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Soami Ji Maharaj

1. Sar Bachan

Baba Jaimal Singh

2. Spiritual Letters (to Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh : 1896-1903)

Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh

3. Discourses on Sant Mat

4. Philosophy of the Masters (Gurmat Sidhant), 5 vols. (an encyclopedia on the teachings of the Saints)

5. My Submission (introduction to Philosophy of the Masters)

6. Philosophy of the Masters (abridged)

7. Tales of the Mystic East (as narrated in satsangs)

8. Spiritual Gems (letters : 1919-1948x)

9. The Dawn of Light (letters : 1911-1934)

Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh Maharaj

10. The Science of the Soul (discourses and letters : 1948-1951)

Maharaj Charan Singh

11. Die to Live (answers to questions on meditation)

12. Teachings of the Saints (first Chapter of Die to Live)

13. Divine Light (discourses and letters : 1959-1964)

14. The Path (first part of Divine Light)

15. Light on Saint Matthew

16. Light on Sant Mat (discourses and letters : 1952-1958)

17. Quest for Light (letters : 1965-1971)

18. Light on Saint John

19. Spiritual Discourses

20. Spiritual Heritage (from tape-recorded talks)

21. The Master Answers (to audiences in America : 1964)

22. Thus Saith the Master (to audiences in America : 1970)

23. Truth Eternal (a discourse)

 Books about the Masters

1. Call of the Great Master-Diwan Daryai Lal Kapur

2. The Living Master-Katherine Wason

3. With a Great Master in India-Dr. Julian P. Johnson

4.With the Three Masters, 3 vols.-from the diary of Rai Sahib Munshi Ram

5. Heaven on Earth-Diwan Daryai Lal Kapur

Books on Sant Mat in general

1. A Soul's Safari-Netta Pfeifer

2. In Search of the Way-Flora E. Wood

3. Kabir, The Great Mystic-Isaac. A. Ezekiel

4. Liberation of the Soul-J. Stanley White, Ph.D.

5. Message Divine-Shanti Sethi

6. Mystic Bible-Dr. Randolph Stone

7. Mysticism, The Spiritual Path, 2 vols. Prof. Lekh Raj Puri

8. Radha Soami Teachings-Prof. Lekh Raj Puri

9. Ringing Radiance-Sir Colin Garbett

10. Sant Mat and the Bible-Narain Das

11. Sarmad, Jewish Saint of India-Isaac A.Ezekiel

12. Teachings of the Gurus-Prof. Lekh Raj Puri

13. The Inner Voice-Colonel C.W. Sanders

14. The. Mystic Philosophy of Sant Mat-Peter Fripp

15. The Path of the Masters-Dr. Julian P. Johnson

16. Yoga and the Bible-Joseph Leeming

Mystics of the East Series

1. Saint Paltu-Isaac A. Ezekiel

2.  Saint Namdev His Life and Teachings-J.R. Puri/ V.K. Sethi

3. Tulsi Sahib, Saint of HathrasJ.R. Puri and V.K. Sethi

4. Tukaram, Saint of Maharashtra-C. Rajwade

5. Dadu, The Compassionate MysticK.N. Upadhyaya, Ph.D.

6. Mira, The Divine Lover-V.K. Sethi

7. Guru Ravidas, Life and TeachingsK.N. Upadhyaya, h.D.

8. Guru Nanak, His Mystic Teachings-J.R. Puri

9. Kabir, The Weaver of God's Name-V.K. Sethi

10. Bulleh ShahJ.R. Puri and T.R. Shangari

11.Dariya Sahib, Saint of Bihar-K.N. Upadhyaya Ph.D.


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The following new books are available

A Treasury of Mystic Terms ... Part 1 ... printed 2003

The Practice of Mystecism    ... Part 2 ... not yet available

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