Newsletter 46


If we wish to remove disharmony from our lives, and from the world  ... and renew Hope in the hearts of our distressed children ... it is timely for us to individually express a NEW INTENT, based on LOVE not fear.

Regardless of our religious beliefs ... we are all immortal Prodigal Souls ... we can choose to participate consciously, and positively, in this movie like drama, called Life,  Directed by the FATHER ... our SOUL CREATOR ... The OCEAN of LOVE.

We can choose to Awaken, and remember that OUR LIFE PURPOSE, in this transitory purification experience, is to remerge our Spirit dew drop, with the ONE SPIRIT... the OCEAN of LOVE.

A New Daily Prayer :       Love You Father who art in me

                                        Love Self  and Others as essences of Thee

                                        In Love and Gratitude embrace Thee

                                        living in Your Will Father one can see

                                        Love makes me Free.  


Christ says  " Love one another " - "ask and it shall be given" -

This simple, powerful, focused Intent, expressed as a prayer, shifts our outer focus of Awareness toward individual inner change.

Christ says " Father who art in Heaven " -

Our Intent prevents outer forces from controlling our Self Awareness, by distracting us from our Soul Purpose of finding the inner "Word" ... the Sound . Light connection which returns us to our Soul Creator, our  "Father", in the Spiritual Realm.

Christ says "Many will be called, but few will be chosen" -

The path of the Spiritual warrior is one of Love - Courage - Honesty - Forthrightness - Discernment, and Trust in our FATHER.   

Christ says  "resist not evil" -

Spiritual warriors move forward ... not in resistance, or fear  ... but in the Light of Love, expressed as daily, individual, inner Meditation .

Having expressed our Free will, to live in Harmony with Fathers Will, we can humbly request that his *Universal Laws of Attraction, and Purposeful Intent * be invoked for us now.