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These two factors form a prominent part of the Bible in both the Old and the New Testaments. Whenever the people of a nation repented of their sins, Jehovah did not destroy them, even though His prophets had been instructed to proclaim and prophesy the destruc-tion of that nation. The New Testament holds out a similar view, under the Grace of the Savior, through Love and Mercy.

Both conditions can be better understood when the process of the original cause and its sequences are known and are transcended through steadfast devotion to the Eternal Sound Essence, symbolized as the `Spirit' of Jehovah in the Old Testament, and the `Holy Ghost' or `Holy Spirit' or `The Comforter' etc. in the New Testament.

The outstanding features of the New Testament and the Teachings of the Living Saints are Love and Humility, through the Grace of the Savior, the Master or the True Guru, to save the soul from damnation."For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life"    (ROMANS 6 : 23)

"Now the works of the flesh are manifest," (GAL. 6 : 19) "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meek-ness, temperance: against such there is no law." (GAL. 6 : 22, 23)

Spiritually speaking, we die when we are born into this world of mind and matter; and we are born again into the Spiritual Realms, when we can die unto the self while living in the body. The true birth and salvation of the soul is brought about through a true living Master or Teacher who embodies the Holy Spirit and connects us with the Eternal Sound Current.

"Marvel not that .l said unto thee, Ye must be born again. The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou Nearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it coneth, and whither it goeth : so is every one that is born of the Spirit." (JOHN 3 : 7, 8)

"No man bath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven." (JOHN 3 : 13)

"Blessed is the man to whom the lord will not impute sin."      (Rom. 4 : 8)

"For sin shall not have dominion over you : for ye are not under the law, but under grace." (ROM.6:14)

"For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death."    (ROMANS 8 : 2)

Man has, not the power to extricate himself from the clever meshes of Kai nor from the Maya of illusion of his own mind and senses. All self-righteousness  has so much vanity in it of the ego, that it defeats its own purpose of salvation.

One often wonders why so much mention is made about one sinner who repenteth, being better than many self-righteous men? (LUKE 15: 7) The reason is obvious. There is no love, no humility in self-righteous-ness. There may be some devotion to the Lord, but it never forgets to proclaim its own righteousness and effort. The ego and its vanity are there still as the primary desire and the one original sin. Wherever there is ego, there is self-will and separation from the Lord and His Will, which is the original Essence of the Sound Current, the Supreme Father's design of salva-tion for all creation and all creatures.

Since God's Will and Way were not man's choice in the beginning of his involutionary cycle, he is living in condemnation, without grace, by his own willful, separation from the Infinite Bounty in the Eternal Will of the Sound Essence, until he is again connected with It (reborrr) by a living Saint, the Conscious embodiment of God on earth. No creation could exist without the support of this Word Eternal as the Energy Principle and Life and Light Essence of all which lives, breathes and moves.

The Eternal Father furnishes all and allows Hip children to do as they please, so they may learn their lesson of independent will, ego and desire as their choice of sensory experiences in life.

By examining the nature of sin, we find the same manner of enticing in our own mind as was presented to the souls in Paradise, and as recorded for our benefit in the accounts of the temptations of Jesus, Abraham,  Waft' is the serpent or lower mind principle in Paradise, and is duly present in our own mind, through Kal's agency of mind substance and desire. The serpent power of mind climbs down the Tree of Life, from the brain or its crown, and seeks satisfaction in the lower regions of sense desire and matter (GEN. 3 : 1-5). By so doing, it draws on the original energy in the brain and squanders it on sensory indulgences of every kind.

The illusion of satisfaction is perfect, because the soul experiences energy• release in  sensation. And this main illusion of something  for nothing  carries all through life like a Nemesis to the  soul. It wants 'all through life to expend that which is not rightfully its own, and also seeks pleasure in doing so.    (GEN. 3 : 6)

Even today, the voice of the serpent as suggestions, temptations and imaginations, is not wanting. It is the same process now as it was in the beginning, only we recognize it not and always seek to place the blame on others in order to justify our own own actions. The very tempter looks like a bright angel of cleverness and prom-ise of so much gain, satisfaction and self-glory. How-ever, when we finally wake up and stop to examine this trick of our own mind, we find sadness in experience and delusion. The very same tempter and temptation within ourselves become the accuser. Then bitter remorse sets in.

None is more cruel than the accuser which is our own mind, when led by the senses instead of the soul. The lower tendencies of the mind promise so much 'fight, life and extra enjoyment and gain to the 'self, through the mind and senses. This same mind also  becomes the judge as well as the accuser, after having succeeded in tempting and ensnaring the unwary soul into its net. Self-condemnation is a natural sequence of this process.

Such is the gamut of this clever inspiration of the lower mind and Kai, which promise so much to the ego through sensation and pleasure or the glory of self-expression in its own childish way. A host of evils and sufferings follow in its train, as the result of the origi-nal desire and the first action which results in all the other, complications. This primary path of the Original Sin is repeated over and over again, daily, and we are not aware of it but continue to place the blame on Adam and Eve instead of our own ego and its own desires.

We suffer for the sins of our past thoughts, words and actions, as well as for the present indiscretions. Energy must be balanced or repaired in kind, in the economy of the universe, to maintain the equilibrium in matter and in motion of energy potential.

Having analyzed the process of involution, of sin and desire, let us examine the evolution out of this mire of pain and suffering to which all creation is subjected. This whole creation groans under the load of oppression and drive of the involved karmic energy. (ROMANS 8 : 22-23).

We are not aware of causes, only of the resulting effects and suffering. The soul knows, but it is help-lessly trapped like a bird in a cage of energy bars, from which it cannot escape until the mind also wishes to do so and accompanies it. The union of God and soul within the body is the marriage referred to in Mystic Writings and oral teachings. Until this union has  taken place, all that the soul can do is to suffer and . n-cdure the results of the self-inflicted causes and Yattach-ments.. The mind, too, is .miserable because of its having squandered the soul's energy, and is equally as help-lessly bound by the senses, so that it is not possible for it to accompany the soul until a living Master comes to the rescue. (II SAM. 22 : 2,3; Is. 19 :- 20)

The Hell, Sheol and Purgatory mentioned in the Bible, have their origin in this state of exhausted energy fields, where light is absent and darkness abounds. Without energy or power, there is no light. When the fuel is burned, the light and warmth disappear. This fact we know in our own material experience of heating and lighting our homes. As below, so it is above in the true energy fields. Re-action is the result of pre-vious action and expenditure of energy in a given direction. This re-action, from both good and bad actions, is termed `Karma'.

Some is good, some is bad, some is pleasant and some unpleasant. Some is ap-portioned to one lifetime and some to another, and all the while the mind and soul continue to accumulate more for the future. Still we each have an incompre-hensible amount of accumulated karma from past lives, which is yet to be accounted for, and only by God's Infinite Mercy and Grace, through the help of a living Master, can we ever get out of this mess. It is only with the help of the living Master that we can learn how to keep ourselves free from new karma while we are paying off the old, under His guidance and protection.

Life is simple in its Essence and at the Core and Center. But it becomes complicated when multiplied  in expression and action, whether in thought, word or deed. It is like a wheel which has but one axle and one hub, but how many spokes are necessary to carry the load to the rim of the wheel ! In turn, the rim or shell must be strong and thick enough to carry the load, or it breaks down. This simple analysis gives us a picture of the soul's energy in motion of balance or imbalance, for every wheel must run true to its center or it breaks.

Now we come to the point, why repentance is praised so much in the Bible. The soul, in suffering, cries out to God, like Jonah did in the belly of the Whale cr in the depths of hell (Jonah 2 : 2). The Spirit of Jehovah, the Omnipresent Grace in the Sound Current Energy, hears the cry of its beloved child, the soul, and comes to its rescue with its abundance of Grace and new Energy, and lifts the soul out of Sheol or the hell of its exhaustion and suffering. It is like rescuing a child who calls for help while it is being swept away in a torrent of water. "0 Lord (Jehovah), thou hast brought up my soul from the grave (Sheol, hell) ; Thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit."   (PSALMS 30 : 3)

"For great is thy mercy toward me; And thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell (Sheol).        (PSALMS 86 : 13)

Suffering is due to poverty of substance necessary to do with or to eat thereof, or a poverty of energy ensues. To sense truly and to be happy, is normal. But to dwell. on;grief, fear, self-pity and despar, or any negative state of mind; and to indulge in them-leads to a piitiful ;state of exhaustion and a feeling of dull woe. This is in no way repentance, but is in itself a great sin. Despair .itself isa willful negation of God's Grace which is always waiting-to help any soul who turns to Him in all sincerity .

"For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death."   (II Colt. 7 ; 10)

The only possible salvation is the exact opposite of the original sin of separation from the Eternal Father and His abundance of Energy of Love and Mercy and Grace. When the self or ego has come to the end of its rope of free travel and choice in experi-ence, then can the mind, like Pharaoh, be convinced by its suffering. then it realizes that the path it chose and the dwelling on its little self, which locks up the mind and soul, is nothing but an illusion.

The soul longs to return to the Father's House, like a tired child which ran away to have a good time. But it soon finds out that the experience encountered and in which it allowed itself to become involved by forgetting its Source, is more than it bargained for. Now, in suffering and humility, it is ready to return Home to the Father, bruised but much wiser and with greater appreciation so that it cannot again, under any circum-stances, be coaxed to make the mistake of leaving the Home of Perfect Bliss.

The beautiful parable of the Prodigal Son, related by Jesus (LUKE 15:1 I to end of chapter), gives the entire setting of the picture, with a wonderful background of the Father's Love and Grace in receiving the lost son back home. The experience of suffering is not easil w • ed out nor forgotten. A greater humility and compassion is possible for the soul who has himself undergone such an experience. Through deeper understanding, a deeper humility is possible in all realms of energy fields through which the soul has passed in the negative pole of suffering and want.

The vacuum thus created allows room for God's Grace, abundance of Love and True Bliss. This is the ultimate knowledge or Gyan of all things and Essences. The True Knowledge or Eternal Gyan in its pure Essence is the beholding of and being One with the Supreme Father. Such is the path of the soul in its glorious return journey which could well be called, "The Prodigal Son Comes Home."

According to the Teachings of the Saints, the con-nection of the soul with the Essence or the Eternal Sound Current is the only true way to Eternal Happiness. This method, through the humility and effort of the mind and soul, and the Love and Grace of the Eternal Father, is very much like the Way given in the Bible :

"For by grace,are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." (EPHESIANS 2 : 8, 9) (similar statements are made in I PETER 1 : 9; I JOHN 3 : 1; etc.)

The illusions of the mind and senses are hard to overcome and so there are man falls on the wa off experience. But the Love of the Eternal Father conquers in the end. Finally, the soul sees Love every-where, Lives it and becomes One with it through the central current of the Eternal Essence in his own being and consciousness.

Repentance, praised so highly in the Bible, is really An inner process of re-penning or returning the Energies into their natural sphere and proportion of balance, in perfect relation to the Central Axis of the Eternal Essence within the soul. Then, the influx of Grace and Divine Help is possible, and these are much greater than the powers of the individual soul. Therefore, it is praised so highly in the Scriptures. "But the meek shall inherit the earth," (PSALMS 37 : 11) (Similar statements in PSALMS 69 : 32, MAT.5 : 5–10; MAT. 11 : 29, 30; I PETER 3 : 4; etc.)

Mistakes in life, which lead the soul to this state of Inner Awareness of the nee of he. p aaa,d::_Grac+e.,_ from the Eternal Father,   brim about the humility which is genuine, and by which the soul can be tuned into the reception oche Eternal Radiant Broadcast of the Constant and sweet music of the Holy Shabd, the very essence of Sound within all creation. It is the Primal River of Ener ' Life an The Sacred Scriptures of the East and the West,

and the Teachings of the Modern Saints are not so far apart in Essence as it seems at first glance. In fact, the Essence in all is. the same. This is easily understood when the One Reality and Essence of the Eternal Sound Current, the Word, the Cause of all beginnings, of the middle and of the end, becomes the cornerstone of understanding and Unity at the Core of all being and things. This is the Alpha and Omega of all creation. This Essence is the stone which the builders rejected and which must again become the head of the corner. (PSALMS 118: 22; MAT. 21 : 42; I PETER 2 : 4, 2 : 7)

Only at the Center can Unity be perfect in a world of creation of endless multiplicity. To look for Truth or Unity in the mind patterns of multiplicity and varieties, is nothing but foolishness and a lack of discrimination in the proper use of the mind. Why should all doctrines agree? How could we then have multiplicity ? Are climates and seasons the same every-where on earth? Do we have a right to condemn people who live in other climates?

Oneness, sameness and Truth are possible only in the Essence of the One Who is Changeless and Truth Himself. Material facts are proven in the material world. Truth is proved. by the inner life in the Spirit Essence and in Truth itself on the Spiritual planes.