Tai chi

Business, vocation, decision, health, identity, relationship, clarity, fate & fortune.More of a fitness regimen than a "therapy," Tai Chi is gaining popularity in the United States as an aid to good health, especially for older adults. This slow, graceful Chinese exercise program pays dividends in increased strength and muscle tone, enhanced range of motion and flexibility, and improved balance and coordination. In clinical trials, it has also shown an unquestionable ability to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

Many who practice tai chi find that it also offers a variety of "quality of life" benefits such as improved concentration, an increased sense of well-being, decreased feelings of stress, more energy, improved posture, and better circulation. Derived from the martial arts, this low-intensity, low-impact form of exercise is especially well suited for those recovering from an injury; and because it's a weight-bearing exercise, it's also helpful for preventing the brittle-bone disease, osteoporosis.