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Adam & Eve
A Small Complaint
Children - from "The Prophet"
Courage to be self
Creation - A Sioux Indian Story
Crime and Punishment - from "The Prophet"
Freedom from "Illusiont"
Foot prints in the sand
Good and Evil - from "The Prophet"
Help Yourself
Information Please

Invitation-by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
I Have Learned
Laws - from "The Prophet"
Letter from God - About Religion
Lifes Lessons
Lifes Guidelines
Make A Difference
Marriage - from "The Prophet"
Naked Fakir
Paderewski - Lesson in Life
Physical Judgement
Precious Gift
Reflection on God
Sacrifice of the Heart
Something to Think About
Symptoms of Inner Peace
Talking - from "The Prophet"
The Angels Amongst Us
The Hundredth Monkey
The Present
The Little Soul And The Sun
The Rules For Being Human
The Water Bearer
The World A Different Perspective
Things Aren't Always As They Seem
Your Burden