Newsletter 0021

 This symbolic story of Lot is the most touchy subject of all, due to the way the symbolism is expressed. And because of that, it has been a thorn in many minds.

 Why should it be in the Bible at all? Again, it is because of that unknown, hidden import in a gross symbolic form that made it survive. Like the `Song of Solomon' and other similar exotic Oriental expressions of symbolism which were current in those days, probably the deeper, hidden meaning behind the personae was sensed and thus these narratives were allowed to remain in the text.

The story of Brahma and his own daughter, various-ly named Vach or Saraswati, and mentioned in the Satapatha Brahmana, has a similar history and Inner  Mystic meaning. Brahma creates speech (Vach), then expresses himself through speech or Saraswati.

In the Bible the story starts out with a righteous man called Lot, who lived in the wicked city of Sodom. Here also the original evil is portrayed as two cities or centers which misused the creative energy, and only the fire from above could purify them. Lot, in his simple devotion, lived untouched in those centers or cities. But when the two angels of the Lord entered, the wicked-ness of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Jehovah's intention to destroy the cities by fire, were *made known to Lot.

Lot was willing to surrender his two virgin daughters to the mob in order to save the two strangers who were the angels of God. His two daughters represent two unsuccessful spiritual efforts of long duration. But, in order to keep the Grace of the Spirit of Jehovah which had come into his house, he was willing to give up any claims of reward for his efforts.

 His devotion to Jehovah made his sacrifice ,easy. But the sacrifice was not needed (similar is the occasion in I SAM. 15 : 22 and in GEN. 22 : 112) .

The Spirit of Jehovah saved him by drawing him into the house and upward, into greater and higher Spiritual Realization. He and his wife and two daughters were ushered out of those two centers while these chakras of consciousness were being de-stroyed and purified by fire. His negative aspect of desire for a home in matter, symbolized by his wife, looked back and froze or crystallized into a pillar of salt, the essence of the Sea of Generation and earthiness.

After Lot left the plains and the little city of Zoar, he dwelt in a cave in the .mountains with his two daughters.

 The mountains signify a higher state of consciousness, and the cave refers to a center of consciousness within. Here, his sacrifice and all his efforts in Spiritual Growth were rewarded by Jehovah. Having surrendered all to Jehovah, he nade his progress bear fruit now.

 All the years of Lot's Spiritual Efforts are represented by his two daughters as unsuccessful spiritual endeavor. The wine which intoxicated him was this very devotion which he thought was unfruitful, and he had reconciled himself to the uselessness of his efforts at concentration. and devotion.

In all humility, he continued his efforts without being conscious of his inner success, and was lifted up in real absorption, like Noah. His seemingly unsuccessful efforts now bore fruit, symbolized by the birth of a son to each daughter. And each became a nation or a completion of growth of their own kind.

Such is the symbolism of old, which is like a nut with a hard shell that breaks many a tooth.