Newsletter 0037

 " SO LUCKY “ !

 One day while playing on  the beach a young child  saw an old man slowly walking along the waters edge …every few paces he would stoop and pick up a star fish and throw it into the ocean … the child was intrigued by this as there were thousands of  star fish lying on the sand, from an overnight storm.

 He said to the old man … Mister, why bother , what difference does it make to throw back just a few  ? … the old man replied , as he threw back another star fish  “ well it makes a difference to that one “

 So it is with us, how lucky we are to have been chosen  by our compassionate loving father to return to him… leaving aside the billions of  souls bound up in the 1,840,000 species on earth; just think of the tremendous  odds to have been chosen out of the billions of human souls that inhabit the earth …  the current world human population alone is  approx. 7 Billion,  and there are only about 2m Satsangi’s.

 Even if we look only at Australia with a population of 18m the proportion of satsangis is only about .0001% that is 1 in 100,000 … to put that into context 100,000 is the capacity of the  Olympic stadium or,   imagine going to a job interview and seeing a queue of 100,000 other applicants …that queue would be 30km long, ie stretching  from Sydney to Parramatta.

 Yet having won the universal lottery what do we do ?

 Charles Dickens wrote about a man who had been in prison for many years and longed for freedom… finally the day of liberation came … he was led from his gloomy cell into the bright and beautiful world… for a moment he looked around and then turned and walked back into his cell…he had become so comfortable with confinement the thought of freedom was overwhelming… for him the chains and darkness were secure.

 So it is with us, we have become so engrossed with the miserable fleeting pleasures and illusions with which Kal keeps us imprisoned here that  we are scared  to surrender the security of this dark material world, the temporary home we know,  for our forgotten real home which is immensely more beautiful.

 Some time ago a study was done where an audience was asked to study a sheet of white paper with a large black dot in the centre … they were asked what they saw…they all said a black dot … they had all overlooked the  most important thing  … no one had noticed the sheet of paper .

 So it is with us we live in this world of illusion see only  black dots, or physical things… what we fail to see is the fabric or essence  of our supreme Father which sustains and hold the dots or physical creation in place.

 Yet we are just like the star fish on the beach after a storm, we intuitively know that we are in trouble and hope that  a saviour will come along and throw us back into the ocean of bliss…

 But why are we here ? …there is an interesting explanation given by Dr Stone in the Mystic Bible.

 The great Saint Kabir said that God ,the Lord Sat Purush,  had 16 sons, who dwelled with him in the Sat Lok region of Bliss … but one son “‘Kal” did not feel satisfied with all the Love and Bliss.

 Kal , by the way, means “time” “mind” , death or outgoing energy bound by self identification or ego.

 Kal had a latent , inner desire to create regions and realms like his father did, except that he wanted to create them for himself, so he could rule and have power.

 This expression of ego, the first desire for power, was the original karma of  Kal … that first desire brought all the other subsequent karmas with it ; as it became involved and entangled in energy essences and substances of spirit, mind emotion and matter.

 The desire to be separate from God created an “otherness” or adverseness  to the unity of the Lord in the eternal regions … Kal thus upset the perfect equilibrium by which things can be created and endure eternally in the eternal regions.

 When this perfect unity is destroyed, then the one essence of the vortex of Love is mingled with other essences , which cannot endure, so mortality enters the realm of creation… therefore  all spiritual regions up to Sach Kand are subject to dissolution as they have an impurity of the one essence.

 Since there were also myriads of other souls like him with a desire to create, who were left over from the previous grand cycles of creations and cessations, and who would benefit by this lower creation in which to work out  desires and ideas in realms of denser substances, Kal was granted permission to go out into space and create.

 So Kal left the eternal regions of Sach Kand, as a proud creator and power in all the regions below it… he became a bright morning star or sun more brilliant and potent than the others in his fiery trail of descent from great internal heights… we souls also descended  with him from the 4 regions in the eternal realm , bringing with us a share of this energy for experience in the descent .

 The energy that came from the higher regions by the vast influx of souls, gave Kal more essence and energy to work with… as Kal cannot, create souls, Sat Purush entrusted a vast but limited number of souls to Kal , for whom he can create all kinds of bodies, placing them first in one then in another, according to each one’s karma.

 Kal then copied Gods creations  ,and reproduced them as reflections of the real… he gave these regions or lower chakras identical names to those above, to cause confusion and lead us souls away from the search for our true home of everlasting bliss.

 As Kal cannot create new souls he goes to great lengths to deceive us souls in staying within his realm …his very existence was caused by the desire to rule and he cannot continue to do so if his prison world becomes  depopulated  which it would if we become sufficiently disillusioned to seek the guidance and protection of a true living Master to show us the way out.

 Master Jesus referred to us souls as “ he that walketh in the darkness and knoweth not whither he goes”

 True Masters never interfere with Kal, but when true seekers have an ernest desire for God-realization and are accepted by and follow their Masters instructions we are helped and protected.

 So we souls, who were loaned to Kal, were allowed to create our own regions in which to live and rule as we desire …  all desires must be fulfilled sometime, if not in one lifetime then another... also the resulting consequences of fulfilling them must be reaped eventually… it is important therefore that we not only control our desires but also our thoughts.

 We have brought about our own condition and position in life by our desires, thoughts, words and deeds … and are only able to un entangle ourselves from Kal’s web,  with Masters help, while we are in a human body…It is imperative therefore that we make proper use of our Master, the God given light in our human body, for there is no assurance that our next incarnation will be as a human.

 It was egotism, desire and abuse of God given powers  which got us into the mess we are in now and to escape it is necessary for us to travel up the same road by which we came down.

 The desire which brought us down, has its latent force deep within our soul, which precipitates it into experience… only by testing our desires in the energy field of resistance of mind, emotions and matter can we be convinced mentally … emotionally thru experience and physically thru suffering .

 Kal means “time” and Maya means “illusion”….Kal and his assistant Maya cannot create anything which endures forever, because all their creations are in time and in the illusion of  mind and matter… we incarnated souls are thus working out our creations and desires  in the realms of time and space, in the illusion of the mind substance, as the essence of matter.

 Kal precipitates his creation in the essence, whilst Maya  is the mother of all living forms … she furnishes the material substance & builds the body in which our essence lives.

 The kindergarten of life where we learn the lesson of pure love and selflessness  is not only this physical plane of existence but includes all the other planes of finer essences up thru the spiritual regions to the eternal region and our true home… Sach Kand.

 The reason for this is that our original desires go deep into our soul essence and all these must have a chance to work themselves out in all realms of the same substance …this experience is proof to our souls that only the eternal creation of our supreme father, & creator of all  is faultless and endures forever.

 Unfortunately we are like insects in Kal’s spider web… the more we struggle the more entangled we become,  for Kal constantly tempts us away from our father with promises of things and powers… but these tests are in fact useful as they prove to ourselves our latent desire for possessions and& the power of ego expression … there is no way we can outsmart  Kal for he  is so cunning that even great ascetics fall by the very pride and success of their asceticism.

 Kal rules not only this world but also the astral or psychic world  &  the causal or thought pattern world called Trikuti, which is the home of the mind…we souls cannot begin our homeward journey without  the company of the mind as it is a relationship like husband & wife …  until the mind lovingly surrenders to the souls request, neither can make the homeward journey  .

 Kal is a hard taskmaster & rules by justice of the law…he has no mercy or eternal love  … severity & firmness are his virtues …he is the literal

“God of wrath”, who gives us what  we deserve …it is also his job not to allow impure souls to ascend.

 In spite of his severity , his prisons must still be attractive for us to live in… he does not want things to get unbearable, therefore when the world begins to get too bad, he sends his angels to wipe out where there is too much wickedness.

 In order to re enter our true home, the realm of truth, we must give up our ego & idea of separate existence … only by complete surrender & love of the one truth can our soul & mind escape the illusion of self and selfishness in desire thought and deed.

 Have you ever watched how a blow fly will buzz against a window pane for hours,  trying unsuccessfully to escape from inside , eventually It will die of exhaustion unless someone directs it to the open door,  which is just  inches away …so it is with us we have a  thick invisible wall between ourselves and God and our only hope is to find and follow a living Master who will connect us to the power of the  sound current.  

 Paltu Sahib says “only those who have found a true Master are able to see the light”

  So after being ill and out of sorts  for so long we finally find a Master physician who  says he can return us to good health if only we follow his prescribed lifelong regime of ;

 A Vegetarian Diet … ie no meat, fish or eggs

No Drugs or alcohol

No dishonesty or immorality and

2.5 hrs daily Meditation, during which we practice tuning into the celestial music emanating from our far distant home.    

 As an experienced doctor he knows how difficult his regime is to maintain, so his advice is that it is much easier to make a commitment once, at the beginning, rather  then  to agonise 365 times each year whether or not we are going to take our medicine.

 Apart from lifestyle changes he also suggests an attitude upgrade, recommending we live with a positive, happy attitude; accepting  the inevitability of the  good and the bad things that will happen to us.

 Naturally we will always be happy to see Mr Good appear in our lives , but when his unpopular twin, Mr “Trouble” arrives we need to hold our head high, look him squarely in the eye and say the affirmation “With Masters help I will be bigger than you … you cannot defeat me !

 This attitude is also expressed in the affirmation “ God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change … the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

 As we finish the consultation he gives us 5 Simran pills to be used during meditation, and when ever we have challenges or bad thoughts… which for many of us will be most of our waking hours.

 In summary;

 We have come here because we desired to be here, to gain thru external knowledge, pleasure and experiences, which built up our ego and many other illusions …however when we get weary of  the merry go round of pleasures and pains, like the prodigal son of the Bible, we finally remember our father andr his voice calling us home. 

Our earnest longing is rewarded by our Fathers Love and his helping hand, thru the medium of our perfect Master physician who prescribes the medicine and ensures the discipline which ends our cosmic journey in good spiritual health, enabling us to rejoice in bliss when we again become one with our father in Sach Kand.