No matter how difficult a saying in the Bible may be, there is always a real and practical meaning and a definite message of Spiritual value within that sealed parable or arcane speech. The disciples of Jesus also had this difficulty and would say many a time, "this is an hard saying"        (JOHN 6 : 60)

Many of the disciples left him because of this (JOHN 6 : 66, 67). According to Luke 10 : 1, Jesus had 70 disciples at one time; and according to some teachings, he had twelve apostles and seventy-two disciples.

Sayings of Jesus, like :

"If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." (LUKE 14 : 26) are hard for one who advocates that "ye love one an-other" and gives his life for that principle. Here again, the practical teachings of the Saints make this difficult advice very clear, understandable and useful for

 Spiritual growth. In the writings of the Param Sant Sat Guru, Swami Ji Maharaj, in the book called `Sar Bachan', , this problem Is clearly stated :

"Internally the soul is entangled in the net of passion, anger, greed, attachment and vanity; while externally it, is attached to mother, father, son, wife, friends, wealth, honor and all the sensual pleasures of the world."

It is the external attachment to all external relations which Jesus refers to in the above quotation from Luke. How can the soul grow  spiritually when it is bound hand and foot by external and internal attachments which bind the life of the soul to sensual pleasures, possessions, etc., from which it cannot free itself?

These bonds of attachment, within and without are to be hated and overcome; within, as bad habits and undesirable qualities mentioned in the above quotation, and without, as the bondage of the soul by customs, forms, possessions, position, honor, etc.

Love never stands in the way of the soul's progress, because real Love is above possession and personal attachment. True Love sees God in all things and beings. Man owns and possesses nothing. Every-thing belongs to God.

"and ye are not your own"(I. Cox. 6 : 19) "The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof ; the world, and they that dwell therein."(Ps. 24 : 1)  (also I. CoR. 10 : 26)

 All is God's gift to His children. Jesus stated plainly that this negative attachment and possessive attitude must be hated and forsaken before anyone could be his disciple. The same requirements are mentioned in many places in the Bible as well as in other Sacred Scriptures.

Real Love and respect toward parents, etc. are always highly recomrrmended in the Bible and by all Great Teachers. This principle is even brought out clearly by Shakespeare.; Romeo was chided by the friar for doting, not for loving.

True Love is the soul's own nature and essence.But attachment forms bondage and is the opposite to Love because it wants to hold onto everything for  selfish reasons. Such attachments must be hated and forsakenin order to free the soul from all such bondage, internally and externally.      

Such is the true principle of complete surrender to the Will of God. It is the Masters message of real Love and devotion to him as the first requisite in soul growth and discipleship.

True Love transcends all law and bondages. It is the lack of Love and Faithin God which forms the chains of attachment.