(The object of this chapter is," to start with the One Primal Essence of all Energy and carry it through to its practical daily application.)

All Creation is a mystery because its real origin is in the higher realms of energy fields, which are be-yond the sense comprehension and the intellect of man. The Saints say that man neglects to use even the full faculties of his intellect. He is under the impression that he is acting according to the promptings of his mind, but in reality he is actually being ruled by his own emotions; and only in rare instances does he act according to and make use of his reasoning power. But as soon as the mind is purified to the extent that it allows the soul to rule and govern the body and its actions, then it joyfully accompanies the soul until it reaches its own Home, from whence the soul travels on to its Source. The mind is no more at home in this world than is the soul, but it has become so enslaved by the senses that it is our own worst enemy until it turns about face and accompanies the soul to the higher regions.

As the white light contains all the chromatic grad-ations of colors, which are not apparent to the eye until separated by a prism, even so does the One Primal Essence of Nothingness contains all varieties of elements and substances, all ideals, ideas and creeds which proceed from it as energy waves and circuits, and precipitate into matter as we see it and know it.

Primordial Sound is the Voice of Command of the su,preme Creator in the first Essence of Emanation.out of the Unknown Cause. There is a beautiful quotation from the sixteenth stanza of the JAPJI—the morning prayer—from the Granth Sahib, the Sacred Scripture of the Sikhs :

"How speak of Him who with one Word

Did the whole universe create,

And made a thousand rivers flow therein?

What might have I to praise Thy might?

I have not power to give it praise."  (GURU NANAK)

The Thousand rivers referred to above are the thousand energy currents which flow out- of the heart center of the Essence of material creation. This center is referred to as Sahasra Dal Kama" or The Thousand Petlled Lotus. It is the region of the inner sky in the plane of Akash, the ether of the universe, and is the powerhouse. of the material creation. The thousand petalled Lotus of Jehovah God is referred to here as the multiple of the mysterious Yod-He-Vau-He.

In the human body this center is located in the center of the forehead, about three-eighths of an inch above the Tisra Til region between the eyes. It is the heart or pivot of consciousness, and life incarnated.

The physical heart is controlled from this life center in the brain, which is the center of light and fiery energy in the optic thalamus in the cerebrum. When the energy current of life and warmth and light leaves this center, the eyes grow dim, the heart ceases beating,  respiration stops, and the life is drawn up into the next higher center, from whence it came. When death takes place, the silver thread is broken and the pitcher goeth to the well no more :

"Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the

golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be

broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken

at the cistern. Then shall the dust return

to the earth as it was; and the spirit shall

return unto God who gave it."  (Ecc. 12 : 6,7)

The golden bowl, the pitcher, and the wheel broken at the cistern or well, symbolize the circulation of the blood stream in the heart, which dips up the Life or Pranic energy from the respiratory tract and pumps it in rhythmic quantities, through the heart, like a wheel with buckets on it, still in use in the old time wells in the Orient.

The silver thread symbolizes the energy link which binds the conscious being to this life center in the finer etheric world, just as the umbilical cord connects the fetus from that sphere into the physical world. As physical birth is an involution (we originally came from the heights, no matter how low we may have descended in the meantime), so the conscious death while living in the body—known as Spiritual Transport — is a Spiritual New-birth. It is an evolution or ascension back into the realm of Perfect Bliss eventually; but first through the immediate energy realm above the physical, thence through higher realms until it reaches the Source. In spiritual Transport, the consciousness leaves the low stages and dwells consciously in higher Inner Realms of Being and Spiritual Vibrations  of great Happiness, until the Region of Perfect Bliss is reached.

According to Gen. 1 : 3,  "God said       This  action is the first attribute of the Infinite One who is beyond all qualities, gunas and attributes. He is Akal Puruish, the Timeless One, according to the Sacred Scriptures of the modern Saints; and is similarly referred to in the Bible. When "He" spoke, time began to run its course as energy currents of Sound and Light, in the process of Creation. Thus He brought the Inner Consciousness to the outer layer of energy, enlivening the shapes and forms of Creation on all Regions, until the physical realm was b©rn out of the higher ones by means of energy crystallization_

The Trinity of Consciousness or Bliss, plus Sound as Life Essence and Light as Love Essence, are the near est approach to describing the Indescribable. The modern Saints, like Kabir Sahib, Guru Nanak, Swami Ji of Agra, the late Gurus Baba Jaimal Singh Ji, Baba, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Ji of Beas, who have traversed these exalted Regions in their inner reach of Transport, have described these High Planes in their Sacred Discourses which formed a message for the souls of true seekers and devotees.

In such Sacred Writings are described, as nearly as our language can convey, four gradations of Creation on Spiritual Planes in the Eternal Realm. The Infinite One emerged from the consciousness of Inner Bliss to radiate that Energy, Love and Bliss to all lower realms of vibratory essences, and to the myriads of beings who were in a state of blissful inactivity, of semi-consciousness. Each one was given an opportunity to step up its vibratory frequency by one step in the scale of his present consciousness, by this impetus from the center outward..

In the beginning, the One Essence and center of consciousness became myriads of centers of Being. Each is a spark from the Eternal Fire of Life, as a soul or citizen in the realm of Spirit, which can wander either up or down in this infinite realm of experience, as a Paradise or a Kindergarten of Life.

Each soul is like a drop of water from this Infinite Ocean of Eternal Energy, Whose Sound and mighty roar of Power pervade and sustain all Creation. This is also referred to as the Word of Power or the Logos in the ancient Greek writings, as well as by St. John in the New Testament of the Bible. It is also called the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost in the New Testament :

"And suddenly there came a sound from

heaven as of the rushing mighty wind

and it filled all the house where they were

sitting."       (ACTS . 2 : 2)

We also find references to this Holy Sound in the Old Testament :

"And it shall be upon Aaron to minister : and his sound shall be heard when he goeth in unto the Holy Place before the Lord ( Jehovah) , and when he cometh out, that he die not." (Exo. 28 : 35)

"and the sound of a shaken leaf shall chase them (the enemy) ; and they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword ; and they shall fall when none pursueth." (LEV. 26 : 36)

"Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound : "   (PsM. 89 : 15)

Many times in the Bible this Holy Sound is also referred to as a Voice, "And a Voice was heard saying

 According to I Kings 19 : 12, 13, a still small Voice was heard by Elijah, etc. Translators of the Bible used the term `Tao' as a satisfactory inter-pretation of the Holy Word, the Logos, the Holy Shabd, The Voice, The Sound, etc.

Who can describe Essences and Powers to the finite intellect which craves particulars and limita-tions only to judge and to discuss them, because it is accustomed to deal with these toys of Maya (illusion) in this material world. Only a brief survey of the over-all picture of various Sacred Scriptures is attemp-ted in this book, in order to show how each one sub-stantiates and clarifies .the other, and to give us a better understanding of the mysteries otherwise sealed.

However, no matter how much is revealed in any Sacred Text, the mere reading and attempting to prac-tise what is written therein, without the guidance and protection of a true, -living Mystic or Master, leads only to confusion. But, once one has been shown the Path by a living Master, and sincerely follows it to the best of his ability, then one can understand and follow what is written in all the Sacred Scriptures of ancient and modern times. The WORD is the key.

"By hearing the word Is acquired the Wisdom of all Scriptures." by Guru Nanak, from `Japji', the Morning Prayer in the Granth Sahib.

In the world of economics, it was found that competition by various firms or individuals acted as a tremendous stimuli toward creativeness in each line, and as a great push to the general progress and welfare of the people of nations who used it. The mind has an immense scope in which to express itself and find  the strong points, as well as the weak points, and the better values and uses of any item or article manufactured.

Could not this principle of research, free thinking, comparing and searching for the Jewels of the Spiritual Life (which have been revealed on this planet and written down in Sacred Texts in many lands) apply to all humanity as a new impetus to a better understanding of the Spiritual Life ? The joy and happiness is in the hunt, in the unexpected. The Unknown is intriguing and leads on' to concentration, by forgetting the self in the chase and in the search, which can become creative instead of destructive. The ego or self only leads to destruction of all its environment, because it wants to heap everything on its own pile as either live or dead accumulations.

Early settlers in America, or in any new country, found it quite essential to be physically helpful to each other in order to survive. However, this scope of help-fulness did not extend to the mental or spiritual realms, only because they were not conscious of any pressing need of survival in that sphere. Each group sought the supremacy of their own religious interpretation, which was a remnant of the old countries from which they had fled for opportunities of better living, because of per-secution or limitation of mind and body.

The question now arises whether our spiritual vision is keen enough to embrace real spiritual values as a Life, by finding its direct simplicity and appli-cation through comparison and search of all revealed values in that line. Have we done any spiritual search-ing, thinking and selecting of real values to live by, and then for a true, living Master or Mystic to protect us and show us how ? On the. contrary, we seem to have lost the zeal and interest even in that which we have followed for so long, without discovering the Jewel in that Lotus of Sacred Text or Belief. Are we satisfied with only languidly imitating our predecessors, or are we looking for a life more abundant and richer, as promised in our own Sacred Scriptures?

All things—whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical—take thought, time and constant effort of application before we can become efficient in a branch of any one of them. Physically, we know that success depends on clear thinking and effort in any line. When we have chosen a vocation in life, we spend many years in studying under teachers in schools, colleges, universi-ties, and then take post-graduate courses along with the actual and practical work and experience gained thereby. But spiritually, we assume to become pro-ficient by the mere reading of a book or listening to sermons. The exercise of spiritual faculties, like muscles of action in that field, has been utterly neglected and forgotten.

A belief held but not used, is like the "light under a bushel" (Mat. 5 : 15), (Mark 4 21) and (Luke 11: 33), for then it does not light the way for the posses-sor of it. The value lies not only in keeping the lamp in repair and full of fuel, but in lighting the lamp of understanding and discrimination, like the five wise virgins in the Bible. We ourselves must live the life and find the way to union with that Essence within us and beyond us, which is the Supreme Being, and re-sults in Conscious exultation of Inner Bliss, Love and Truth. "Only those who live the life shall know the Truth" is an old Hermetic saying. Jesus said :

"Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but  he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."       (MAT. 7 : 21)

"Therefore, whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and d.oeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not ; for it was founded upon a rock." (MAT. 7 : 24,25)

"that observe and do."  (MAT. 23 3)   "Blessed are they that hear the Word of God and keep it."   (LUKE 11 : 28)

In essence, Jesus inferred many times : "If you . love me, you will keep my commandments and follow me."

The real values and riches lie at the core of all Sacred Scriptures, and not in the mere circumference or ceremony or belief. True spirituality is a Life within this outer, material life, expressed to some extent by a good artist in any profession. It is a constant striving and effort to become more proficient in this art. The reward of such effort is greater capacity to understand, to love and to serve, due to the Inner Happiness and exaltation of the soul.

As the Supreme Deity serves all creation from the very core of things, so does the true Mystic accomp-lish much from within outward, in an effortless way, by a greater understanding of how to serve the needs of each of His disciples, and a greater Love with which to serve and endure all things. Saints do not use external force or compulsion of any kind; neither do They seek to reform anyone.

When a fruit is ripe, it drops from the, tree all by itself. No external effort is needed. So it is with souls when they have ripened on this Tree of Life, temple of God "not built by hands" in his own being, as a mystic architect. Until such a time be cannot claim the reward or wages of a master builder who journeys in many lands. The Bible states clearly, that only faith lived, and work done by faith is accounted as righteousness. In the process of building this temple within, man fulfills God's commandment and grows to the maturity of imitating the Great Archi-tect of the Universe. The temple first seen by Moses on Mount Sinai is symbolic of the human body, the temple made by God Himself.