Newsletter 0042

 Lets Awaken, and remember Who we really are.

In this new Millennium our life seems to contain everything except meaning ... in spite of our intellectual, and scientific advancement we are still groping in the dark as far as Spiritual matters are concerned we are troubled and unhappy, living in fear rather than in Hope.

Many of us are concerned by, the Spiritual disorientation, the crumbling of  traditional values and moral degradation ... we are striving to find dependable Spiritual values ... for even in this materialistic,and
scientific world we still feel an undefinable yearning, a Divine discontent a "knowing" that we are more than just this bag of skin and bone we call the body.

Who are we -Why are we here - Where did we come from - Where to from here ?

These are the questions that we continuously ask ourselves as we search for the basic truths of life the ultimate meaning of our existence, and our deep longing for a higher more perfect life.

No questions of greater importance confront us than discovering who, and what we really are, what place we occupy in the Creation, and what our relationship is to the Supreme Creator.

We can start by following the words of philosopher Plato ... "know thyself "

So, Lets "Know Ourself " as Eternal Beings of Light and Love unique aspects of Consciousness ... Prodigal Souls on an epic adventure of  discovery ... dew drops of the "One" Ocean of Love .

Once we are Aware of this, we can then understand not only who we really are, but also why we are here ! .

We are not here to work, eat, sleep, and reproduce ourself through children ... our only purpose in this transitory human life is to find our way back to our Source, our True Home, beyond the physical stars .in the Spiritual Realms of the Supreme "One".

This Awareness, and understanding, changes the way we think ... which empowers us to take control of our lives in a holistic way - Soul - mind body.

We are in a mind prison when we change the way we think, form changes form is the result of thought energy, form would not exist without thought ... Thought is.

Our task is not to change this prison world, but to change our thoughts about it we just need to choose to escape as soon as we can ... after all it is the will of the Supreme "One" that this world be the "reform school " where we play out the karmic dance, as a process of our purification.

Once we understand this our Consciousness blossoms, we see that simply by changing the way we think, we can reclaim our own power, tap into our true potential, and make our lives, during the short time we are here, meaningful.