The creation which we see with our material eyes and only part of which we can comprehend, is but a very, very small part of the total Creation. Even though science has gone a long way in calculating and des-cribing the extent of the whole universe that is known to man, and our view of the heavens through a tele-scope seems vast and almost limitless, it is nevertheless but a speck of the Real Grand Total of the entire ex-panse of finer and still finer Substance and Vastness be-• yond. the comprehension of the mind.

Our material creation is called Pind in the writings of the Saints. They do not include it in their descrip-tion of Regions, because it has not an audible Life Stream or Sound Current in its keynote, which can be listened to and which leads the mind and soul upward. It is the region of gross matter and corresponds to the entire portion of the human body which is situated be-low the eyes. In the material creation, it extends up to the Astral Region.

Matter is energy stepped down to a fixed point in its vibratory activity, where it appears as a solid, liquid, gaseous or fiery substance. The shell of things is matter, which becomes either a shrine or a grave for the expanding Life Spirit or Energy Essence within the form. Matter is substance and form, and is percep-tible by the senses. It is the opposite of mind and spirit.

 Spirit is soul, the Essence of Life, and is the Center and Core of every being. In creation, shells and forms are necessary for the soul to function in and through, to limit its expansion, and protect the soft and tender organs, like the brain is protected by the hard shell of the skull. The same is true of the egg shell and its sub-stance, the earth's crust and. its liquid and hot interior, etc.

Real Saints deal only with the Sound Essence or Current which is the One Word of God, which proceeds from the supreme Father in the very Highest Region down as far as the top of Pind, and returns to Him. It permeates all the higher Regions in various grades of intensity. When It reaches the Causal Plane, called Trikuti, It is still of a high Spiritual nature, but has taken on part matter. The next station below, known as the Astral Plane and called Sahasra Dal Kamal, con-sists of some Spirituality, but the greater part is matter. Then below that, in this material world, it is all matter. Hence, in order to make contact with the Divine Sound, it is necessary for the attention to be concentrated at the top of Pind, from whence the soul may experience Transport to the higher regions. This is the Royal Road of all Saints. It is the Alpha and Omega of all true Mystics.

The A,istEk,l or Etheric Region is the realm called Eden in the Bible. Saints call it Anda, and Sahasra Dal Kamal is the main station, so to speak, in that realm. This is the Region immediately above the physical region. It is the one in which most of the creation took place, as recorded in Genesis, because the Lord God Jehovah is the Ruler and Creator in Anda. And the Bible speaks mostly of Jehovah as the Creator.

 Other names are also mentioned in the Zohar, but these are principalities under Jehovah, and assist in the creation. Such are the Elohim the Archangels and other powers and agencies which do the Will of the Lord of Hosts. Creation was no simple affair. It required active and willing cooperation, as all real business does.

The Spirit of Jehovah is mentioned in many places in the Old Testament, in addition to Genesis. No explanation has been given as to why distinction is made between `Lord God Jehovah' and the `Spirit of Jehovah'. The Spirit of Jehovah, mentioned in the Old Testament, is really the Audible Life Stream or the Holy Shabd Current in the realm of Eden or Akash. It flows out of Eden and supports all visible creation.

In the realm of Eden or Akash there are tetudif ferent Sounds and Currents. The KaJ2bAli'sis_ have called them the ten Sephiroth or virtues and powers.

The Astral Region is the last step of the Eternal Sound Essence downward into creation, where it can be heard before the material grossness covers it up in the physical creation. The soul and the mind must ascend into this region, after passing through the starry. sky, the inner sun and the moon realm, before it can

come to this Central Current in the sahasra Dal Kama Center. There the first True Sound is heard in its beauty and Reality.

As the involution or descent into matter took place at the time of creation, so must also be the evolu-don and ascent of our daily consciousness out of matter. If the consciousness of the man Adam fell into a deep sleep in this descent, then that consciousness must have a great awakening or rebirth in order to again ascend into the higher regions on its upward journey. Truly,  the soul must be reborn in the Energy of this Living Water of space, the Eternal Shabd or Sound Current, before it can ascend into the kingdom of heaven. Baptism by immersion or application of water sym-bolizes this very ideal.

"But as many as received Him, to them gave He power .to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name : which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the WORD was made flesh,"

(John 1 : 12-14)

"Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except one be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old ? Can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth : so is every one that is born of the Spirit." (JOHN 3 : 3-9)

"As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby : If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious." (I PETER 2 : 2-3)

 The `sincere milk' mentioned by Peter is the Nectar of this Holy Shabd Current which flows freely in that `Promised Land of Milk and Honey', within our-selves. This is the taste of the graciousness of the Lord, referred to in the last line of the above quotation.

As all life travels in circuits and cycles, so does the soul in its experience of involution into matter, and evolution out of matter as a new birth into a higher re-gion and consciousness. Here, the understanding is supported by reason and facts, as the soul travels on-ward and upward in the Mystic Way to Everlasting Life.

The soul falls into a deep sleep, dies in the higher realm, and comes to the earth. Now, if it wishes to return to the higher, it has to renounce the earth and earthly things which keep it in bondage. The True Master teaches us how to do this by withdrawing the conscious energy currents of sensation and awareness from the things outside of the body and from the body itself, into the single eye center, located between the two eyes. Once collected there and purified, the mind and the soul can rise into higher regions, stage by stage; and can come and go at will. This is the literal and logical path of rebirth or being born again and becoming a walker or traveler in and beyond the regions of the starry sky.

Cause and effect complete a circuit which is easy to understand but slow to prove, because of the resist-ance of the lower mind-habits and sensory current directions. The soul must go in backwards into Noah's tent, to find the new wine, after the flood of in-volution.

 In the Kabbala, Eden, the Astral is referred to as the region of Briah. The energy currents which flow out of it and form the four elements or the four rivers of life out of Paradise, out of the One Current, are called the world of Yetzirah or the formative stage. And the result of this action is referred to as the world of Assiah or the physical world.

The region above Briah, the Astral world, is re-ferred to as Yesod or the Atziluth. This is the arche-typal world of the ancient Kabbalists. It is where mind patterns were formed and designs of things to be were made, like architects make blueprints. They are all necessary in the creative process and its stages, and many powers and hosts carried out the orders of the blueprint patterns.

These are the steps and stages of creation in different regions. And it certainly would be most inadequate to measure these periods of time according to our earthly nights and days, when the action took place in a different world each time. II Peter 3 : 8 states clearly that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. That gives an idea of the Bliss of that region, which transcends our material concept of time on earth.

The Vedas call this mind region of Atziluth, the Causal World or Plane. The Saints call it Trikuti or the World of Three Prominences, the three mountains being called Meru, Sumeru and Kailash. These fields express themselves in action as the three gunas or modes of motion in mind, emotions, sensations and act oar s in all matter. Sat is the neuter pole of the gunas. It is the mind principle, which is sustained by a ray from the Creator. Raj is the positive pole, the motor power and the restless drive of the emotions, the desires for  action and fulfillment. And Tamas is the precipitate of these two. It is inertia, darkness,, resistance and reac-tion to all action.

The mountain of Meru, in the cosmos, is the center of the earth, according to Buddhist Mythology, and is called Maru. The same is referred to as Mount Olympus in Greek Mythology. In the Microcosm, it becomes the crown or the head. In the physical body, it designates the superior pole as the crown of creation, in the top area of the brain, where all regions are represented, and through which the higher regions may function in the physical con-sciousness of man. It is also represented as Mount Sinai or Mount Horeb in the Bible. All pyramids and man made structures like the Tower of Babel, were results of efforts to illustrate this idea. Going up into this mountain, means ascending in consciousness to that Inner Height of Vibration in the Sound Current, where the soul becomes lifted up and literally sees and talks with God. Such experiences were recorded by Moses on Mount Sinai and by Elijah on Mount Horeb.

These references do not pertain to mountains as we know them in this world. They are located in the Inner Regions and are known to the Mystics. Inspi-ration and direction for soul life are given here to Mystics and to Messengers of the Lord for His people. This has happened throughout the ages, continues to happen today and will be so in the future. Ascending the mountain means going up in concentration.

Rajoguna the positive guna of action flows through the brain for direction and light on the Way within, and to the feet and hands without in daily work. The Sound Current and the higher inner consciousness can transcend this region and the three gunas. The Creator views His creation as a witness and sees that all things are good "and God saw that it was good" (GEN. 1 : 10, 21, 25), "And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." (GEN. 1:31)

Mount Sumeru expresses the opposite pole in the body as the Brahm Chakra in the etheric plane, through which the negative psychic prana flows for generation and procreation of the species. This energy must be controlled and sublimated or lifted up into the positive region, by ascension of consciousness, often called Re-demption or Regeneration.

Mount Kailash becomes the middle, neuter pole or axis as the Sukshma Sharira—of sustaining the body as the neuter, heart region for emotional expres-sion. Physically, it is the power of digestion to sustain and nourish the body.

These three regions and functions have been symbo-lized by the Three Wise Men of the East in the Bible. They come from the East, the rising Sun, down to earth, the West, to find the Savior of mankind and Salvation of the soul which inhabits these three major regions, the head, the heart and the generative system.

According to the Kabbalistic theory of Creation, the descent from Spirit into creation was described as:

AIN, the vacuum of Pure Spirit, AINSOPH, the Limitless and Boundless AINSOPH AUR, the Limitless Light

The Macroprosophus is the first emanation of the Ainsoph. This is the Universal Man, the Adam Kad-mon of the Kabbala, or the Prototypal Man, the One

 Adam or the whole material creation. The Grand Man of the Zohar is the same universal presentation as the Great Universal Tree of Life, the Yggdrasil Tree planted in the great cleft in space called the' Ginnungagap in Norse Mythology. It is the Sephirothic Tree of Life in the Kabbala. The Great Pyramid is also such a macrocosmic symbol.

The region of Trikuti is the region of the Univer-sal Mind. This is the true home of the individual mind, the height of which it can only reach by accom-panying the soul up to this point. This region is also called a fort because of the firm stability. The Saints declare those who have reached this height to be true soldiers, for they have indeed fought and won a great battle. Here the color is a reddish flue, and the Sound of thunder is heard.

Trikuti is the Causal or Pattern World, where Brahm the Creator of Universal Patterns performs his artifices as the designer of individual forms, shapes and things to be, with the souls entrusted to him by the Supreme Being. This is all done in mind sub-stances, by mental energy currents. Viewing from the top, down to this stage, no physical substance is yet precipitated as gross matter.

This realm has a virile beauty, and mystics who reach this stage in their upward journey are called Yogishwars and Mahatmas or Great Souls. It is the ideal stage of attainment of the Master Masons who wish to be mast,r builders like the Great Architect of the Universe. While in its downward trend, mind energy whirls its substance and precipitates it into a lower vibratory rate, forming the plane of the Astral Region, or the sky below Trikuti.

  The region below Trikuti is the Psychic World of sensitive action and reaction, and is also called the Astral Light and the Etheric World. In the Astral World or the Realm of the Etheric is engraved the pattern of the mind world from above as well as the report of the sensory reactions from below in the physical world. In this manner does the consciousness keep aware of sensations from without inward, and from above downward. It is a cross road of energy currents and has much to do with the health and disease of the body, mind and the emotions; because the energy cur-rents are the active factors which precipitate the form according to their design, direction and speed of vi-bratory activity.

Out of the realm of the mind substance, called -Chit, is precipitated the Akash or Ether in five pattern fields, as substance for the five senses and the five fingers and the five, toes to work through. This is the negative field of the body, precipitated in the five ovals of the body, with the arms and legs as extension levers for motion and action. Its polarity, like the five regions, is from above downward in potential.

Also out of this Chit Akash is precipitated the Life Essence called Prana, which is the positive pole of energy as a step-down from the neuter pole of mind energy itself. It is the activating, life-giving and mov-ing energy in the body. It also has five keys of vibra-tory action to match the five Tattwas or fields, and by flowing through these, animates them as five senses, expressed through five sensory and five motor actions which animate this house called the human body, the actual temple of God on earth.

The energy at work is unseen; but the fields and the senses are quite evident in their action. The sensory energy is of the finer type, of the astral light or psychic prana, because it is wireless and extends beyond the body in its range of action. The gross prana flows over the wires of the nervous system, and is the physical life prana in its airy quality.

Throughout all Creation, it is natural for the above or finer to rule the lower energies and functions. It is only man who is swayed by and succumbs to the lower tendencies; and not until he himself becomes aware of this fallacy and makes an effort to extricate himself,, can he start on the return journey to his Divine Source of Eternal Bliss.

When the lower fields have become dense, they often accumulate foreign matter which crystallizes as blocks and resists the normal influx of energy and motion. All energy blocks are expressed as pain, because the current is resisted or interrupted there. Then the temple needs housecleaning and intelligent guidance in order to re-establish its own energy polarity current flow. This is a brief description of energy involution in the building of the miniature universe, the human body, which houses the soul. As the soul is a particle of the Supreme Being Himself, the body is rightly called the house of God and we should regard it as such.

With the description given thus far, it will be easier to understand the brief account of Creation as given in the Bible. Creation took place on various different levels and planes. For instance, it is mentioned in the Bible that man was created prior to the creation of Paradise; yet later, it is mentioned that there was no man to till the ground. It is obvious that the mental creation of the pattern must come first, even as we draw blueprints and call them real.

 Then comes the stage of gathering and precipi-tating the material with which to build according to the pattern design or blueprint. This is the Etheric or Astral stage and its enlivening with the vital currents of Prana. From there on down follows the physical stage and its specific physical currents, needed as physical prana or physiological energy to move the media of substance, to assemble parts and functions such as blood and lymph, serum, fibrin and albumen, over and through the fields of organs and tissues. This is a practical description which can be proven in thera-peutics, as it was in Ayurvedic Medicine over six thousand years ago.

The writer would like to state here that Saints of the highest order or True Mystics are not interested in the material conditions at. all; that is, they do not come to right the wrongs in this world, but to guide and take with them the souls who realize that this is not their true home and who wish to return to the

Father's House. The True Mystics or Masters ado not concern themselves with any functions below the point of consciousness located between the eyes. There are others in this world whose duty it is to attend to such affairs, while the Masters are interested only in the welfare of souls. Neither will the Masters make any assertion as to Ayurvedic or any other type of therapy.. Mysticism deals with the soul and the spirit only, and its way out of matter instead of into it.

The Kabbala calls the region beyond the mind, `the Great Abyss', and they give no further stations or regions above Atziluth, Yesod or Trikuti. Other  Sacred Scriptures also stop here in their ascent and description of regions. Only the True Saints',Masters and Mystics go higher.

In the philosophic system of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the three gunas become the three mothers,or the three mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet; Aleph, Mem and Shin. These are the air, the water, and the fire elements of the ancient systems, and the three energies in the blood stream. They are spoken of as the three Doshas in the Ayurvedic system.

The Kabbalistic system has seven double letters and twelve singles which are placed on the Tree of Life, the Adam Kadmon, the one universal man in whom and out of whom all creation was formed below that region. It based upon the idea of reflection,where the `Ancient One' looks into space and beholds his image, and puts life into that man made in the image and likeness of himself, the Universal Adam.

It is similar to the myth of the Universal Giant who was slain by the Titans, the universal energies,and out of his body all the other creations were made.This is also the Universal Man who was a problem to the great seer, Emanuel Swedenborg.

It probably would be more nearly correct to state that in the One Universal Being called Adam, all lesser creations were formed and brought up before him to

name them each. This he did, as he knew them to be of his own substance, or he could not have given them their names. All systems have a way of duplicating a

process which is and telling it in a little- different way.

The Vedas, in their sacerdotal language of Sans-krit, have probably the most lengthy and accurate of all systems on the account of the Creation. Our own alphabet has only twenty-six letters; and that of the Hebrew has twenty-two letters, while the sacerdotal Sanskrit has fifty-two letters. These fifty-two letters are each carefully and specifically placed on the chakras of the Tree of Life in the human body, apportioning to each their number of petals, as rays of potential energy. In their symbolic beauty of description, they use the lotus plant as the Tree of Life; and each chakra or psychic whirling center of energy is given its number in petals of the flower. Naturally it can and does more readily and clearly explain the gap between the spiritual and the physical, because it has the wherewithal in the language with which to explain it. We cannot find, nor do we have the words and expressions for these explanations, in the English language.

The whole Vedic system is very comprehensive. It begins with the Sound Current or the Word of God as the first emanation. This forms the central core and axis of the Universe and of the cerebrospinal ner-vous system of the human body, and distributes the energy impulses upon that central axis as the motive power of the finer energies in man, from within outward, as the Life flows. First it is the psychic wireless energy and then precipitates into the physical life energy and currents.

Looking from above downward, the mind has four petals or constituents through which it functions : `Mantis, Chit, Buddhi and Ahankar'. These are red-dish in color, and are placed in the brain and faculties of the mind.

 The center of consciousness, where mind and gross matter meet, is between the eyes. Here is the narrow gate, spoken of in the Bible as "the narrow door which leadeth unto Life Eternal ". It is also called the `third ye' or ` Tisra Til'. Two petals of color value are placed here, as their Psychic Centre. One is gray, for the material energy, and the other is white, for the finer or psychic energy of Prana. This is very much like the gray and white matter in the human cerebrospinal nervous system, over which gross Prana or Life currents flow.

On the throat, at the center of speech which is the Akash or etheric representative oval of the body, are placed sixteen petals or letters. This represents four times four of the mind energy petals, for its full expression in action of speech and sensation. The throat has many psychic sensory reactions in addition to the physiological ones from the sympathetic nervous system.

In the airy center of the heart are placed twelve petals or letters, or three times four, which permits less complete expression at .this center than at the one above it. The mind often says, "I cannot express myself completely" or "How can I say it ?"

The navel is the fiery center of digestion. Here are placed ten petals or letters, equivalent to two times and a half-time of energy distribution from the central beam. The "times and a half-time", etc. mentioned in the Bible, refers to 'quantum of time or energy at a given area or period.

In the generative or water center are placed six petals or letters. This amounts to "times and a half  time" measure of the energy volume of the axis current flow,and at the rectum, the Muladhara Chakra and out-let of the gross energy, the four petals of the mind are equally represented as four red petals, the essence of which is the red earth or red clay spoken of in the Zepher Yetzirah and other occult writings.

"As above, so below". The four petals above, in the mind substance, are reflected below, in the Mula-dhara Chakra, as a red clay energy center. Mind, as sound and speech, is multiplied in its 'full measure in the astral light of the voice in the throat, and is balanced below as an expression of thought and matter substance in various functions of Nature.

The Kabbalistic account of creation is an inter-pretation of the Zohar, which is very old. The in-structions were legendary and were supposed to have been given by the angels in Paradise to Adam, before the Fall. Similar mystic information was handed down from mouth to ear especially in the Middle East and by many races and nations for thousands of years. This was only for the initiates or the elect, and many tests and hardships had to be undergone before such initi-ation was granted. Those who received such instruc-tions were usually the priests and teachers of the people, and a .few chosen ones who were considered ready to be taught the Secret of THE WORD.

It was the impact of such knowledge and faith which built the Great Pyramids, the huge temples, etc. like the Temple of Bel Marduk in Babylon, also called the Tower of Babel. Pyramid and Mound builders all had a fraction of this mystic information,  which they concealed in stones or earth, as a hidden secret message to those who could read the cryptic writings and understand at least a part thereof.

The symbolism is very much like the fiery message of Jehovah's, written by His holy fingers of Life upon the tables of the heart of humanity, which were forgot-ten and broken by mankind. Symbolically, Moses broke the two tables in wrath when he saw the idolatry of Israel at the base of Mount Sinai.

When the people of Israel turned their atten-tion to worldly things, they turned their back on Jehovah, so His Vital Spirit was not among them. And that made an external substitute necessary. When-ever the' ONE WORD is not the Supreme Value in life, then the mind sets up its own patterns. That is idolatry. When the Spirit of understanding is not within, then the Great Love of that Holy Spirit of Shabd is absent. Consequently, other forms and patterns are set up by the mind and the emotions of the majority. These, then, become a physical reality to the unin-formed peoples of the earth.

Anything which does not turn our attention to God, could be termed as idolatry if worshiped or held in high esteem, or as being of the greatest value in life. This is idolatry because it leads the mind and heart astray from THE ONE WORD which is the secret and the Life of all creation. It is the very light of the soul, which lighted every man into this world (John 1: 9), and by God's Grace will show him the way out of this world, back to the Supreme Father's abode of Love, Bliss and all Knowledge and Truth.

 From the historic information available, it seems that in about the twelfth century the Kabbalistic doc-trine was' formulated into a marvelous philosophic system.. The Tree of Life was used as its keynote and patterns to lead the soul back to God, through Kether, the Crown of Creation locked in the secret chambers of the human brain, as the highest inner temple of Life and Mysticism. Ten fiery centers of virtues or powers, called Sephiroths, were the pivots of Energy Whirls or Chakras of Life in the finer etheric or Edenic Essence of Man's astral body. Thirty-two paths lead the way to and from the Source. This symbolism corresponded to the thirty-two vertebrae of the human spine and the thirty-two teeth in the skull. It was explained by the Major Arcana of the twenty-two Tarot Cards, placed in definite arrangements along the paths.

The brilliant Hebrew Scholar and Mystic, Moses Mimonidies, was supposed to have written and formu-lated this Kabbalistic system, as we have it today. No doubt other great scholars collaborated in this highly specialized philosophic system. Its survival and depth seems to verify this. For only that lives or survives in Nature which has at least a spark of Truth in it.

A similar system was taught as the secret of the East, in the Vedas and other Sacred Writings, thou-sands of years ago. The One Word of God is the Essence and Secret of it all, ' expressed through centers and channels of intelligence. As the One Life, the Soul, animates the body, so is the One Truth the secret knowledge thereof.

The very height of all the wonderful writings and teachings reaches up to the region of Trikuti, which is still within the realm of mind and matter ; and while it may endure for millions or billions of years, it is sub-ject to dissolution or `pralaya'. The Saints tell us of pure Spiritual Regions above this, and even they are subject to change, but after much greater periods; namely, at the time of Grand Dissolution, called `Maha Pralaya '. Therefore, the Saints tell us of still higher regions, known as Pure Spiritual and which are Eternal.

The whole creation actually began from the very highest, and each one of the higher regions supports the one below it, and so on down to the physical one with which we are familiar. Therefore, the chapter on Stages in Creation begins with that which is familiar to us, and leads on up to the highest as revealed to man-kind by the Saints. They actually look at this creation from the top, down; whereas we are at the bottom, looking up.

The region above Trikuti is called Daswandwar or the Realm of Silvery Light. The sweet sound of the Kingri or the Zittar is heard here. It is a Spiritual Region, but not an eternal one. The mystic who reaches this realm in his upward journey is called a real sadh or sadhu. The light of the soul at that stage, is equal to that of twelve suns, comparatively speaking. The souls inhabiting that region are referred to as hansas or swans, and the joy experienced there is said to be indescribable.

Above this realm there is described a Sunna Region, which is not counted as a realm because it is a Great Void or Abyss, like space itself. Guru Swami Ji reported going through such vast density of darkness in this region, that He could find no end and returned. It is called the Maha Sunna or the Great Void.

The next region above, is still below the Eternal realm, and is called Bhanwar Gupha or the region of whirling vortices which appear like caves, where the first essence of Maya or illusion is formed or precipi-tated as energy whirls. This realm is the gateway to the Eternal Region, just as Trikuti is the gateway to the pure spiritual regions. It is a high spiritual region, with essences at work for creating and sustaining the regions below it. Bright light and swinging rhythmic motions form the keynote of that stage. A heavenly sweet sound of the flute is heard by the mystic when he approaches that realm. There is also a wonderful fragrance in the atmosphere, and an inner uplift when the soul comes from the regions below, upward.

In Sat Lok, also called Sach Khand, dwells the Lord Sat Purush Who is the Creator of all regions and substance below the Eternal Essence. This is the first of the Eternal Regions, when coming from below. That is where the true Spiritual and Eternal Union of the soul with God can take place and from which the soul need never again be separated. It is the fifth region, when coming from below, not including the physical one.

Creation in the four Eternal Regions was a process of extension in consciousness and a greater intensity in Bliss for all beings in it, through an up-raising in vibratory velocity, closer to the Unknown Center of the Eternal One.

It may be well to again call to the reader's attention that the Bible and other Sacred Scriptures indicate that there are many planes, levels or stages in heaven.

 Jesus said, "In my Father's House there are many mansions " (John. 14 : 2) According to the teachings of the Saints, the regions in the Eternal Realm, from the topmost on down, are :

ANAMI, the Nameless, the Absolute, also called Radha Swami Lok

AGAM LOK, the Inaccessible

ALAKH LOK, the Invisible, or Unseen

SACH KHAND or SAT LOK, the first True Region, when ascending from below.

Sant Sat Guru Swami Ji of Agra mentioned the highest Eternal Region of Anami, as well as the inter-mediate Eternal regions of Alakh and Agam, and He taught His followers the method by which the Anami, Radha Swami Region could be reached. Prior, to that, Kabir Sahib, Guru Nanak, Paltu Sahib and a few other great Saints mentioned Sat Lok and the three regions above it. Their method of teaching the true seekers how to reach Sach Khand was also by means of the Five Holy Names and the Five Holy Sounds-THE WORD—the same as it is taught by the True Masters of today.

The individual's Master will Himself see that the soul under His care reaches the Eternal Spiritual Region of Sach Khand.