Sound Therapy

Forty-five minutes of V.S.T. (Vibrational Sound Therapy) is the equivalent of an 8 hour restful sleep, where our brain reaches delta phase and the pineal gland releases hormones that repair tissue and heal the body and mind.

Our ear is our primary organ of consciousness, says Dr. Alfred Tomatts, French research scientist. It is made not only for hearing, but is also intended to use sound to provide a charge of electrical potential to our brain.. the cortex then distributes the resulting charge throughout our sound is transformed into energy in our ear... the cortex redistributes the energy throughout our body's entire nervous system, providing a beneficial dynamic flow to our mind and body. Facilitates self-directed control of states of consciousness through unique combinations of sound frequencies.

Supports bringing both hemispheres of our brain into unison (Hemispheric Synchronization).

Enables us listeners to accomplish goals by achieving a focused, productive, coherent mind-brain state.

Natural healing sound  sources can vary from Voice and Singing to Crystal Bowls and the Didjeridu ... it is Vibrational Medicine - a Wellness Program encompassing: Deep Inner Peace . Clarity of Thought . Effortless Relaxation . Anxiety relief .Sleep betterment . Contentment . Energy blocks . Emotional Calmness . Release of mind chatter . Physical  Wellbeing .  Sound can self heal and facilitate your Spiritual connection .