Newsletter 0017


After covering the salient points of spiritual value in the Bible, the writer realized that there are many incidents of Mystic revelations and happenings, especially in the Old Testament, which puzzle and confuse the Bible students.

Most of these high points in the Mysticism of old, cannot be interpreted historically and make sense. No available explanation satisfies both mind and soul. Yet these very stumbling blocks in the Holy Scriptures are the most valuable lessons which the Great Teachers left behind for those who can read and understand the cryptic text. With the groundwork laid down thus. far in this book, it may be possible to point out a way to disentangle the literal meanings of some of these verses, into lessons of Mystic Value for the soul rather than for mere intellectual comprehension, or as history.

True Mysticism deals with Eternal Essences of the Sound Current on all five strata of intensity, regions or realms. These are the Five Real Rivers of Life, which flow through all creation and water it, sustain it and refresh it, as the original life impulse. The ruler of each realm is the deity appointed by the Supreme Father to guard His Treasure, the Eternal Sound Essence of Shabd, in that particular realm, Each one of the  lower regions derives its energy from the region directly above it, until the very Source is reached, from whence All proceeds and must eventually return in conscious absorption, as fruitful servants of the Great Lord; or, unconsciously, as unwise servants absorbed in the Pralaya of that cycle. The parables of the Five Wise and the Five Foolish Virgins and of the Wise and Foolish Servants, given by Jesus in Matthew 25 : 130 perfect-ly illustrates this principle.

Why are we here, and whose business are we attend-ing to ? The `Father's Business', which is that of working toward the liberation of our own soul ? or the worldly acquisitions and pleasures of the mind and senses ? It is obvious that only the lamp which is clean and in good working order is filled with the OIL OF THE SPIRIT, and the wick of Consciousness is constantly trimmed, cleaned and adjusted, can fur-nish a bright light unto our feet, on the Way to our Eternal Home. With this background in mind, an attempt is made to clarify some of the more difficult chapters of symbolic narratives in the Old Testament.