Newsletter 0034

The True Creator

He is the true Creator the one benevolent lord  revealed as word personified thru service of the Guru. ... Guru Ramadas Maharaj

 There can be only one common teaching for all mankind since they perceived everyone in the world as being one with them…this is why they have written in the Adi Granth …with none have I enmity or ill will none is alien to me all are my own.

 They say that when we understand that every living being, every person in the creation has been made by the one supreme Lord then we love everyone  and no one is perceived by us as a stranger or as foreign or alien to us and this is why they write in the scriptures “ all belong to thee O Lord, thou belongest to all, whom shall we call bad when there is none other than thee”

 O Lord it is you who have created everything in the Universe and you yourself are present in every creature, I could only criticise or speak ill of one created by someone other then you, see how they are trying to elevate our consciousness and in what way do they guide us in their scriptures  to pray to the Lord?

Within thy will let all be blessed.

 When we pray to the Lord we should pray with a sincere heart that he shower his blessings on the whole world. when we evoke Gods blessings on everyone how can we speak ill of one another, be malicious or deem anyone as bad.

 This composition by the 3rd Guru …Guru Amadas clearly sets forth all the aspects of the teachings of all the Gurus in the line of Guru Nanak.

 He is the true creator, the one benevolent Lord…the almighty Lord is One, it is not that there is one God for Hindus, another for Sikhs or Christians or Muslims or that those who live in India worship one God and those in Africa or Australia another…it is for this reason that Guru Nanak says” it is he alone that givest to all ,let me never forget”

 Whatever we see in the world has been created by the one supreme Lord, by him who is the bestower of all gifts, the Emperor of all and he who takes care of everyone, he is the Lord of the entire universe, Described by the Muslim Fahkirs as Lord of the creation, not just Lord of the Muslims and by Hindu sages as “ the one, the one alone”

 Therefore all saints explain there is one God only, it is he who is ever present and ever lasting.

 Guru Nanak explains in the opening verse of Jup Jee saib “tru in the being , true thru the ages, true he is and true he shall be. He says he has realised truth thru his own personal experience, he has realised that indescribable truth that was in the beginning , is now  and forever will be .

 It is truth because it is imperishable and can never be destroyed, this can only be the supreme Lord , God almighty.

 In the beginning was God alone and everything was created by him, whatever has been created by him is subject to dissolution and will perish, but the creator himself , the shabd, is everlasting and eternal. He was present in the beginning of time, present in sat yug and treta Yug, is present now and will forever be.

 Therefore it is said apart from the Lord O brother everything is impure, apart from the lord nothing is perfect, everything is transient, all is perishable and will be destroyed.

 Guru Nanak explains, the false are in love with the false and have forgotten their creator, whom to Love and make ones friend when the whole world is in a state of flux?

 Our bodies are like rented houses, like borrowed homes which do not belong to us , we have been given them  for our use for 50, 60 or 70 years, but after that they are cremated or buried, rendered dust to dust and ashes to ashes.

 He explains that the love and attachments that are developed with the world while we are in the body are also transitory and they too will perish. Because this transient body is ever involved in transient attachments and love we live our lives oblivious to the everlasting Lord.

 Because of the transient nature of the creation he urges us to consider carefully  and deeply what there is in the creation what is really worthy of out love and devotion, all will leave us and only the Lord will remain with us forever; this is why he is called Truth, because he is beyond the painful cycle of birth and death.

 He is called the true creator because it is he who has given life to the whole world and created the entire universe; he is the one supreme lord and he does not belong to any one community, religion or race .

 All souls are part of the Lord, they are drops of the ocean of Sat Nam,this is why Guru Sahib has said, God abides in the soul, the soul in God, this is what one learns from the Gurus wisdom.

 The Lord is within each soul and all souls are contained within him, however we will only recognise and understand this truth when we advance on our spiritual journey following the direction of a perfect master, we will then become capable of recognising within ourselves our  true nature.

 Take the example of a Bunyan tree, how huge it is and how small is its seed, if someone merely explains to us how this small seed contains such a large tree we will never understand, however if we sow the seed in the ground and take good care of it we will see it grow into a sapling and gradually become full grown, we will then know for ourselves how such a huge tree exists in such a small seed and we will be able to understand how such a small seed contains such a huge tree .

 Says Kabir the soul is a particle of the Supreme Being. We must ask ourselves how is it possible to divide souls in to different categories when the Lord himself does not belong to any specific race, special group or religion.

 Gur Ajen Dev says, he has no cast or colour and the whole creation springs from his will . God almighty by whose command the creation was brought into existence is neither dark nor fair Hindu or Sikh, nor does he reside in any one country.

 In Indian philosophy mankind is seen a s belonging to four different categories, but Guru Ajen Dev explains, the Llord himself can never be contained in such categories and if God almighty does not belong to a particular category, then how can the soul which is a particle of him be so described?

 If the ocean has no race or religion how can its drops be defined in those terms, if the sun does not belong to a particular community or creed, how can its smallest rays be so conceived?.

 God created mankind, we ourselves have created everyone into narrow castes and creeds, nations and religions and are forever entangled in considerations of the differences and distinctions between one another. If we refer to the teachings of any saint and search deeply for their essence, we find that they all seek to elevate our perception high above the tensions which arise from such narrow distinctions.

 It is for this reason that guru Amadas says” where you render account of your deeds neither body or caste go with you. O brother take note time comes for you to give account of your actions in this life, no one will ask details of your birth or religion, nor will your body accompany you sins it will be either cremated or buried in the earth. Once the body has been disposed of according to the rites of a persons religious and social background it becomes irrelevant whether he belonged to  a particular community or another.

 Only your actions, your performance in your life , your love, longing & devotion to the Lord will be relevant.

 Kabir also says no one will ask your caste or creed , whoever contemplates on him becomes his,  no one is going to ask about our religion or social status; any person who contemplates on the lord assumes the lords identity irrespective of whether he is Sikh, Muslim or Christian, it is ones devotion to the Lord which brings union with him. Let no one consider it necessary to convert from Hinduism to Sikhism from Christianity to Islam or Sikhism to Christianity to attain such union.

 Kabi instructs us to eliminate these thoughts from our mind forever. Bulla Shah said you will be judged by your actions alone, your cast and creed will go unnoticed;  he who pays attention to his actions , his deeds, while in this body is the one who will be able to settle and close his karmic account.

 No one will be interested in those who spend their lives in pride of birth and religion.

 Paltu a famous and outspoken Saint has also pointed this out in one of his compositions, O Paltu let no one take pride in his high birth for love alone counts in the court of the Lord.He says that let no man think that because of his high ranking birth, for example being born in a priestly  family he has the exclusive privilege of union with the lord, nor should one ever think he cannot worship the Lord because he was born in a poor and humble home.

Paltu Sahib says one should remove such thought forever from ones mind since it is only love and devotion which will take one to Gods home.


Guru Amadas is speaking on the same point when he says “those bereft of Nam are of low birth and exist like vermin in filth.