Newsletter 0043

 Awareness or Resistance ?.
 From an exoteric (external) perspective:

Our society controls and keeps us in a box by ridiculing our subtle senses as being "only our imagination" or even worse, labelling us as having a pathological condition a "disease" that has to be cured by surgical lobotomy, shutting us down with drugs and sedatives, or isolating us in mental institutions … all means of suppression and denial of what is our natural way of being.

The Positive Power ... GOD ...  Is popularly known as Christ ... one of His emanations, or sons, incarnated in the middle East two thousand years ago ... but there has been, and always will be a living Master, a physical incarnation of the Son of God on Earth who will teach us the proper Meditation on the inner Light and Sound.

The negative power ... The Counterfeit god of religions.. .is popularly known as Satan ... Satan’s son Lucifer incarnated in Asia four thousand years ago ....which accounts for the suffering of the past four millenium.

Satans other son Ahriman, the third member of the cosmic triad involved in Earth evolution, may have incarnated in 1998. In time he will probably manifest physically, masquerading as the returning "Christ" … so its vital that we are Aware that the etheric Christ is within us ... Thus any physical manifestation is just another trick of the master deceiver, liar, Satan, also know as Sorat.

Actions directed to his world control are all around us cunningly masked by idealistic fronts ... The negative powers aims and agents always come to us as that which they are not… highly educated men have been deceived to believe that their clandestine activities are for mankind’s benefit.

These cultivated elitists constitute a shadow government around the world, trying to manifest a "New World Order".

We are being brainwashed to believe that Peace can only come from a World Government, when the reality is that our present national governments are all run from the shadows, and a World Government will be no different.

Earth has always been One World and is One now … within our diversity lies our unity…a World Government aims to eradicate our diversity.

The USA, Canada and Australia have stood as a prototype of unity in diversity, with all the tribes of Earth under one banner, protected by Constitutional Government… failure of Government has not been due to its forms, but due to the corruption of individuals.

The negative Power has made Money God to those individuals he controls, and they derive their power from it.

These corrupt individuals having surrendered Governments to dishonesty now seek a veil of false altruism to bring us all under control of international finance capitalism, through the tide of financial debt, and utilizing the Trojan horse of technology.

The controlled Media is central to all this manipulation …media clones intone about the "tides of history" as Governments that stand in their way get destabilized … always disguised behind phoney protestations about violated human rights, fake moral outrage and synthetic morality.

Greed is the motive that leads these controlled humans to distort and monopolize commerce, control natural resources, misuse technology and despoil Earth's natural beauty, which is essential to our physical well being.

Worst of all their crimes against us is the special corruption of Education so that each incoming generation is shaped to accept world corruption.

From an esetoric (inner) perspective

However from an inner perspective we should remember that the cause of everything we see that is "wrong" with the way people conduct themselves is a lack of connection with our Supreme Creator ... The One Source of all ... The Ocean of Love.

To make the connection with our Supreme Lord, we must first perceive the need for that connection, as long as we make material needs our primary object, we are not very inclined to seek a higher Source.

So what is happening now is that the material underpinning’s are being stripped away from most of us, and being placed in the hands of the few, so that our suffering is increasing and we are fearful.

Fear Is a prison… we need to release fear … it is our self imposed barrier to the experience of Love … fear is our attempt to block our vision of ourselves…we are not weak, vulnerable, and open to attack … what the Lord created is perfect, and in his image, it cannot be divided but it can be falsely perceived … the role of fear is to perceive perfection as imperfect, and see what is True as false.

Our biggest misconception is that we are a body...we are not our body but immortal Spirit, having a transitory human experience .

We are the essence of Love…Love is the Lord, we are the essence of the Supreme Lord, we are a drop of his ocean of Love…we wrongly identify with our body, perceiving that we are separate from The Lord, thus we create a world where we are threatened by, and fearful of everything.

But we don't have to engage in conflict, we can simply let go of our resistance, our attachments to being "right" or "better than.", and let everyone do the same for themselves … we simply "let go and let GOD".

Yes, there is a place for Loving, Peaceful, Awareness … Christ Jesus said "resist not evil, be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good" ... Evil is a false perception that we have through Soul sleep ... Our Soul has been hypnotized by our societal beliefs of sin, sickness, death etc.

If we fearlessly send out only good, we cannot be touched by the negative thoughts of others ... whereas resistance is hell, for it places us in the same vibration of torment as those originating the negative's.

We are all a link in the chain of good, for we are all God in manifestation, awaiting the opportunity to serve his Divine plan ... If we bless a nation, sending good will to every inhabitant it is robbed of its power to harm.

So where is the fine line between Awareness and Resistance ? ... we each have to address that in our own way .

If we want to be Free, and sovereign, we just detach from the drama. by finding ways of being "in the world," but not "of it"… through proper inner Meditation, as taught by a living Master, we can choose to be peaceful warriors for Truth, Peace, Love and Joy.

Creating Peace by being at Peace … creating Love by resting in Love … creating Joy by allowing our Joy to exist in the midst of so much sorrow, and suffering .

Freedom comes from Awareness, and with Awareness comes the opportunity to choose whether we want to keep coming and going from this Earthly reform school, or whether having had enough of the illusion we want to follow our true purpose for being human, and return to our true home in the Eternal Realms where there is no suffering.

Its our individual Soul choice ... Light or Darkness ... But lets be aware that our individual choice affects not only us individually but also "Global Consciousness" ... so we will "reap what we sow" as individuals and as a species.

Lets Awaken, and Remember who we are  ... immortal Spiritual beings having a transitory physical experience.