Newsletter 0033


Who wouldn’t want to be happy?  Happiness is after all one of the most powerful fuels that drives our lives…yet how many of us ever really achieve it? Most of us spend most of our lives pursuing lasting happiness in one way or another;

We search  for it in  relationships, careers, money,  sex, books, movies, shopping, drinking, drugs, power, popularity and fame…however all these lie outside us implying that happiness is found through the outside world.

Sometimes we may briefly feel we have achieved what we have been looking for , but the next moment the feeling seems to go, it never seems to last …does it?

Our mind soon tires of what it has and we feel frustrated with everything that money can buy and with the so called thrills of life.

So is it possible that we are looking for happiness in the wrong place? … to answer this we first need to know Who and What  we are…eg. If we put  a lion  in a circus cage it will feel imprisoned and suffer… we can’t get any idea of its real potential because by its very nature it has specific needs…so it is with us … what are our needs …do we know our true nature? … if not ,is this why we are unable to stay happy for long?

We are made of matter , but we also have a mental, emotional and spiritual dimension…in order to realise what we are and to experience our full potential we need to develop all 4 dimensions…just like a car if one of our tyres is flat  we won’t function properly.

Even though we may spend a lot of time and energy developing our physical, mental and emotional nature…most of us don’t even have a clue about our spiritual potential.

The closest we may come is expressed by the famous philosopher Goethe

“ There are eight requisites for contented living…health enough to make work a pleasure…wealth enough to support your needs…strength to battle the difficulties and overcome them… grace enough to confess your sins and forsake them…patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished… charity enough to see some good in your neighbour…faith enough to make real the things of God …hope enough to remove all anxious fear concerning the future.

However the secret to a meaningful life is to develop our spiritual dimension by reorienting ourselves to a spiritual perspective which affects the way we respond to the world…we thus redefine our approach, values and priorities and in doing so we better understand  our true nature and open the door to a more balanced and complete life.

The main challenge we face is that we are so engrossed in this world and its objects that our mind has no time or space to consider anything else…like a leaf on the ocean, our mind rides on one wave of sense impressions after another…it is never still, we are completely absorbed  by sense pleasures , bombarded by dreams and possibilities and saturated with the promises of the world.

This never ending mental activity of our self centred egos is reflected in our focus on what we think as ours… family, friends, career and possessions.

But what if none of this truly belongs to us…we know that when we die none of it goes with us…we have to leave our body and our loved ones…so will we realise too late that life is something more than what we have just been through?

Shakespeare said , the world  is a stage …we come here to play certain roles…husband… wife…son…daughter, but after our part is played we make our exit just as actors do in a play and revert to being who we really are…the world like theatre is not permanent.

So why do we exhaust ourselves running after illusions ?

Life for many of us is like trying to keep balance amongst  a vast crowd of pushing and shoving people… we become professionals jugglers…we want to do our jobs well, bring up our children well, romance our loved ones, spend time with friends, family & ourselves .

We want to take care of homes, cars, our heads, hearts and souls…we want more money, power, recognition, possessions, more of everything.

The reality is we can’t have it all because we simply don’t have the time.

To make our lives meaningful we have to focus on what is valuable, set our priorities to achieve balance…this means recognising our real needs and rearranging our priorities to reflect them.

Society says that having balance is about having a spouse, children, a house, cars, a good job, hobbies, involvement in civic and church activities, keeping fit…and on and on the list goes!

However true balance is a state within and as Satsangi’s we want to be free from external limitations, free from being owned by possessions, free from the craziness, disappointments and frustrations of our earthly life.

We need to wake up…to live and not just exist!…eg  in our short lifetime why spend 6 months waiting for traffic light to change…12 months looking thru desk clutter for misplaced things …24 months phoning people who aren’t in or whose lines are busy…60 months waiting in queues and& 36 months sitting thru meetings.

To keep in true balance and be truly happy we need to look inward and develop an inner spiritual life by seeking the help of saints who have already developed their spiritual potential by having experienced and merged with the totality of the universe.

A true Saint  has first hand knowledge of the mysteries of the universe; they can tell us what happens when we die… where we  come from…how we can rise above our limitations…what is the purpose of life…does God exist…is there a soul?

The first principle to achieve God realisation therefore is to have a true Saint, a living Master who will teach  us the difficult  subject of spiritual science and guide us thru the inner regions.

If we want to learn how to fly we can’t do it thru books we need a teacher… similarly if we want to traverse a vast wilderness we need a  guide...this needs to be a living  teacher …  just like a doctor needs to be here and now to treat us… for no matter how famous we cannot take treatment from a doctor of the past.

The Saints come to earth not to make this a better place but to reveal to us the way of spiritual realization so we can be free from the endless wheel of birth and death.

This world is like a huge prison, with only one exit and its secret is known only by the Saints…

They have the key that can open the door and then  guide us along the hidden escape route back to our true home in Sach Kand

True Saints never advocate that we change our religion…they come to unite not divide… whether  we refer to God as Jehovah, Jesus, Allah or Krishna the reality is that we want to contact the same truth…true spirituality is not to do with rites and rituals  but with the Love in all of us!