Newsletter 0032

The shackles of  -Lust - Anger - Greed - Attachment - Egotism

We are here today as prodigal souls who, while on a spiritual journey of discovery away from our home, the Kingdom of Light,  have been  seduced by  the wiles of a temptress , the mind,  we have been captured by Kal, the force of darkness, and after countless time we continue to  languish in his prison … today we examine how we can escape with the help of a guide sent by our beloved Father who is anxious to have us return home .

Master says that we are spiritual beings having a human experience… He emphasises that as prodigal souls  we should not become attached to things here,  that this Earth is a foreign land ,and is only a stepping stone in our spiritual journey back to our father and our true home in Sach Kand.

We souls  are prisoners here on Earth in a maximum security prison, which Saints calls the “wheel of 84” ; we have been issued with a body which is our prison garb and have been allocated a  minder called the Mind, who is an addict to drugs called  “ the senses”.  As our Minder, the mind role is to keep us  docile and under control so that we  continue to wander like zombies in  a  drug induced trance state  called  “ I-ness”.

Whilst we are really a  brilliant spark of the divine flame,  our soul and  the mind have become covered with thick coats of earthly dirt as we occupy a dark and dirty cell,  having gotten heavily laden with sins,  and life after life  sink deeper into the mire.

Once we finish one life sentence here, the  prison governor, Kal, decides whether we will  return immediately or  earn a short break  for good behaviour ; which allows us to spend some time in the two low security  prisons called the  Astral and the Causal …  these are the so called heavens referred to  by the worlds religions.

Kal,  having borrowed us souls from the spiritual world for his lower worlds, cannot kill or burn us but keeps us imprisoned or caged within the three worlds thru illusion and subterfuge .

Kal does not want any soul to leave his domain for he performed austerities on 2 occasions to obtain souls … once for seventy yugas and once for sixty  four yugas ( a Yuga is a cycle of time… hindus have divided time into 4 cycles or yugas , Gold..silver..copper & iron … we are currently passing thru  iron , (Kal Yuga)

All the worlds religions  have emanated from Kal ;  he is the “God”  referred  to by  the worlds religions… in this way he gives the illusion that he is the supreme creator, and  that his realm is our true home.

He deludes us into thinking that by good deeds  we will  go to heaven  or by bad deeds to hell … of course he doesn’t  tell us that we are already in hell and that no matter how virtuous we are,  after our  time in his “heaven” we will  return to the wheel of 8,400,000 species  here on earth to repeat the process over and over again… running like rats in a treadmill under the illusion that we are getting somewhere.

Dadu Dayal says” All this is illusion, a mirage that deceives by its false glitter; beholding its glamour ,men believe it to be real…the mirage glitters deceitfully ; men take it for water, the world dies of thirst as man & beast come to drink of it.”

Guru Teg Bahadur says “ know this world to be an absorbing dream; in a moment it will vanish. believe this.

Kal keeps us prisoner here … & robs us of our Spiritual wealth and our heritage by  concentrating our attention on the outer world thru the five evil tendencies… Saints refers to these as “ the five foes or passions”

 Saint Paltu Sahib said ” In the mill of illusion, is ground the whole world, lust .. anger…vanity & avarice are the ones with which its wheel is turned”

Lets examine each of them … I’m sure most of us will recognise ourselves.

LUST…the dictionery says that lust is a passionate or over mastering sexual desire or appetite …for example at the sexual level it is in essence amourous thoughts or actions directed to a person other than your spouse .

 Namdev said “The Lord resides with that devotee who yearns not to possess another’s spouse & longs not for wealth that does not belong to them.”

Whereas , the appetite  phases of Lust are … a craving for alcoholic drinks … drugs …tobacco … gluttony … talking too much, especially telling dirty stories … sex books, pictures , fantasies and obscene movies … useless games, such as,  cards and billiards and electronic games,  which all promote laziness.

Self Indulgence is the central core & thus the principle of evil  in all these actions .

Maluna Rum said “ if you desire to maintain yourself at a higher level of awareness you must abjure lust, for it  blinds the inner eye, screens from sight the refulgence of heaven & plugs our ears against the inner music”

ANGER…stirs up strife, causes confusion & scatters the mind. Anger destroys peace, neutralises Love, engenders hatred and turns people into enemies.

Guru Ramadas said “ who lives with anger, keep at arms length and ever shun”

Saints say that Anger is the complete opposite of Love… whilst Love is the sum of all good, so anger is the sum of all evil… it is the most destructive of the vile passions … it tears down, destroys, weakens and annihilates every fine quality of our mind and soul … it is a consuming fire born of the fires of destruction, that burns up all that is noble… at the end it leaves us a wreck, burned out, blackened and dead.

Anger is a destroying, consuming passion…if we indulge in it, it  creates bad karma & binds us more securely to the fatal wheel… It is a great hindrance to spiritual progress which aims at concentrating the spirit and making it finer.

Saint Dulandas said “ how hard it is to meditate if anger remains”

Some of the phases of anger are profanity, fault finding, peevishness, irritability, quarrelsomeness, mockery, destructive criticism, haughtiness and the worst of all SCANDEL MONGERING … in fact Saints say that there is no other sin as  great as this one… for slandering someone means carrying their burden of sin without getting even a paltry gratification in return.

Maulana Rum said ’ when God wills to dishonour a man, he tempts him to slander the virtuous”  

Slander  is an insidious disease and unfortunately appears to be  the chief weapon in the armoury of most religions… by engaging  in  this sinful activity  Religions merely get exposed as agents of Kal.

Where as,  Masters law is :

Never criticise … find fault …or abuse… never even blame anyone, either to their face or back… never hurt the feelings of any person or animal … never let a harsh or unkind word escape our lips… always speak words of love, truth and happiness.


However shrewd we might be, or how high our titles, or exhaustive our  virtues , if we are greedy, we are morally bankrupt.

Greed is even baser than lust for it makes money & jewels our god & in the end we become a slave to them.

We drop down to the plane of things we love , if  we are a miser we become little more than an incarnated heap of money, land & houses …

if we think of nothing else but money we become hard hearted losing the gifts of pity, love & kindness & take on a facial expression of relentless driving force .

Some phases of Greed are miserliness … falsehood … hypocrisy … perjury … misrepresentation … robbery … bribery … & trickery of all sorts.

Ironically the poorest person in the world is the one who spends time trying to get something for nothing … it just can’t be done .

Interestingly one of the worlds richest men John D Rockefeller said just before his death “ The poorest person in the world  is the one who has nothing but money”

It is important to note that Master is the supreme giver … so if we think more of giving and less of receiving we will stand closer to him.


When we arrive in this world  as an infant our attention is turned inward, but soon we open our eyes , see the material world and fall prey to its lure, gradually forgetting all about our divine essence and true home.

We listen to the conversations around us  and our contact with the world becomes closer… we are bound to our father, mother, sister and brother and the like… and in the end after passing thru all the 7 stages of life… after fretting  and strutting our hour upon the stage, our soul finds itself burdened with the earthly freight that we have collected during our lifetime .

Master warns us against becoming too engrossed in this material world, which is the land of Kal and Maya ( the male & female principles of the negative power).

Our activities here are of no real benefit to us; we are working to earn for our family and children… to serve our friends and companions or to enable our mind to enjoy worldly pleasures… in the end parents , spouse, children, power, wealth all have to be left behind once we leave this cage of Kal.

The only activity of lasting value is Simran ( repetition of the holy names given to us at initiation) & Bhajan ( listening to the celestial music within).

Swami Ji says “ forsake this domain of pleasure & pain… rise to the skies & Sat Nam attain…transient & short lived is this life… leavest  thou here after weary strife… wealth & relations, so valued here avail us not when death draws near”


It is ego, pride, vanity or self-righteousness that chiefly prevents us from spiritual greatness;

 St Tulsidas says ‘ I and you, mine and thine play Mayas role, and it is this ego that hath enfeebled the soul”

Ego is the awareness of self … the self differentiation…the ” I “ness … the normal ego which is necessary for self preservation and the proper placement  in relation to all others is Ok … but when it  swells  out of proportion and grows like a cancer, then it is deadly.

Ego has a thousand claws and its poison infiltrates our entire being, feeding  upon the materials furnished by the other four foes … the worst variation of ego is either conscious, or unconscious,  pretended humility.

Other phases of ego are, bigotry… self assertion … obtrusive show of wealth or power … gaudy dress … a domineering attitude … bossiness … scolding …. fault finding … frequently interrupting others when talking … making public speeches … eager to see our name in print … making a show of piety …  letting everyone know  when giving to charity …loving titles … honours  … & seeing the mob bow down before us.

So It is these 5 foes or passions that keep our soul & mind currents tied down to the 9 apertures of the body & stop them from rising to their own centre between our eyes.

Only the company of a perfect Saint & practice of spiritual discipline taught by  him can turn these 5 evil tendencies into the 5 holy virtues, that is ;

Lust  into Continence

Anger to Forgiveness

Greed to Contentment

Attachment to Discrimination and

Egotism to Humility


We can ONLY escape with the help of a perfect Saint , the guide sent in disguise by our father,  who gets us off the sense drugs, thus  awakening  us from the Zombie like state we are in thru an intense overpowering and all absorbing love… we begin to realise that outward beauty, charming personality, whether ours or someone else’s is of no lasting worth.

We are no longer allured by this false show or deluded by these transitory qualities… beautiful or ugly, fair or dark, delicate or coarse… all our bodies are born of dust… just fleeting dolls of clay that will vanish and be no more… they are like costumes which have to be discarded when the play is over.

Pure love for our Master helps us transcend all limitations.. it enraptures our whole being…… rising us above the pains and the pleasures of this physical prison world… we then have no interest in power, position, prosperity, fame, honour or glory, heaven or earth, liberation or bondage…we become indifferent to hope and despair, riches and poverty, health and illness, joys and sorrows, smiles and tears…whether the world survives or perishes, whether the fortunes of the world wax or wane, we want nothing but our beloved Master.

St Muinuid-din-Chisti says” I say not that I desire pleasure or pain, rather do I Exult in the will of my love…if my friend wills that troubles come to me…ever I desire to be drowned in troubles. According to his own worth doth every man ask favours of thee O Lord…but my desire is to ask from thee thine own self & that’s all I ask”

This attitude of accepting  everything as Gods will then becomes our armour against the whips and tortures of the prison … whether it is pain or  pleasure we thank our compassionate Father , for he knows best what is good for us.

The Satsang of Master and association with him reorientates our soul & mind, turning them God ward… repetition of the holy names helps them withdraw to the eye centre… & contemplation of  Masters form helps them stay there & to contact the Divine melody which takes them to their place of origin… the mind in Trikuti and the soul in Sach Kand.

Just like  a magnet draws iron filings with an irresistible force so does the word of God draw our mind and soul to our true home.

Gone then are the poisons …lust … anger… greed… attachment and ego… they are cured of the hunger of passions, the thirst of desire and the blindness of anger…they are cleaned of age old rust & dirt.

Paltu Sahib explains this by an illuminating simile. A sword maker & repairer when given an old sword covered with rust, first rubs it hard with a pumice stone to remove the ugly stains, then holds it against a grind stone to scrap away the rust & sharpen the edge and finally polishes it to brilliance  with emery to produce once again a potent weapon.

In the same way Master by using the pumice stone of his Satsang, the grindstone of Simran & Bhajan & the emery of the audible life stream cleans and polishes our soul and  mind that is covered  with rust and dark ugly stains , turning them, which are vicious , obstinate and corrupt into one’s that are pure, honest and conscientious… he polishes until they are absolutely clean, bright, and immaculate by means of the cleansing power of the sound current or Nam.

Then like a sleeper  awoken from a deep sleep we  become aware of what is happening in our house … that the 5 thieves that were constantly robbing us of our spiritual wealth have taken to their heels … and our minder, the mind,   has now changed into a most faithful ally who helps our soul escape.

In summary then … Master shows us how thru meditation we can slowly but surely chip  our way  thru the prison wall… in some  cells the walls are 1 m thick and in others 4 m thick, but  he assures us that eventually we will break thru  and return home.

The mind will return to its original home in Trikuti  where it  releases our soul from its iron grip… which when freed from the restraint of the physical, astral and causal coverings …  rid of the 3 attributes and the 25 tendencies, we souls for the first time becomes aware of  our close kinship with the Creator.

We discover that we are really a ray of the never setting sun… a drop of the ever lasting ocean, a spark of the eternal flame, the essence of the immortal Lord

Absorbed in indescribable rapture we make our way to our true home and there meet our Creator… never again to return to this prison of tears and misery!

(The  sources for this examination by disciple J ,are “Discourses on Sant Mat by  Maharaj Sawan Singh &  “ the Path of the Masters “ by Dr Julian Johnson).