Newsletter 0018

 The knowledge of Good and Evil

(GEN. 3 : 2223)

The lower mind was the serpent and the evil, even in Paradise, because it is separate from God, the Center of all Good, All Balance, All Love and Selflessness. One naturally wonders why it was created at all, and put there for a snare unto man and woman in Paradise.

When we question this, we overlook the fact that the entire mind is nothing else but a stepped-down expression of the soul's lower energies, desires and free

 will; the craving for its own separate experience called the life of self, and its experience in space and in matter. The soul's own ego is the cause, the tempter, and also the cruel taskmaster of Kai. The latter is through the mind's own process of function as sensory or motor, in temptation or in action of attempted satis-faction  o its   esires.

The serpent is the mind energy itself. No new beast or reptile was introduced here to spoil the happi-ness in Paradise. The mind is the outer shell and negative pole of the soul. It is situated below the soul, . where it accumulates the dregs of the soul's desires. These dregs of 'Adi Karma' must be gotten rid of, so the soul can survive and rise in consciousness.

This process of purification and free expression of self will and desire was the purpose and object of creation. This has been explained in the chapter on `Satan', pointing out the Original Sin as the EGO, which is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL, _for personal sensory (feeling) or motor satisfaction, of action.

In the involuting process, the mind expresses the soul's desire through sense energies. By this very action AND DESIRE FOR FURTHER ACTION AND SENSATION, THE MIND ITSELF BECOMES CONDITIONED AND BOUND BY THE REAC-TIONS OF EACH ACTION. Then it no longer acts according to the desires of the soul, but becomes a blind slave of the senses.

Thus the soul is enveloped with stored karma which has been accumulated through-out the past ages and which is called `Sinchit' ; also with the karma which has been allotted to it as a portion of the stored karma, for this particular lifetime, and which is called `Pralabdh'; on top of that, the soul is  every day accumulating the results of good and bad actions as well as thoughts, to be paid off at some future date, and that is called `Kriyaman'. The latter may be either added to the reserve store of Sinchit, or may be included in that which is to be paid off as Pralattdh in this lifetime.

This was clearly understood by the Greek Psychologists who wrote the great drama of Prometheus Bound'. The god Prometheus brought the fire of Life down to the consciousness of men, and for this he was punished by being bound on Mount Caucasus, with the vultures devouring his liver. The water for which he thirsted so much, would tantalizingly reach up to his chin, and then recede. That is the story in brief. It seems so unjust and arouses the sympathy mf men for such a benefactor.

This representation is so much like the suffering of Jesus on the way to Calvary, when He comforted the women of Jerusalem by saying to them:

"Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children." (LUKE 23 :28)

Jesus understood the problem of the soul, its descent and its necessary liberation, and He suffered for it with out blaming or condemning anyone.

Like Hercules and the Greek Heroes who conquered the twelve labors of the Zodiac, then ascended unto Mount Olympus and their father, the God Zeus or Jupiter; Jesus also passed through the twelve stations of the Cross in His suffering. The drama is similar, but the import may differ for each soul. Each story or incident explains the other, in. the problem of Good and Evil and our struggle here on earth.

 Prometheus symbolizes the soul. The fire of Life which he brought down to the race of men called Adams, refers to the very energy of the soul itself, the Holy Shabd, borrowed from higher regions. The mind and senses, by improper use, consume this soul energy that is apportioned to them, in an effort to enjoy the fruits of this Tree of Life. If this were allowed to contin-ue, the soul and the higher regions themselves would be dragged down to the level of sensory pleasures. Therefore, it is quite plain that man as well as woman, Adam as well as Eve, originally fell because of the desire for knowledge and sensation. But when the desire for sensation and the crystallization of this energy for psychic and sensory enjoyment appeared on the scene, it had to be cast out of Paradise. (GEN. 3 : 24)

The gods, called Elohim, were the souls fro'm higher regions. They had gone through this experience in previous cycles of creation and knew the evil which was let loose here for souls on the path of involution. They had a great responsibility and a problem on their hands. And they acted justly, as had been provided for in the plan of involution.

The Prometheus myth or drama tells a similar story. .The god, Prometheus, symbolizes the soul. The desire of the soul to enjoy sensory life forever, after it became so entangled that it forgot the Source of Eternal Happiness, was also curtailed by punishment. Mount Caucasus represents the head and the brain, as the seat of.the mind. Here all the return ,messages of sensation and action are received by the conscious mind and the soul. Complete satisfaction is never reached by the mind arid the soul in the lower    spheres, because these are not their onrce or  Rome,. Just as Prometheus could not drink of the water that came only up to his chin, so also the mind and soul cannot bend down to drink of the Water of Life for the sake of pleasure, as desired, or they would wreck and drown themselves by the evil of their very desires.

The vultures which eat the liver of Prometheus, represent the consuming desires and frustrations and the fires of anger and remorse.