Newsletter 0040


There have been many great spiritual Masters over the ages, in all parts of the world… they assume human form, for the period of a human lifetime, to initiate and guide seekers who are ready for the spiritual path for the time that Master is on Earth…upon completion of his work Master returns to the higher realms where he continues to guide his disciples … his work  here being carried on by his successors

 Guru Nanak says “ the Steward of God becomes God himself, do not be deceived by his human body”… thus when we see our living perfect Master we see our beloved Father our creator who has assumed a human body, which to some extent limits him in a physical sense but spiritually our Master has no limitations whatsoever as his inner being is one with the supreme being who created and governs the universe.

 Master is Gods ambassador and executive Officer on Earth…he shows us the way, rescuing us from bondage and darkness taking us up to the spiritual liberty and light of the highest spiritual regions… there being no other way by which we souls imprisoned in human bodies can escape from the wilderness of this world to return to our true home.

 It is part of our Supreme Fathers divine plan that  a living Master  be the conduit for finding him…for we are too limited to contact God directly , we need communication and instruction from another human being who is simultaneously at our level and at the level of  our Supreme Father.

 Master Jesus said” no man cometh unto the father , but by me”

 The spiritual power of the Holy Spirit of our Supreme father is present everywhere but must be concentrated thru a special outlet to be effective on this earth plane… for example electricity exists, but until it is converted and concentrated thru a generator it will not flow thru the wires to become light and Power.

 Master is not the body we see…he is the divine power that functions thru his body…the Indian Scriptures describe this as “works without hands, sees without eyes, walks without feet and hears without ears”

 Every word uttered by a true Master is an expression of unalterable truth, brought down from higher worlds.

 There are many disciples who have many times gone with Master  into the higher spiritual worlds … a description of this experience is extracted from the book “ with a great Master in India” by Dr Johnson.

 “looking at the Master as a mere man one can form no conception of his true greatness…but when one travels with him on the path through the heavenly regions then, and only then, does one see him as he really is ."

 The throngs that attend Master runs into millions of souls, all radiating their own light, but all following  and worshipping him in loving adoration…the higher up one goes with him, the greater he is seen to be… he is literally & truly the King Of Kings in all the regions of light and pure spirituality.

 Upon returning to earth, he doesn’t say a word about these frequent journeys , appearing among us  simply as a loving, patient father ministering to his little children.

 How can we recognise a true Master?

 This is perhaps the most important question we can ever ask throughout our whole existence, for there are many imposters, some deliberately playing on the desire of people earnestly seeking spiritual liberation.

 Some honestly believe themselves masters because they possess a certain amount of power & knowledge…having attained a measure of mental development which gives them a power of leadership, the gift of talking in an enlightened manner, sometimes the power of healing, even clairvoyance and in some rare cases other “miraculous” facilities.  

 They create  a large following and are generally helpful to society....they may even think, quite sincerely, that they are highly advanced spiritually…to follow one of these may be beneficial; many are good people, but no one can take a soul beyond the region to which they have gained access themselves.

 Consequently, we can only be taken out of the regions of mind and matter, rescued from temptation & illusion and liberated from rebirth by one who , here and now and while living in human form, goes consciously through the regions of mind and matter back to the spiritual realms and has become one with the Supreme Creator…for only he knows the way; only he has the power and the light required to traverse the higher regions and take others with him… only he knows which of us are ready to leave this region of correction and travail.

 So how can we recognise such a being?

 He is a man of flesh and blood , who submits himself to the laws of nature like other human beings. Born in the usual manner into normal earthly conditions, he lives in accordance with the customs of the country in which he resides.

 Simple but exact in his apparel and never calling attention to himself, nevertheless in his company one is soon impressed by the dignity of his bearing, the nobility of his expression… at the same time benign and attractive… radiating peace and joy…all indicating a personality apart.

Many would pass by him blindly, but the few find themselves arrested and eagerly gazing at him as though they had found what they had long wished for.

A true Master may be unmarried or a family man, but when he starts his work as a Master he relinquishes family life. He is in the world but no longer of the world.

 He is readily approachable by rich and poor, sympathetic and always prepared to answer any questions put to him. He is a distinguished, courteous gentleman, who adapts himself to all grades of society, living a simple, modest life and an example to everyone.

 Financially , a true Master lives on his own income, in no way dependent on the support of others.

 Guru Nanak said .. “Touch not the feet of those who call themselves Gurus and who go abegging…only he who works for his bread and out of his earnings spares something for charity knows the path”

 A true Master bestows his services and teachings free…just as nature gives us air, light and water as her free gifts. He neither expects nor accepts anything as a reward…he would never consider putting anyone under any obligation…he is truly the giver and never the receiver.

 To him all people are alike, irrespective of their race, nationality, creed, intelligence or social position…his teaching is universal and common to all.

 A true master is never curious or inquisitive about other people’s affairs or  the private life of anybody, and never pries into the secrets of any heart.

While we see only the outer appearance of a person, his eye reaches the mind and the soul…but the Masters thru knowing everything, do not lift the veil  which the Creator has drawn over our thought and emotions.

 A True Master has the highest spiritual knowledge and is able to transmit it…he teaches what he has lived thru personal experience of the inner path.

 St John said… “Verily I say unto thee , we speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen…and ye receive not our witness. If I told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things”

 A true Master awakens the soul , the in dweller of the body and gives unfailing guidance to those already initiated.

St Mathew said…” for what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul?”

 He is the Master of his subject when he speaks…he describes the way, with all the distinguishing features, the soul is to follow to reach its true abode, in the presence of the creator.

 His way is the Sound Current or the Word and he practices and teaches the same.

He is the custodian of the word… he is the word personified and gives the message of the word… the word is the teacher  and the word is the lesson.

 St John said  “ and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us , full of grace and truth”

  All sages & perfect masters who have reached the spiritual regions beyond the realms of mind and matter have always given the Word , the Way, the Sound Current as their teaching.

 He knows that the various commandments given in so many religions by their founders are for leading a good, moral, upright life and are the basis for building a spiritual life…integrity and the Sound Current go hand in hand.

Without morality there can be no hold on the sound current and without the practice of the Sound Current it is impossible to live by these commandments.

Only the practice of the Word enables us to conquer the hereditary five foes lust , anger, greed , attachment and egoism… to follow moral precepts and lead an upright life is like putting ashes on the fire… it is not extinguished…when the ashes are blown away by the force of karmic wind, the fire is rekindled and we are again a victim of the relentless foe.

Whereas the practice of the Word is like putting water on fire, which is thus quenched forever.

 A true Master does not perform miracles for show… but the protection & guidance disciples receive… the ways by which he frees the soul “ within” from the clutches of the mind and brings it in contact with the word and the supreme being are signs and wonders people would not believe.

 A true Master is here among us for guidance  & in his radiant form is “within” us to accompany us on the way…and is there without fail at the time of our departure from this perishable world.

  (Source “The Inner Voice” C W Sanders)