CREATION of the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness


The Nameless One

Father of the entirety, Father of Fathers - Supreme Unlimited Unfathomable Invisible Eternal Ineffable Incorruptible Indivisible, Immeasurable Light

Through the will of The Nameless One, the structural essence of light was brought into being ,the creation was brought into being through a Trinity of subdivisions within the Nameless One they all being different aspects of one undivided Godhead.


1.The Inaccessible Being - the Father


2.The Imperceptible Being - the Mother, known as the Holy Spirit, or Sound Current


3.The True Being, the Christ, the True God over the Entirety the creator of all Souls the Creator of the Macrocosm as well as the Microcosm ... the Vital Force at the root of all activitiesinvisibly residing within All .


Through the authority of  the Nameless One, and using the creative power of the Sound Current, the Positive Power (Christ / Sat Purush) created all Souls and originated four Regions, the Spiritual Causal Astral Physical , and their Rulers,  including  the Negative Power (Satan / Kal)  who rules the lower three .

The creator of  form, our bodies,  the god  referred  to by  the worlds religions, is the Negative power who gives the illusion that he is the Supreme Creator, and  that his realm is our true homebut to see the Truth simply contrast the Love, and Compassion of the Lord Supreme with the wrath, sorrows and suffering of the Negative power.

We are Deluded, thinking  that by good deeds we will go to heaven, or by bad deeds to hell of course we dont realise that we are already in hell and that no matter how virtuous we are, after our time in the negative powers  heaven, we will reincarnate to repeat the process over and over again we will again run like rats in a treadmill under the illusion that we are getting somewhere.

Only the Word is True, all else is false all the regions, rulers and inhabitants are perishable and subject to change we should detach from the temporal and attach ourselves to the True Eternal Word

Gods and angels are not superior to human beings they are simply Souls who have performed meritorious deeds in their human lives,  but not having devoted themselves to the Word are temporarily in one of the seven heavens, enjoying the fruits of their good actionsat the end of their prescribed period they will again be pushed down into this world so that they can have the opportunity to attach to the Word which is only possible in the human body.

Our Supreme Lord, our Soul Creator shows his compassion by sending emanations of Christ/Sat Purush to take human form as Teachers  to guide us out of this world, of illusion, misery and pain, in which we have been entrapped .


                                   Map of The Godhead and the Creations of the Spiritual Realm of Light and the Material Realm of Darkness


                                                                   True Home  Limitless  Not subject to Dissolution


                                                                   0 Nameless One -  Father of Fathers


                                                                  1. Inaccessible Being - Father or "Light"


                                                                  2. Imperceptible Being -  Mother or Holy Spirit or " The Word"


                                                                  3. True Being -  "Son" - Christ  the Positive Power


                                   Spiritual Region Realm of Light - Subject to "Grand" Dissolution at the will of the Nameless One


                                   Causal Region Realm of Darkness - Subject to Dissolution. at the will of the Nameless One ...The Negative Power who is Lord of the 3                                    worlds, the Causal, Astral, Physical the creator, sustainer destroyer, and Universal mind rules from hereit is the source of the Mind and                                    the storeroom of karmas-


                                   Astral Region Mostly Spirit - Subject to Dissolution at the will of the Nameless One


                                   Physical Region -. includingEarth - some Spirit / mainly coarse matter - Subject to physical death