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 Noah's Ark

(GEN. 6TH, 7TH, 8TH AND 9Th Chapters)

The story of Noah is a real problem, if taken literally. How could a structure three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits in breadth and thirty cubits high (a cubit being about eighteen inches long) contain all the species of animals, male and female, one pair of the unclean and up to seven pairs of the clean animals, plus Noah and his family? Food and provisions are not even mentioned here for the one hundred and fifty days during which the water prevailed and Noah was in the Ark.

It is clear that some Mystical meaning was intended to be conveyed in this account rather than any literal acceptance. of the, personae mentioned. Noah found did the Spirit of Jehovah, the Sound Current Ener-gy appear and save them from the downward current of destruction. Thus the reward of Jehovah to the faith-ful ones was upward progress instead of further accumu-lation of downward evil tendencies of the mind and the senses.

The waters of the flood mentioned in the text, are not only physical but also psychic and emotional energy floods of the watery powers of the creative energy in Nature and in man. And creation emerged out of this  water. The root of life's energies was bestowed in the power of generation of all vegetation, beasts and humans. This observation gave rise to the Fallic Worship of old, because all their wealth of flocks, grains, and offspring depended on this gift to mankind. This external evidence of pleasure and possessions became a snare and led man to deterioration.

The higher qualities were subordinated to this drive and impulse of sense satisfaction to its limits. This was the evil and the destruction of soul qualities in man.

 There are records of `The Flood' in various Sacred Texts. Colonel James Jhurchw_ar_d, the noted arche-ologist, spent many years in tracing such records from very old tablets found in India. His archeological research was profound and thorough. He records TWO such floods, based upon this research. One was the sinking of the Continent of Mu in the Pacific Ocean, and the other was the sinking of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, at a much later date.

"all the fountains of the great deep broken up and the windows of heaven were opened" (GEN. 7:11)

From a physical and historical standpoint, Col. Churchward explains this in his records by the state-ment:

"The island of Mu went down in flames and water."

The flames were caused by the breaking through of the gas pressure from its deeper strata of three layers. When it reached the top layer, it literally blew the crust of the earth off by violent explosions and flames, which shot up. Into this vacuum of space of the gaseous caverns, rushed the sea, when the volcanic action had subsided. The gaseous layers and caverns were literally "fountains of the deep".

External history and internal events are combined here, as records, and it is hard to say where one begins and the, other ends. That Noah, his family, and a few of his livestock could have been carried over for one hundred and fifty days in, a structure like The Ark, is possible. But that this structure could hold all the species of animals in creation, is not plausible. Then it is quite plain that this record has an inner Mystic meaning.

The Great Floods in this physical world were vast but it is not yet established as to exactly how much of the earth was inundated at one time. Animals to inhabit the earth, could have been created after the flood, the same as before.

The fact is that the Ark itself is a symbol of the human body, which floats upon the waters of energy in space, and contains a pair of every animal quality in creation. Of the clean and more peaceful ones, up to seven pairs are in the constitution of man's make-up as the microcosm. Even our Zodiac is. made up of animal pictures, and energy whirls in the etheric substance of the body are also symbolized by animals in nearly all the Vedic writings and illustrations of old.

The event described in the Bible depicts a definite epoch in the life of human beings on earth, in their involutionary experience, when survival was at stake. It is always the good, the true, the gentle and the beauti-ful that survives, because it is balanced and close to the equilibrium of the Eternal Source of Energy Distribution. This principle was well known to Mystics of old.

 It always takes at least one human being who is in touch with the Light and life of the Radiant, Sustaining Sound Current, to maintain the balance on earth.

The Gracious Eternal Father always sends down His messengers, as Saints, Saviors, Sadhus or Prophets, to save mankind fron' complete crystallization into matter and its forces, where he would lose all consciousness and choice. Not all of them teach or point out the way; some of them lead an obscure life on this earth while keeping in touch with the Eternal Balance of the Holy Shabd, and thus maintain the link for mankind in that Wave of Grace. Survival, not redemption, is the keynote of that particular dispensation.

The great Persian Saint, Shams—i—Tabriz, was once asked if it were true that often there are obscure contemporary Saints in this world, who do not teach; or if he knew of any such person on earth, who helped mankind in this way. The Saint pointed to a coolie who was laboring on the docks . So much Mystic value can be hidden in a simple event, if we ,can but see or understand.

The story of Noah is such a story of great import in the survival of the human race. The three stories in the Ark symbolize the superior, middle and inferior parts of the body of man :

1. The head and neck.

2. The chest.

3. The abdomen, with the pelvis as one cavity.

The door on the side refers to the psychic door from where souls involute and are connected with the finer energy regions. The navel, as the umbilical cord, is such a tie in front, in the sensory area. In the motor area, in the spinal nerve centers, it is the etheric prang center with more cerebrospinal fluid at the second lumbar vertebra, where the spinal cord proper ends.

When these two, the sensory and motor areas, are linked, it can become a real door for finer sensory and motor impulses in and out of the body through the neuter organ of the spleen, which is the etheric exchange center for the function in and through the blood stream. The three `doshas' or energies in the circulation have their sway here in their ebb and flow as energy waves.

Noah first lets out a raven, which denotes the darker or lower qualities which fly over the earth until the waters abate, then settle there. This sheds some light on some strange old stories of a similar nature, such as that of the great warrior, Fredrick Barbarossa, who died in one of the Crusades because he plunged into the river with horse and armour in his impatience to get into battle. It is said that he sits in a cave in a mountain in his homeland and occasionally asks his servant to go and see if the ravens still circle around the mountain. It was predicted that his liberation would be at hand when the ravens disappeared. This is true of all souls.

 When the dark and lower impulses—symbolized as ravens, vultures or crows—are gone, the soul may rise from its dungeon of slavery to impulses and sensation. The story of the bondage of Israel in Egypt has a similar meaning.

Later, Noah sends out three doves. Two return; one with an olive branch of peace. The dove and the swan are both symbols of pure souls and pure spirit. Even the Holy Ghost is often symbolized as a dove. The good sent out, returns with peace and also spreads it on the land, as symbolized by the dove which. did not return.

 "Cast thy bread upon the waters : for thou shalt find it after many days." (Ecc. 11 1)

Every soul who has faith, love and devotion is a Noah, on earth, floating in the ark of his own body, over the great Sea of Life and its experiences. All qualities are within ourselves. Which will we let out, and which will we generate?

"And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat."   (GEN. 8 : 4)

Geographically, Ararat is a volcanic mountain with two peaks in Eastern Turkey, near the boundary with Iran and the Soviet Union. But in the Mystic intertpretation  it would be in a region or center above the water's highest level within, which   is the Manipurar Chakra, and is situated above the Brahma Chakra.

This valley is very fertile, and Noah planted a vine-yard there. He drank of the wine, and lay intoxicated in his tent (GEN. 9 : 20-25). Here another incident is recorded that seems unreasonable. Especially in a hot country, what sin or shame could there be worth mentioning if a man took off his clothes in his own tent .or house, even if one of his sons did come in?

The vineyard which Noah planted was not in this material world, but was symbolic of the Lord's Vineyard, often mentioned in the parables of Jesus. What Noah performed was spiritual labor and inner devotion. Mystically speaking, we all stand naked before God, for He sees and knows all. The wine which Noah drank was really Spiritual Nectar within. The intoxication referred to was Spiritual Ecstasy, the Mystic's reward in the Vineyard of the Lord.

 The sin of Ham was the irreverence and disrespect shown toward his father's spiritual efforts and absorption in Spirituality. The three sons of Noah could symbolize the three gunas or qualities. The negative or Tamas quality always sees evil, by its own tendency. But the neuter or Sat, and the positive or Rajas energies go into the tent backwards from the front to the back and upward and inward—and they disturb not the Sacred Center.

This describes their secret method of concentration for withdrawing the energies from the body, upward and inward, without disturbing the Prana or motor currents. This veiled Truth is told by the garments on their shoulders, used in meditation for going in backwards, from below upward, to draw up the sensory currents preparatory to Spiritual Transport.