Newsletter 0031




"Man is the top of all creation, the perfect handi-work of Nature in all respects. He contains within himself the key to unlock the mystery of the Universe and contact the Creator. It is the greatest and the highest good fortune of any sentient being, to be born in the form of man.

"But his responsibilities are also correspondingly great. Having come up to the top of the evolutionary ladder, he should now step on to the ladder of NAM, and tread the spiritual path that would ultimately lead him to the Divine Home whence he came.

"If he fails to do so he slides down and, according to his Karmas, his desires and inclinations, will have to sojourn in this world of change and go through the various forms of creation.

"In the human body the eye center is the spot which represents the end of the one course and the beginning of the other. He may go up or he may slide down. "This is the message which all Saints and Masters have in their time given to the world."

 The Bible refers to man's coming and going, the descending and ascending of souls on the `Jacob's ladder' :"and behold, a ladder set up on the earth,and the top of it reached to heaven : and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it."        (GENESIS 28 : 12)

An example of the people's search for TRUTH in the mountain of the Lord (the human body) is given in Isaiah 2 : 2 and 3.

The soul is a spark of the Eternal Essence of God. As such it cannot rest or find peace except in God's Essence. The link between the soul and God is His Eternal Sound Current Energy called the Holy Shabd, the Word of God.

The Word is described in Holy Scriptures, but it takes a living Saint to link the soul in reality to that Current; one who is himself in touch with it, just as one candle lights another. Then by following the in-structions of the Saint or Master, the soul can make daily effort and progress in raising the consciousness to that level set by the Teacher as the objective of inner attainment.

First the mind is detached from temporal things by devotional practice which raises the consciousness until it can tune into God's Music of the Holy Shabd, while living in the world but not of it, carrying on with our duties and earning our own living.

The mind must be stilled and devotion must take the place of the ego until all dross is cleared and the tuning is perfect. Then is the soul merged in com-plete Bliss of His Eternal Sound, His Word.

 The soul is the real being, the eternal wanderer seeking its home. It appears in every shape and form for the sake of experience and sensory recordings. The soul isa a particle of God Himself, exploring the outer limits of His form or space, away from the center of Light and Life. Through this outer experience the soul has gathered impressions which make it feel a separate being or ego, independent of all things. In this illusion the soul suffers much through the mind and sense impulses which are outward bound and which exhaust the soul's energy, the only treasure it has.

Each manifestation and experience is given a mea-sure of energy. When that is used, a new cycle or ex-perience is necessary for the soul. Being eternal, its wanderings are many in time and space; but always consciously or unconsciously looking and longing for Home.

We are here because we desired to be here and gain through external knowledge, pleasures and experiences, which built up the ego and many other illusions. When the soul gets weary of its rounds of pleasures and pains, then it seeks an answer to this riddle of Life and its merry-go-round. And like the Prodigal Son of the Bible, it finally remembers the Father's House and the High calling as His son.

Realizing this, in all humility, it turns all its energy to the Homeward Journey instead of outer sensory pleasures and achievements. Then ways and means are opened to the soul by the Gracious Father, by which the soul can find its way to that distant Home, left long, long ago.

The soul's earnest longing is rewarded by the Father's helping hand of guidance and by His Love.

 He calls His children Home at the end of the Cosmic Journey and there is great rejoicing and Bliss in daily growth of consciousness until the soul becomes One with Him, as it was in the beginning. Only now it is richer in experience of humility and of Love" in Him. Absence made the heart grow fonder through aeons of travel and individual suffering because of the illusion of the mind and senses which ruled the consciousness. When freed from these external accretions, the soul can rise again to the One Essence in the Father's House of Eter-nal Bliss and Unity.

The True Teacher and the Way will be found by a sincere seeker. The return process is slow and steady. Love guides the way when the soul sets its face toward Home and its faith in the Father. Inner progress will blend into outer changes until all is ONE IN HIS LOVE.