is the dweller of the threshold, and is symbolized by the Egyptians as a Sphynx which must be conquered before entering its gates. Its riddle must be answered and understood.

The special emphasis on the creation of a new de-sire body for man to function through in a new sphere of action was a major event and much misinterpreted as an external, brand new being in creation. That this is not so is proven in all the writings of cosmic events, of separation and extraction of the below from the above, as in the case of creating the firmament; also in creating the sun and the moon as two polarity forces of male and female; also the myriads of animals, birds, fishes, beasts and vegetation which were created en masse and told to be fruitful and multiply.

Neither was the extracting of a lower, feminine principle from the higher, masculine one a new process. It was the standard procedure, as shown above; but it is unduly emphasized and misunderstood in the case of Adam and Eve. Hosts of male and female beings existed on planes of essences and energy fields, prior to the time that the new creation was formed for them. According to job . 38 : 7 ."When the morning stars sang together, And all the sons of God shouted for joy ? "    

In connection with this process of creation on every plane and level of vibratory intensity we find repeated references to "Male and female made He them." And yet, after all this, there was no mate for Adam. How can that be interpreted to make sense?

When we realize that an involution of energy on a new sphere of action formed the creation on that new, lower sphere, and that hosts of beings have been termed .as Adam all through this account thus far, we can see that all the other creatures in the newly formed sphere had new shells or bodies, but that the race of Adams had none as yet. It was then that the deep sleep of involution fell on Adam, and a new desire body was extracted from his rib or external energy whirl which was on the surface of his being and condensed like a mass of electrons to form a new vehicle, inversely in action and polarity to the one above, which he had on the higher plane and with which he was not able to function on this new sphere.

It was a new edition to his equipment of vehicles or soul coverings, which was presented to him as the keynote of the feminine pole on this plane of substance, while he remained the positive pole in consciousness. The extension of the desire principle from man made it possible for him to incarnate into that vehicle and live in it as a new edi-tion, "flesh of his flesh", or half of himself, and express himself or rid himself of those hidden creative desires which kept him stationary where he was before he became a human being.

Creation is involution from the higher to the lower, and experience in form. The essence or vital body is always positive to the form because it is the moving dynamic energy field. The form must have a static factor for gestation, or it cannot reproduce in this sphere. `?The Fall' was not in the involution and reproduction, but in the lack of control of this desire body, newly acquired in Paradise.

`The Fall' occurred in Paradise before the expulsion. It was all in the design and purpose of the Creator, so man may know both sides of his being—the dynamic and the static natures. Socrates said, "Man, know thyself". But up to the present time man has already accumulated so many desires to be fulfilled—and in trying to fulfill them encumbers himself with still more entanglements—that he has completely neglected and forgotten the very purpose of creation.

Desire to experience and sense things, to create and rule, was the inherent downward pull for incar-nation in human form. This primary desire formed a chain of reactions; that is, each succeeding desire led to many more, and all the good and bad deeds—inten-tional or unintentional—yield their fruits in turn, until we are hopelessly entangled and lost in a maze. But once we realize this, then it is possible to find a Guide who will instruct us and show us how to obtain Eternal Salvation and freedom from the gnawing worm of desire.

"for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched ;"       (ISAIAH 66 : 24)

Natural desire has its roots in the sensory consciousness of the mind and the ego. Experience is the remedy and makes the soul richer for having traveled in the outer boundaries of the substance of space. In that 'otherness' man discovers his lonesomeness and  emptiness, and longs to return Home is essential before God- realisation is` possible. Man must seek his need, become humble and seek a Teacher who can 'instruct 'him in the way back to God. All ,the shining promises of the serpent of the mind, about sensations;, possessiions, ,sensory pleasures and powers become ashes and pain. And all the glory of seeming independence, knowledge and rulership becomes a chore and responsibility along with grief and loss. "All is vanity" said Solomon, and so says every Soul who has gone through it `all .and learned the lesson.