Newsletter 0028


The burning bush which Moses saw (ExoDUS 3: 1—7) was the flame of the Yod or Yoti, also called jot or Jyoti in eastern terminology, in the plane of Paradise or Akash. The inner perception, by God's grace, may go far ahead of the actual development of the entire being; as was the case with Moses.

Spiritual things always come through Kether the crown and the higher cerebral centers and faculties of the human being. But to hold the consciousness there is the problem which Joshua solved when he made the inner sun stand still upon Gibeon, and the moon stand still in the valley of his brain called Ajalon (JosH. 10 : 12—14). That is a great day for the soul. There is none like it in its inner experience of conscious entrance to the Inner Sky and its realms. Moses could not do it, and, therefore, he could not take the children of Israel (the souls) into the Promised Land.

The progress of each initiate was measured by the actual inner psychic chakras which he had conquered. That means where he could hold his consciousness steady, without a ripple of thought or emotion. These methods of the conscious development of the lower chakras or centers in the body were used in all systems of teachings of the Sacrosanct Art and Science in India, Egypt and in the Middle East as well as in the Old Testament.

The New Testament teaches the same Truth by means of the path of Love and Devotion, without the need of the steps of inner conscious development in the centers of the body below the eyes. This was easier for the majority, and a number of the early Christian Saints have written accounts of their inner experience of spiritual progress consciously attained. Some of them are : St. Augustine, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Theresa, St. Thomas A' Kempis and many others. Their writings reveal similar inner experiences of spiritual enlighten-ment, and it is profitable to read them.

In the Orient, the conscious development of the five lower chakras was still taught at the time of Kabir Sahib in the fifteenth century. Kabir Sahib was a real Saint of a very high order.

Param Sant Sat Guru Swami Ji of Agra started and taught all development beginning with the center of consciousness between the eyes, upward, and covered all the regions in man's brain, clear to the top of man's latent Spiritual Potential.

Several others who preceded Him also taught this Science of the Soul upward from the center between the eyes. Their names were : Guru Nanak, Dadu Sahib, Paltu Sahib, Jag jivan Sahib,, Tulsi Sahib and a few others.

Swami Ji formed the Sant Mat system, also called the Radha Swami Faith or Science. `Sant' means Saint; `Mat' means system of teaching. `Radha' means soul; and `Swami' means Lord. The teaching reveals how the human soul may attain God-Realization—be consciously united with the Lord God—while living on this earth.

 It teaches the union of the soul with God, its Source. It embraces the teaching of the Lord of souls in relation to each soul as a path or way of going Home by first being united within to the Holy Sound Current which Job called the Redeemer who liveth, and it was also called the Spirit of Jehovah in the Old Testament. In the New Testament it is called the Logos, the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, etc.

Each age received its revelation and its inspiration through some Great Teacher, Saint, Savior or Prophet.