The Naked Fakir

A man came home tired, after he had finished his day of work. As was the custom in those times, his wife gave him a bath, pouring water over his body to refresh him.

I have just discovered, she said, that my brother has become a follower of sage Mahavir.
Is that so ?, said the husband.

Yes, he is also thinking about renouncing the world!.

The husband thought this amusing and laughed. Thinking about it?, he asked in a mocking tone, if he merely thinks about it, he will never renounce the world.

What do you mean? she asked. I have never seen you go to Mahavir or Buddha. You think you understand, I doubt it, my brother is a great scholar and he understands what Mahavir is talking about. not only that he meditates, he worships, he is a very religious man.

The husband merely listened and said nothing. The wife went on, What about you then, you can laugh heartily, I don't see a speck of religiosity in you, I have never seen you pray, worship or meditate, and you have the gall to say that my brother will never renounce?.

At this the husband got out of the bath,dried himself, walked through the house, opened the front door and went into the street completely naked. 

Are you mad, what are you doing, shouted the wife, I have renounced he replied, and never came back, he reached Mahavir and settled into the lie of the naked fakir

Sometime later the wife and her brother th visited him, the brother in law said , What is your hurry to renounce, I have been thinking about it for 20 lives, you are mad, this is no way to renounce.

The husband said if you are going to renounce it must be at once, this is the only way, otherwise you will take another 20 lives thinking about it.