A Small Complaint (anon)

One day the Darkness rushed to God and said angrily,

'Why whenever the Light is here should I leave? It is not fair.'

'Well, what do you think we should do then?' God asked.

'Tell the Light that I want to stay while it is here.'

'Ok, I will. But you better leave now as it is time for the Sun to rise.' God said.

'You see what I mean? That's the story of my life', And Darkness left nagging in a low voice, 'Even he is telling me....'

Later on when the Light came by, God said to it, 'Light, The Darkness was here complaining that whenever you come it must leave. What do you think we should do about that?'

The Light looked at God confused and said, 'I'm sorry but who or what is the Darkness? I have never seen it in my entire Life.'