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Mystic View of Creation

The Bible and most other Sacred Scriptures begin with a vivid account of the Creation … details, and descriptions differ somewhat, but in essence the accounts are much alike.

In the Bible St John mentions the “Word”  as the primary Energy out of which the Creation proceeds …“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John1:1)

His  aim was to start with beginnings in the field of Primal Energy, before there was matter of any kind … but Mystics keep before our mind the principle of the First Cause as the beginning and the origin to which all things must return.

God creates all – gives all ! … that is the Essence and the Keynote of all Scared Texts … He is the Giver and the Gift, which we must not forget for one moment , and so keep our mind humble, and appreciative … hence having a greater awareness of the deeper values, and essence in life.

In this manner we never forget our Supreme Father, and do not create false images and gods (including our own ego) before our mind … our clever mind, and intellect spin webs of illusions created by material evidence, with our ego as the doer … this is the real idolatry, and binds our Soul and mind to the things craved and produced, or with which our mind identifies  itself.

So we become a keeper of our own creations, forgetting the real , and wandering into further mental bondage of what appears to be real to our senses at the time … it is like a web, the more we struggle, the more we become entangled.

Until we have come under the guidance, and protection of a true, living Master, our Soul struggles to free itself from this trap of illusion, but our mind and senses are so totally ensnared in the sensations, and pleasures we cannot let go.

Our mind has more affinity downward, toward our senses, than upward toward our Soul ... because our mind itself is the finest essence of matter as an Energy Ray … it is the neuter pole of all material in Creation …our will is the positive pole, and our senses the negative pole of the atom of mind  substance.

All miracles and phenomena in matter are possible by the proper control of this mental atom as the energy unit in this field of Creation, because it controls the patterns, and designs which give shape and limits to all individual units.

It took years of research to crack the material atom to be utilised as a destructive agent … if as much research were done on the mental unit, and its constructive possibilities, much would be accomplished … but this is a problem for each of us individually to solve, conquer , and understand our own mind, and sense activity as energy distributions  for health and disease.

Only by our Supreme Fathers Grace can this light be bestowed on sincere seekers who have exhausted some of their ties to pleasure, by bitter experience in the life of matter. … if we are wise we soon find the limitations in matter, and seek to ascend to control this energy field by understanding its process, and by devotion to our Almighty Source.

Atomic research has proven that all matter is a mass of energy particles, and fields in motion, which become fixed in a definite rate of vibratory balance … the pattern design of each object is in the mind field of the cosmos, and of the unit.

The substance is the attractive power of a sensory, or desire action, which holds energy particles attracted out of the cosmic reservoir. … desire and motive precede all expression of motor activity, mentally or physically, conscious or sub conscious.

Energy itself has intelligence which must have a direction of flow,or it defeats itself  … every energy blockage in mind, emotion, and in matter, necessitates volcanic eruptions in nature, and as disease in man, animal and vegetation.

If we are wise we look for the cause, and assist nature in balancing this directional energy circuit back into balance …physically, mentally and emotionally.

We mystics go deeper than that by seeking out the causes, and blocks of our Soul current, and use all our strength of will, and Soul qualities, to right this central axis of our very being in relationship to the design, and purpose of our Supreme Father.

We long to go home and thus direct all our energy to the great work  of overcoming, and sublimating our ego, and all its outward bound currents which create further bondage in matter … externally it is a cleansing, and reforming of the direction of our mind, emotions, and energies in action … internally it is a hidden process, in the Middle ages called alchemy, which raises the baser tendencies up to the standard of Gold in their vibration, and values.

This is His work as referred to by Jesus “ Wist ye not that I must be about my Fathers business” (Luke 2:49)

Our Father calls his humble, and devoted Souls, Home because He loves them as the first fruits of His creative process … if we  have sublimated our fervour of material life, and its excitement, and attachments, then in all humility we can be absorbed into the Essence of Love, Bliss and Reality

We true seekers are the lonely and weary wanderers on earth … Jesus said “The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath no where to lay his head” (Mathew 8:20) .

When our consciousness is still on earth, we feel and sense a vast inward whirl of Purity to which our Soul is attracted … we don’t fit in on earth, nor the heavens, for we are a conscious part of that Reality while we still walk on earth … this nostalgia is our real home sickness, and causes us to shed midnight tears of longing for our Beloved God.

To us Souls, physical things are of no consequence … we true mystic seekers are a chrysalis in the process of becoming a beautiful butterfly in Soul stature … we are in the process of becoming a diamond Soul by the pressure of the earthly mind elements, which, in time and space, we consciously bring forth our inner  brilliance.

Love is the soft, and yielding principle in Nature … it is the neuter essence of all things … it is the Word Essence, supporting ,and enduring all things … above all law because it is the Oneness which is unconditional … it is in all creation , because all proceeds from this Essence as a spark of  the One Reality. … all creation and manifestation is but Love’s revealing itself in form, as geometric proportions of Love.

Love is the gentle and preserving principle in Nature … without Love we become hard shells, void of the inner spark of life, and its radiance, and die for want of it …it is the Eternal Essence which brings forth life, beauty, art and the true proportions of things created … this is the effort and the struggle of all true art and artists  everywhere.

Only Love can survive as the immutable solvent of all true art, and proportions … it is the soft center, as the heart of all … form and force are but empty shells which sometimes hold the life … Love is the cup of life, as the heart of things material and spiritual …  the Cup of the Holy Grail is a mystic symbol of that life within, in its upward  struggle.

Life must flow, or it leaves the body, and the shell is dead when the life is not in it … Love is the gateway of life … where there is Love there is life … Love is not a duty, it is life itself.

When our personal emotions crowd out our true Love energy, and essence of Life, then block of interference are created which cause great suffering, physically, mentally, emotionally … we punish ourself by mental, and emotional fixation, and selfish determination … our Soul starves for lack of the water of Love, of Forgiveness, of the real vision and purpose of  life.

Hatred , jealousy, pride, and even entertaining grief are sins against the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Life within us … only a greater Love can be the answer to these personal grievances, and fixations … forgiveness is a natural process in a life full of Love.

Creation has an outward purpose for our body, and an inward purpose for our Soul …which ever road our consciousness travels on , is the way … The centrifugal path outward, toward our mind, and senses is the path of involution … the centripetal path inward , into the Spiritual realm is the way home.

We as Soul, are a child, and Essence of our Supreme Father … when we have satisfied all external cravings, like the Prodigal Son, we are ready to go home to our Fathers home of reality.

Such is our life of a mystic Soul, a wanderer on earth, who finds no resting place, no security, no satisfaction in things of pleasure, and possession  … our Soul cries out in homesickness… aware of the snare of our mind and senses, which can no longer bind us,we are ever asking, seeking and knocking on the door of Life, and of Knowledge, and of the Truth to show us the way  out

If we are a sincere seeker a Master will find us and show us the way.

All true mystic effort culminates in this Inner path of Reality and Transport … this is known to the few who are real seekers … it is too straight and narrow a road for the multitudes … only we who seek shall find, if we knock, the door of spiritual life will open, and lead us to eternity while still in our body … it is literally living in the world but not of it … the Truth is one, so is the Way and the Life .