Tantra- Sexuality as a Path to Enlightenment

Tantra is the term used for a practice to gaining enlightenment, the full developement of human potential. Tantra comes a tradition that is thousands of years old, originating in India. Tantra is an ancient tradition of exploring and developing ones full potential in consciousness. Tantra converts human sexuality into a spiritual practice. Tantra is defined as the streching of the individual in body and mind from the limited to the unbounded. It is the extending of the human faculties to their greatest extent. It is the expansion of the small individual to be absorbed into the unlimited boundless cosmic experience.

The goal of Tantra is to achieve that state where a man is fullfilled without desire, beyond pleasure and pain, a state of unbounded bliss.

As there are many roads to Rome, there are many roads to enlightenment. In traditional thought there are two main ways of life for people. They either have a calling for the monastic, celebate way of life, or for the way of the world, the house holder. The celibate way of life is for the minority. It is a life of contemplation, removed from the world dedicated to knowledge, wisdom and the pursuit of higher values.

For the majority of people the path of life is out in the field of commerce and in the world of the senses, engaged in multitudes of experience, and in the sensory stimulation of the world. The worldly house holders life is one of activity, service and outward pursuits.

For the celibate his life is singular and isolated without a partner focused only on the divine. The house holder has the opportunity to have his developement augmented by relationships which help open and develop the heart and emotional side of life. Open to the house holder through reationships is the physical culturing of the senses, the orgasmic experience of Tantra.


The path to the transcendental level, the most expanded state of human awareness, of inner peace and happiness, can be arrived at through different paths. There are spiritual paths of devotion, contemplation, action and knoweldge. Paths that take the mind to heightened states of awareness through the senses. Everything in creation has a gross and subtle level. Through any object the human attention can be taken from the gross to the subltle, to the finest and arrive at the transcendental. Through every sense one can eperience the gross level of the senses, to the finer levels and ultimately go beyond the finest level of sensory experience to arrive at the cosmic level of life.

Tantric practices take the mind through the senses, through the mind and emotions to that cosmic level. Tantric practices use the energy and chemistry of the body and channel them so that one can have the most profound experiences of the full blown level of full consciousness.