Newsletter 0039


We are  prodigal souls, far from our true home, living in illusion like zombies and running in the  treadmill of the mind and senses; our human condition is governed by the law of karma and all we experience in this physical plane is subject to change, we have no control over our destiny.

 The objects and scenes that give us pleasure are short-lived and transient, as are the pleasures gained from them…we become attached to our acquisitions and become terribly unhappy if they are lost or stolen.

 Relationships can become a hell of bickering, jealousy and disharmony … children can sometimes turn into a burden and source of worry…sense pleasure and indulgence which at first make us happy often result in terrible distress, illness, loss of mental control , even death.

 To acquire wealth and possessions we may stoop to levels so low we would be horrified to admit what we are doing…giving up health and comfort in the pursuit of money,then when we have it we fear its theft.

We may go to great lengths, sacrifice our ideals and peace of mind, enduring all kinds of pain to earn our money, yet it fails to bring happiness and we then have to leave it behind when we die.

 Sometimes we think that power and authority will give us happiness and stability, but we find that the political leaders of today are the prisoners and pariahs of tomorrow…the status and esteem we enjoy one day often means nothing on the next.

  Maharaj Charan Singh summarised our human predicament and told us where to look for relief     “ The entire creation is heavy hearted and in trouble. Its cup of misery is ever full to the brim. Peace and bliss are for those alone who are wedded to the Lord and depend entirely upon His support”

 St John said “verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”   

 It is difficult to realise but our life on earth is actually death, compared to the life of bliss and radiant purity of the higher worlds.

 Masters refer to our physical birth as a death, because our soul bright and radiant, in its essential nature goes down from God into darkness.

 Therefore our second or spiritual birth is the most important event of our entire series of earthly existences....throughout all our lives in this material world it is the goal toward which we seekers have been mostly unconsciously progressing .

 When we are born of the spirit, our prodigal wanderings in this dark world of matter and ignorance are at an end… our Divine Soul , so long held captive, is finally freed from the clutches of the mind, the senses and the five evil passions of Anger… Attachment… Ego… Greed and Lust.

 Thru Masters gift of salvation we are able to rise up and begin the return to our true home in Sach Kand…some of us within this lifetime and others within a maximum of four lifetimes.

 The first step in being born anew is initiation by a living perfect Master, who plants within us the seed of spirituality which will grow  as it is nutured by the Word, the all powerful current of spiritual life.

 As our soul is drawn upward by the power of the audible Life stream and rises above the body consciousness, it comes in time into cosmic awareness and our spiritual birth is brought  to a state of ultimate perfection.

 Initiation thus means the beginning of a new and higher life, a new and broader outlook, a new  and deeper understanding.

 The proof of this is thru our own first hand realization…made possible by the practice of daily meditation  of  at least 2.5 hrs…once our soul has been   “tuned into”  the heavenly music and we learn how to listen to its sublime and uplifting strains we are gradually drawn up into the realms of light.

 Just as a new born baby grows gradually into a child, then youth, middle and old age, so our soul grows gradually in the knowledge of the higher world

 The glorious melodies of the divine sound cannot be heard by our physical ears…they are heard at first by the ear of our inner body, opened at initiation.

 It is a celestial, spiritual music & a heavenly light so subtle and of such high vibration that it cannot be detected by the physical senses…nor can it be adequately described in human language.  

 The Adi Granth says “Without eyes it is seen, and without ears it is heard”

 Guru Nanak, says “The Word is sweet beyond description and the nectar of immortality”…

while pleasures of the world entangle us in the wheel of births and deaths the Word liberates us by making these pleasures seem insipid and of no worth.

 Gradually the spiritual music purifies our mind and soul until all evil deeds of the past and the karma they have created are washed away.

 Guru Nanak said ”when clothes get dirty , they are washed with soap; when the mind is polluted with sins , by Nam it is washed”

 As the Holy Spirit gradually penetrates our whole being we begin to understand that we are not a prisoner of the body, nor a captive enmeshed in the network of our never ceasing thoughts, nor a hapless victim of our fleeting passions.

Slowly we discover in reality we are a being that is purely and eternally divine an immortal spirit born not to go thru the routine round of daily toil and domestic life but to be part of the worlds of eternal light, beauty and reality .

 At initiation, Master takes over from the negative power, Kal, our karmic accounts …that is  our karmic debits and credits… from this time onward  our karmic cycle of cause and effects forever begins to come to an end.

Master, with infinite love & mercy, administers the working out of our karma from past and present lives, allowing us to escape from returning to this earth.

 Our accumulated and unpaid karmic debts of innumerable earlier lives, is gradually burnt away by the power of the sound current …This is like putting seeds in a pan over a fire, the heat causes them to  puff up and lose their ability to grow.

 As a rule part of the new karma we have created in this life is settled at the time of initiation, that is Master may arrange a general clemency for the wrong deeds done in the earlier part of this present life.

 With the remainder Master teaches us how to avoid producing additional karma by making our best effort to be vegetarian, avoiding alcohol and drugs and leading an honest and moral life and by acting always in His name.

 However as we cannot exist on this earth plane without karma.our fate karma allotted for our present life is not touched by Master …It is like an arrow shot into the air which cannot be called back... we must experience whatever good or bad is preordained for us…there is however a vast difference in the amount of pain or pleasure experienced by us compared to those not on the path.

 Once we go within and upward we are to a certain extent better able to cope with bodily or mental pains, anxieties, fears and hopes caused by our fate karmas.

Master always acts with boundless love and mercy and in accordance with what is best for us  … he may require us to work out all our reserve karma or he may bear a portion  himself… This is one of the great benefits of being his disciple,  Master never permits our burden to become too heavy.

 We live in violent times where we constantly witness all manner of evil, hate, suffering and destruction, and we ask  “if God really loves us, how can he subject us to the evils and the suffering that we experience in this world”?

 The answer is that though our supreme Father rules with infinite love and mercy, the physical universe was created and is governed by an imperfect subordinate ruler, Kal …the negative power, the universal mind  and the lord of karma.

 He rules over a relatively imperfect world , which was never intended to be a place of human happiness…this reform school or prison like world  is necessary because we have fallen so far below our original state of absolute purity and perfection by following the desires of our downward-tending mind.

 During our many lives on earth we have been subject to Kals laws, the so called laws of nature and the complex laws of human nature… subject to the law of karma, which Kal administers with scrupulous justice and exactitude.

He ensures that everything we do unto others is in due time done unto us…As a result illness, injustice, false friends, poverty & hardship of all kinds come into our lives.

 Kal has negative qualities compared with the supreme purity and perfection of our Supreme Lord, however when compared with us he is a mighty and exalted being, but in the great universe of universes Kal is a humble subordinate with delegated and strictly limited powers.

 Kal controls us through his agent the mind , which, thru the pleasure loving senses constantly deludes and tempts us with the five evil passions lust, anger greed, attachment and vanity… causing us to seek happiness thru the gratification of worldly desires or the attainment of worldly ambitions, causing us to forget the existence of our soul and the need for spiritual aspiration and effort.

 Kal can be likened to a strict, but fair, school headmaster who administers three levels of schooling…Kindergarten… Primary and High School  which in spiritual terms equate to the three lower regions… the physical, astral and causal.

 He keeps us in this material Kindergarten on earth until our experiences purify us to such an extent that we long for release and are ready to start our journey back to our true home.

 Many of these purifying experiences are what we class as painful and evil , they are necessary taskmasters for if there was only happiness we would be contented and would never learn or begin our search for the way back to our Fathers house.

Actually suffering is a great blessing in disguise as bitter experience opens our eyes to the path of love sooner than later.

 But Kal is imperfect and so are his wordly pleasures, therefore we do not get lasting satisfaction and in fact react with guilt, remorse, jealousy, sorrow, unhappiness and even bleak despair and utter woe…these are the things we call painful and evil…often blaming an unjust God even though they may be the result of our past actions.

 But even while living in Kal’s domain, our Creator ensures we experience much happiness and relatively little pain…Master teaches us that  we enjoy as much happiness as possible consistent with the ultimate purpose of guiding us back to the spiritual realms, therefore if we meet difficulties in the right spirit we will profit by them… you could say that our spiritual altitude is governed by our attitude!

 We might ask ,since our Creator is all powerful why doesn’t he purify us in an instant?… Master teaches that our supreme Fathers method is the best, most loving and in fact the only way in accordance with the laws of life established by him…that is we souls of lower spirituality live in a region in which we can have choice of action…in this way alone will we learn by experience, for all time, the needed lessons.

 It would only be a source of misery to us to be given higher spirituality in the twinkling of an eye… we would dislike it because we would not be not be ready for it… the ground must first be prepared by our own individual efforts…here we act precisely as we please & then observe the result of our actions.

 Master from his infinitely higher standpoint sees evil only as a state of incompleteness, a phase of growth and a necessary spur  to our evolution.

 Our Supreme Father planning throughout eternity for our redemption and purification is in no hurry & gives us free rein … from his exalted viewpoint there is no such thing as evil…he knows what is best for us & his divine plan works unceasingly for our highest happiness thru our gradual redemption & salvation.

 What we call evil and suffering is thus designed to bring us to the path of love and spirituality, that means the path of the Masters…for Master alone, by connecting us with the power of the divine word, can free us from  Kals web.

 Despite being under Kals rule, our supreme Father is in us… it is he and not  the negative power who is guiding our destiny, he uses Kal simply as a necessary tool to bring us prodigal children back to our heavenly home.

 Master teaches us, through meditation, to experience the higher worlds while still living… this experience is identical to what happens at the time of death, the only difference is that we do it voluntarily.

 Death comes at the time preordained by our karma but the continuity of our life is no more broken when the breath leaves our body than is the continuity of  our child life is broken at our birth… so called death is the means by which we are liberated from our  human life into one which is more intense and  more real.

The poet Shelley speaking of the death of a friend;

 “Peace, peace! He is not dead, he doth not sleep

he has awakened from the dream of life.

Tis we who, lost in stormy visions, keep

with phantoms an unprofitable strife.

He has outsoared the shadow of our night”

 Through this experience of dying daily by meditation, we lose all fear of death Kabir Sahib put it this way “Death of which the people are so very much afraid is a source of peace and joy to me”

 St Paul said “ I die daily” … this is precisely  what we present day disciples do… we still our mind during our daily 2 ½ daily meditation and leave our body to rise into the fairer and finer worlds of our Fathers kingdom… when we pierce the veil, passing thru the “tenth door” , which in reality is no thicker than the wing of a butterfly, our body remains in the position in which we left it… remaining in perfect health until we return to it…hours or maybe days later to resume our normal daily life on earth.

 During this time we are never asleep or unconscious…in fact the reverse is true, for the first time we begin not only to believe in the heavenly kingdoms but to visit and know them,experiencing a new existence filled with light and joy …we see life from a higher vantage point , with renewed vision, new hopes  and moving in loftier spheres of thought and experience…all the riches, fortunes and pleasures of earth become insignificant in comparison.

 Death is our last enemy and the power of God flowing thru our Master grants us victory  over death by withdrawing our soul from the body while we are still living .. in the process of our second birtth,that of the spirit as distinct from the birth of the flesh, we enter higher worlds where we see many souls who have reached great heights of spiritual power and purity…we feel our being expand with an infinite longing for growth in the knowledge of God and his ways.

 We discover a brighter more radiant world, where the sun never sets or hearts are broken, a place where souls desire Gods will above all else as the acme and essence of all that is good, true and beautiful…a world of beauty beyond words to describe or minds to conceive…a radiance of colour beyond any ever achieved by an earth bound artist … an all embracing atmosphere of joy, gladness, worship, love and vibrant life that puts earth life to shame.

 After this experience our faith is unshakeable for we see that Masters teachings are true…death has become voluntary & we know that radiant life beyond the veil is a fact…this material world now appears as a dream, but under Masters instructions we return and& carry on our mundane existence for the material world has lost its fascination and no longer interest us complelely , as it did before.

 ( Sources "Yoga and the Bible" - “The Holy Name” )