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The preceding chapters will help to clarify and unify the principles and ideas in the Bible with other Sacred Scriptures. God is Light and gives it to all nations and peoples of the earth and in the heavens. He alone can decree who should and who should not be conscious of Him. His Light is everywhere, but we do not behold it because our interest and attention are far removed from that high key of Love and Devotion. Neither do we hear the blessed Sound of Shabd, His Word, in any realm because we do not ascend to it, but live mostly in the ego and in our personal interests and desires. We live in a world of our own creation. God's creation is but a vague ideal which we have not yet consciously entered.

The admonition throughout the Bible and every Sacred Text is the same. Many wonderful sayings in the Psalms and in Old Testament generally, concern-ing the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit, will have a new and deeper meaning for us, with a practical explanation, if we but choose to use it and find the Way Within. The Highway to the King's Palace is open to all, but few there be who find it and.walk thereon. The Path is only narrow at the gateway, and is as broad as Light itself in Reality ! It expands to Infinite Unity Within.

 That blessed sight of `His Vision', called `Holy Darshan', is also a wonderful gift of the Beloved. It is bestowed on mortals through the true Mystic Masters, Gurus and Saviors who are the Custodians of God's Treasure House. If we would have such jewels, we must find One Who has them in deed and in Truth.

That is the real `Pearl of Great Price' (MAT. 13 : 45).

All other symbolism in the Bible cannot compare to the Song and Sounds of the Light of Love in the Beloved One. Where He is not, there are but sideways and by-ways, dead-ends and back-tracks. Only One Road is the Highway of the Holy Spirit, and that is the Holy Shabd. The Hidden Will and His Mystery, for which all creation was made, is within mankind'. Man is like a precious jewel formed in the depths of the earth by heat and pressure from without.

The descent of the Children of Israel into Egypt symbolizes an involutionary necessity because of the great drought, spiritually and physically, which made it necessary for them to go into that realm of experience of servitude of the mind, the ego and the senses. The group of souls called the `Children of Israel' is described as a unit in relation to inner struggles and outer ex-periences. In reality, each individual soul goes through this same conditioning, only it is not recorded in this material world. God's Will, and cosmic energies as His servants, work in every realm and region in the. heavens and on earth.

All karma is individual, no matter how it is grouped or classified in the description. Similar karmas have similar vicissitudes, and that is why it looks like national karma. But if even one righteous man, as in the case  of Lot or Abraham, lives in that nation which is to be destroyed, he must be taken out of the area before disaster can strike. The same is true today as it was in ancient times.

Saints never interfere with the orders of any rulers, nor with the running of the universe by lesser powers and principalities. Their mission and interest is purely Spiritual. Goodness is above destruction everywhere, because it is of the Eternal Substance. So is Beauty, Love and Truth. Evil is but a cover over such R eality; like a shadow of darkness.

Evil destroys itself, because it is void of the current of Love. Yet the Great Saints have such compassion on mankind that when man has piled up so much karma that he is about to be destroyed, the Saints Themselves pay this debt to the extent of saving mankind from complete destruction, and at the same time save Their devotees from physical destruction.

The Truth is the same in every land, creed and country. The universe is run by principles and laws which were established in the very beginning. This is the world of the pairs of opposites. Until we reach beyond the realm of good and evil, there will be joy and sorrow, sickness and health, life and death. The pattern of energy descends and crystallizes into definite geometric proportions, in the direction of energy travel which is as precise as the weaving of any design. There can be no favoritism in the law of Cause and Effect.

Even the law of Grace does not upset this mathe-matically balanced procedure; it merely transcends it by a higher vibratory keynote of finer energy. All polarity effects are from above, downward. Hence,  the Higher always rules the lower. The Positive, above, has power over the Negative, below. The Cause rules the effect. The Life rules the form. Mind pat-terns and will, rule matter. Effort is the exertion of mental, emotional and physical energies in one direction.

Love is not an evasion, but is a fulfillment of all law. Mercy and Grace of the Lord, which come down through His Holy Shabd, constitute an influx of the highest energy and lift the soul out of negative effects. It is the Transcendent Energy which is greater than all else. To illustrate this point, let us say a pilot in a

helicopter dropped a life line to a drowning man. Would he be violating any laws of the water or of navi-gation ? Also, would that in any way prevent the drowning person from making an effort to save himself? Does it prevent him from exercising his free will to drown if he prefers, or to catch hold of the rope which will lift him to its Source and safety?

All that pertains to the involution and evolution of souls is necessary for equilibrium in life and motion. Understanding of them helps much to comprehend our position in daily life. This, in turn, helps to clarify Scriptural Texts which are based on the laws of the Universe, or on the Cause and the Effect of causes, termed 'karma', set in motion by our own free will, desire and action.

Even as a simple business cannot be run without payment of debts and earning of income, if it is to re-main solvent; so are these obligations, called `karma', to be cleared by the soul that wishes to be liberated. When we are off guard, or not on the beam, our scattered attention of mind and emotions sets many of these causes into action.

Therefore, a better training and tuning of the mind and senses, through concentrated attention, should be very helpful toward avoiding irresponsible or idle thinking, and thoughtless or in-considerate action. It is the only logical and real means of progress, and is available to every human soul, if he will but make the necessary effort to reach for this Life Line !

Education, as we have it today, is not the answer to the deeper, Spiritual problems in Life. Our training is geared mostly for intellectual and physical pursuits. The consciousness of the soul is beyond the reach of the mind. And that portion of the mind which is used and trained for advancement in the highest educational circles in this world, is still within the lower phase of the mind ! The higher mind and soul need training and developing in order to be useful on their planes of con-sciousness, just as we need the training of the lower mind for functioning in this world.

However, soul progress, in order to be of a permanent nature, cannot be swift and without effort on our part, nor can it be forced. Soul progress should always be free, and should never be subject to anything but the individual's desire to be liberated. The True Masters Themselves never force nor lasso a soul against its own desire. But once the soul reaches for the Holy Shabd, and, having caught hold of It, holds on, the Master does the rest. This freedom is essential to all true growth, from within outward.

Compulsion and force are of the mind, and can be employed only in that sphere and in matter. Even there, it is subject to constant reactions and necessary re-adjustments. This constitutes the struggle in life. Soul struggle is similar, between upward and downward impulses of energy travel and use. However, this impact is much deeper and it takes a keener atten-tion and devotional firmness to hold the balance.

Therefore, constant attention and concentrated inner awareness are necessary to guide the finer and deeper energies of the soul upon its course. And there must be a Goal or a fixed point of inner attraction to which to direct the devotional energy and attention. Wherever the attention or consciousness dwells, there it acts and expands itself This is the law of life and growth, internally and externally. This is the very core and substance of our being, and the heart of the universe itself, as the Causeless Cause of all existence. If we aim high, top fruits will be reached.

Consciousness is like the sun, and attention forms its- rays. Wherever these are directed, expansion and growth take place, as in Nature. The direction of energy rays may be aimed high or low, and that is where we dwell. To keep the. conscious awareness high, above the eyes, in the higher centers and chakras in the brain, is the aim and object of the teachings of the Saints.

 Only thoughts of Love and Devotion to God and to the Guide Who is consciously One with Him, have that inward central whirl of attraction toward that Eternal Core. The Eternal Essence will attract its own substance and lift it up unto Itself, and man's con-sciousness along with it, if it is attached to it. Such is the law of Grace and Love.

The Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Holy Word,. Holy Shabd or Holy Sound Current is such an Energy River of Reality which is the Essence in all and flows through the very Core of all there is soul, mind, feel-ing, body—within us and in every being in creation. This is the True Science of the Soul, from the very  beginning. It is also the middle as well as the end and object of all existence and being. It is Consciousness, it is Bliss and it is the Essence of all Knowledge; for only in the heart and center can anything be truly known. The effects are external, while the causes them-selves are always inside. If we would know them, we must go deep within. Life itself is the deepest River of Energy. Awareness of its flow is conscious experience.

The soul's involution and evolution is the game in Life. As our chest rises and falls with each respiration, so do our energies expand and contract, and produce phenomenal results called health and happiness. The soul does not live by physical bread at all, but by the Word or the Eternal Sound Energy which is of the same Essence as the soul. Only that Holy Essence, as living Water or Nectar of Life. is food for the soul. The One Word of God is truly the only food for the soul. It lives on nothing else. Even as the body lives on food of a material nature, like itself, so does the soul live on the One Essence which is its own true nature and its Home Substance.

Mind is fed by mind substance and thoughts. Emotions feed on feelings and sensations. Each body must have its own substance in Nature on which to feed, or it starves and dies. The soul feeds on Love and God's Grace, from the very center of the Sound Current. The Essence of the One Word which created all universes and realms and beings, is its only food and support. All other attempts to satisfy the soul end in misery and frustration.

Like feeds on like throughout Nature. Scientists have proved the immense power contained in a little speck of energy called the atom. How much more potent, for good, can be the energies of the soul if they  are let loose to have their way, like the atom when it is released ? And even greater is the energy of the Sound Current. It is beyond the scope of comprehension and description or imagination.

Can the soul be an exception to this law in Life? Man does not realize the great Truths of his own being, or he would not try so hard to evade them for material pleasures and thus find himself on highways and by-ways of suffering and misery.

Even in mechanics, we know that every machine must have the proper lubrication and fuel to make it endure and serve efficiently. This is all studied and tabulated down to a fine art. As man is not a senseless machine, but subject to constant shifting of desires and mind impulses, no such rules could be applied. Each person is a rule or law unto himself: Only he can find what he needs according to his desire impulse and mental make-up, if he will study himself.

We, ourselves, are the unsolved problems to ourselves. Intelligent interest always finds a way. "Where there is a will, there is a way." But all this pertains only to the body, the mind and the emotions. What about the soul, our real self, beyond the mind and senses ?

Our mind cannot transcend itself to prescribe for the soul in its position and its reach. That would be like the servant ruling the master; and the soul is in exactly that position as long as it allows the mind and the senses to dictate and lead the way. This is the theme of a whole set of beautiful symbolism in Freemasonry. When an apprentice in any trade or profession usurps the position of his master and benefactor, he is in for trouble even in this world.

 When force compels, then Life rebels. Force is the law of suffering and unhappiness. However, the problem is not simple because the mind and the desires are not simplified. We ourselves cannot meet that constant flux and impact of desire without inner conflict. Then how much more so in the without? This is the obstacle toward obtaining happiness in this life, To still the mind and to simplify desires is the Way. How simple that sounds until we try it!

That can be accomplished only by contact with a Positive Energy Current from above. How to contact that Current? By seeking the guidance and protection of a living Master Who will instruct us how to reach for and hold on to the True Positive Energy Current called the Holy Shabd, which sustains and governs all. Under such able guidance and by genuine devotion to the Guide, the soul can direct its energy toward that Goal within itself. This concentration is not on any external point or object, nor does it consist of hypno-tizing or locking the mind in any conditioning of belief, as that would only interfere with the soul's progress.

The True Mystic Guide teaches us how to direct the soul's own energy inward and upward to its center of consciousness, to discover itself as that One Essence in Eternal Love and Grace, like a drop of water merging with the ocean. To leave our own ego and its desires and creations, and enter the Land of Promise provided Within ourselves, is the keynote and promise throughout the entire Bible.

In the Old Testament the Spirit of Jehovah God works valiantly to lead the Children of Israel into this Promised Land flowing with Energy Rivers of Milk and Honey, as the Nectar and Wine of Life. This was promised to the seed of Abraham who had faith and  devotion beyond themselves. Through this Righteous-ness was the promise extended as a Covenant with all followers having such faith and inner devotion.

In the New Testament, the simplicity of this faith and devotion is extolled without the external forms of symbolism used in the Old Testament. This was hard to comprehend and not easily acceptable to those who only externally followed the forms and customs of old. Love alone seems a stranger in this world. It is a bright light itself, for which each one is his own lamp.

When the real man himself becomes the object of his own search then he is not led astray by external interests and discoveries or new theories. The full attention of his mind can then be drawn to a _int of consciousness in the center of his forehead • reparatory to the inner travel, upward, known as Transport or' elevation of the consciousness. The soul, as well as the mind, must reach beyond its present state for a fulcrum WY -which to lift itself u. Neither soul nor mind can do 'this at its evei of consciousness. That is where the, grace of Shabd Energy comes in and does it for them, through the Mercy and Grace of t h e Real,, True M ystic..

Such is the simple way, according to the teachings of Sant Mat, also known as the Radha Swami Faith. This is the practical way of "doing by not doing", of selfless effort coupled with Grace, of rising above self in a transcendent Love, to the One Reality.

Following is quoted a poem composed by the Great Saint, Swami Ji Maharaj, in the latter part of the nineteenth century, and translated into English by Pro-fessor Jagmohan Lai of Beas. It beautifully illustrates how helpless mankind is, and how compassionate and  merciful the Saints are in helping those who wish to be Liberated :

Request of the Soul to the Mind

A request of mine, oh mind, please grant ! Thy humble servant have I been for numerous incarnations and thou hast been my lord.

Known as lord of the three worlds;

E'en the three gods.('Gods' Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). are thy servants. Rishis, Munis, all thou dost rule.

Within thy orbit are the ascetics and celibates. Gods and men and yogis, all are under thy control.

None dare thee disobey.

Whomsoever you wish, you may involve in the world.

And whom you like, set free.

Thus have I heard your greatness praised;

Hence, this humble request.

Why be content to live in this body

Like a prisoner in a dark cell?

The Master once said to me:

"Let the mind be your escort."

I therefore entreat, why delay?

To `gagan" let's mount up soon.

Decide, even now.

On sensual pleasures turn your back. A peerless companion, thou;

Thine am I e'en as thou art mine.

Grant this prayer of thy slave

And in `gagan take up abode.(gagan - Trikutif, the home of the mind).

 13. Thus be as once you were. Why suffer so much here?

14. Sat Guru gave me this tip : "Take the mind with you and Homeward turn."

15. `Surat's am I, but under thy control.. Unaided by thee, I cannot catch the Shabd.

16. If to this request you don't accede, The round of eighty-four we'll both have to undergo.

17. Now please be kind, to my entreaty pay heed, And that pure `Dhun' investigate.('Dhun means the melody of Holy Shabd).

18. Let us both go up and on `Mount Sumeru's encamp.(`Mount Sumaru',one the three prominences in Trikuti.)

19. There you will live and rule  and I to Radha Swami abode speed on.

Reply of the Mind to the Soul

1. Thus the mind to surat made reply: Hard it is to give up pleasures  (surat means soul)

2. And follow this advice.Enslaved am I by the senses.

3. All courage and strength have I lost, Helpless before the senses I stand.

4. Sensual pleasures I wish to renounce.When face to face, I cannot control myself.

5. I resolve before and repent afterwards; But at the moment I am overcome..

6. How shall I rise to `gagan' dear? I am restless like a galloping horse.

7. (Soul) : May I suggest a way out? Let's turn to the Sat Guru and pray for .help.

8. (Mind accedes) : Let's together in Sat Guru take refuge And by His 'Satsang' grow strong.When the Sat Guru showert His Grace, He will check me every time.

10. It is impossible for me to go up of my own 'accord' Till I contact the Perfect Guru, the Liberator.

11. Hearing this, the `surat' was exceedingly happy: "Let us then hurry up and break the bonds."

12. Now both of them have taken refuge in the `Satsang' And drink freely of this Nectar.

13. Together to `gagan they mount, Eagerly drinking the Nectar of Shabd.

14. Radha Swami showers His Grace on them; They gather the Spiritual Treasures.

15. And thus, through the wonderful Grace of Radha Swami, The pitiless Kal was overcome !

(Satsang' means `association'. The highest form of Satsang is to merge with Shabd, and the prescribed meditation practice generally; secondly, the association with and serv-ing the Guru or Master and His Sangat, and listening to His discourses; thirdly, reading about and speaking of the incidents in the life as well as the teachings of one's Guru and other Saints, as well as reading and discussing Radha Swami literature and other Spiritual Writings).

('accord'—It is impossible for even the mind to return to its home without the help of Sat Guru because the mind is the slave of the senses just as the soul is the slave of the mind. By following the Master's instructions, the mind may return to its home in Trikuti and be truly happy, leaving the soul free to go to its true Home of Everlasting Bliss.)