Newsletter 0023

 "LIGHT ON THE PATH" by Mabel Collins. The quotation is a brief description  of what purification man must go through before he can see The Light of the Spirit :

"Before the eyes can see, they must be in-capable of tears.

Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness.

Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Masters, it must have lost the power to wound.

Before the soul can stand in the presence of the Masters, its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart."

The blood of the lamb, referred to in the paragraph above, has the same significance. That is the idea and Mystic meaning behind all sacrifice. It is really, an inner principle and surrender of all beastly qualities and self, rather than an external sacrifice of animals. About twelve centuries after the historical event of the Exodus, St. Paul referred to a similar sacri-fice in Heb. 9 : 21-23.

The Flight through the Red Sea (Ex. 14th chapter). "Israel encamped before Pihahirot, between Migdol (a tower) and the sea." This could be the origin of the old statement : "Between the devil and the sea," indicating internal mind pressure. In this extremity of Israel before such a formidable obstacle, Pharaoh, the clever and scheming mind, again summons all his forces for one more assault on the poor soul.

But the Eternal Sound Current Energy of Jehovah protects the soul and parts the waters of the sea of passion and salt, or substance of crystallization as hardness or power of matter. So Israel goes through on dry foot, but  the pursuing Egyptians are drowned. When all the powers of the soul are geared to merely physical pursuits of personal domination and gain, then the soul is ruled by the lower mind, the Pharaoh of the Egypt in us.

When the soul escapes, like the children of Israel, the lower mind in pursuit of the passions of life dies in its own watery grave by being overwhelmed by the cosmic waters against which the individual interests are fighting. The souls who depend on and co-operate with the Spirit of God are led through safely, like the children of Israel. These are the children of the living faith of Abraham, and not the children of the flesh of Abraham. All true mystic messages are of the Spirit and not of the flesh (John 3 : 6) "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God ; neither loth corruption inherit incorruption."     (I CoR. 15: 50)

There is an end to all the powers of force, cunning and evil, at that gate or stage of progress. But the battle must be fought again and again at each gate. When the evil becomes immersed iii its own substance, it dies. Even the smallest germ cannot live in its own excreta. That is how evil destroys itself. It is up to us to be on guard and rise above it with the help of the Sound Current. That is the only way we can truly heed the admonition of Jesus, when He said : "Resist not evil". Then we literally stand still in concen-tration within and witness the salvation of the soul.

Chapter 15 begins with the jubilant song of Moses and the Children of Israel over the deliverance from Egypt. Now begins the treck "between the desert and the `sawn'," as the Sufi Mystics would say.

 Ex. 15 : 2227 gives a record of the Bitter Waters of Marah. This symbolizes the first experience of bitterness after the renunciation of all the pleasures of Egypt. The water of Life, or living at this stage, seems bitter. The tree which Jehovah showed Moses and commanded him to cast into the water to make it sweet, signifies the Tree of Life and proper discrimination, which lifts the mind up over any bitterness toward Life and Progress. This quality of detachment from all things transitory is called "Vairag" (Renunciation) by the Saints and in the Vedas.

Then came the cry for food, and Jehovah sent Manna from Heaven (Ex. 16 : 14). On the Inner Journey, the soul feeds on Nectar from the Essence above, which gives it strength to go on. This is the Bread of Life and is a reality, symbolized by the Show-bread in the Temple and in the Sacraments. It is an external symbol of an inner Sustenance for the soul. Saints give it to their disciples when they come to that stage of development within. It is mentioned in all Sacred Texts. Jesus also said : "I have meat to eat that ye know not of." (John 4 : 32)

The occasion was when His disciples begged him to eat material food (John 4 : 3135). Incidentally, the word `meat' does not mean flesh food, but food of any kind. Even candy is called a `sweet meat' in foreign countries.

The cry for flesh or more solid material substance for food was answered when Jehovah sent flocks of quail to the Israelites (Ex. 16 : 1218). By grosser food here is implied the teaching and training of the mind. Quails are birds of the air and symbolize mind substance.

 Even in Shakespeare's `Hamlet', mind is illustrated as a "biting and an eager air", while waiting for the ghost to appear.

Ex. 16 : 26 records the first Sabbath celebration in freedom. Sabbath signifies a period of rest for the soul, where it may dwell in Inner Concentration and Absorption, as Jehovah did on the seventh day or period of creation. The mind and desires must first come to rest or it is not a Sabbath of the Lord God Jehovah in His Spirit and Sound Current Energy, which raises the soul to heights of Bliss and Understanding.

The next incident in the soul's journey, signified by Israel, is recorded in Ex. 17 : 5-8. "Water out of the Rock." A similar incident, where water gushes forth out of a rock at Meribah, is recorded in Nu. 20 : 11. Here Moses doubted the Word of Jehovah for only an instant when he smote the rock twice before Israel. Because of this doubt, he lost contact with the Sound Current, the Spirit of Jehovah.

Instead of having faith, he depended upon physical effort at that instant rather than utter reliance upon the Power of Jehovah within. His concentration and devotion were incomplete, and for that reason he could not enter the Promised Land. ' He could not make his mind stand still like Joshua did, to behold the Inner Sky and the Sun and the Moon, as the real Promised Land of the soul of Israel.

The mind itself is weak, and can be controlled only by the Sound Current Energy. This is the `'Rock of the Ages," cleft for all. This is the REAL WATER OF LIFE FOR THE FAMISHED SOUL. Nothing else can sustain it.

 Ex. 17 : 8 to the end, gives an account of King Amalek who fought Israel. Amalek was Esau's grand-son. Note the end of the chapter, where Jehovah declares war on Amalek from generation to generation. This is because Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a mess of pottage when he was hungry.

This indicates that he really sold his spiritual birthright for material comfort. Such are not Jehovah's devotees.

According to Ex. chapter 18, Moses is reunited with his wife, Zipporah, and her two sons. The mind reminisces and goes over the ground of spiritual values gained before Mount Horeb in Midian.

Ex. 19 : 16-21. Mount Sinai is the high point in the travel of Israel, the soul, in the wilderness of the unconscious, which signifies that portion of the body and all the chakras below the eyes. The Ten Command-ments were given at Sinai, and written by the finger of Jehovah on the tables of the soul and in their hearts.

These tables were broken through human weakness, but a duplicate was made of stone and placed in the Ark of the Covenant. Over it was built the Mercy Seat, guarded by two Cherubim whose wings covered it. It was the Holy of Holies as the symbol of God in man, in his innermost being, the soul, and the body as its outer temple.

Mount Sinai represents the seat of consciousness called Tisra Til. It is the center between the eyes in the human being, where God in the form of the Sound Current meets the concentrated mind and soul, when it reaches this state of consciousness. According to the Teachings of the Saints, this center or chakra is the starting point of the soul's real upward progress.