From the day when I came to love the life,
From the day when my heart came to love the truth,
I no longer have trust in anything in the world.
In father, and mother I have no trust in the world.
In brothers and sisters I have no trust in the world.
In what is made and created I have no trust in the world
In the whole world and its work I have no trust in the world.
after my soul alone I go searching about,
which to me is worth generations and worlds.

I went and found my soul-
what are all the worlds to me?...
I went and found Truth
as she stands at the outer rim of the worlds.

From the day when we beheld thee,
from the day when we heard thy word,
our hearts were filled with peace.
We believed in thee, Good One,
we beheld thy light, and shall not forget thee,
not none hour let thee from our hearts.
For our hearts shall not grow blind,
theses souls shall not be held back.