Spiritus is a privately funded, non profit, community help Fellowship, which provides information to light the way for seekers after Truth to discover and understand the meaning of our human existence ... which is to achieve

                                        "God Realisation through Self Realisation ".

Our starting point is to recognise that we are Spiritual Beings having a human existence.


There comes a time in our lives when we begin to question set forms, and values of religious beliefs; trying to find reasons for their observance, which is based upon understanding, and inner need, rather than mere outward routine.

Our intuitive longing for an inner understanding of the essential Essence of Life, and a closer tuning into those vibratory waves of a deeper significance of the Soul Principles in Life is the start of the search for the hidden values within our very being, rather than in mere external rituals.

That is when our living Master will come to our rescue, showing us the way.

All religions exist because they fill a need which is best suited for the guidance of a race, nation or a tribe, at that particular time, or era Religions, like the Sabbath are made for men,  not mankind for religion.

When our consciousness evolves or changes, all old values are questioned, and a search for new ones is in progress all set forms have a way of changing in the economy of nature our mind is no exception to this expansion from within, outward.

Everything in Nature sprouts, develops, and fully expresses itself as mature sentient beings or vegetation from the unconscious to the Conscious is the way of life if this is true of the growth of our body, emotions and mind, then why not the Soul Life and Consciousness also?

Our Soul is the real actor, and the essence of our entire being it is the very reason and cause for living it is slow to mature, and comes to the surface in the daily consciousness among the pressure of our bodys material needs, and the grosser frictions and attractions in life.

Spiritual growth and fruition is an individual progress it depends on the purification and development of the consciousness of our Soul as a unit our Souls awareness, and attraction, is toward the core, and Inner Essence of all Being, whence we originally came.

It is the cry of our Soul to go back home to our Fathers house ...  no matter where it is located, or how it is conditioned on earth; that very conditioning is the  fruit  of our own previous actions and desires ... karma ... Kings, and beggars alike, have received the call, and set their faces toward the East the Inner Sensory Origin of their very being, the rising Sun of reality.

The awakening of we Souls is a process of the ages, and the purpose of creation all creation furnishes the material conditions, and friction for further conscious development, through pleasure, and pain.

Each age has its message, to each race, and nation, an interpretation of the Great Truth is given, which is best suited to the needs and the characteristics of our mental, and emotional background.

Only that can be given which our conscious mind is ready to receive, and to which it can respond this is necessary as progress or evolution is not a sudden ultimate, hence the great variance in religions and teachers.

All creation is  for our benefit, as a Kindergarten of Life our Eternal Father furnishes all the material, and environment, plus the instruments with which to enjoy this experience of His Grace.

Our physical body, our emotional nature, and our mind are all tools for the expression of our Soul, our Real Self, as the One Essence in every form and substance.

Gradually, this realisation dawns on the consciousness of our Soul in this journey of life,  in the  Kindergarten of  Souls.

Little by little the gross is worn away, and our Essence begins to be revealed within, and shines forth consciously as a Diamond Soul, a real jewel in our own natureall that had previously been sought for on the outside, and much more, is revealed, and given within, a thousand fold greater, and richer than the earth could give or  hold.

Religious renaissance, or awakenings, come periodically, as cycles of time in the life of we Souls on earth, then a Great Teacher is sent, who calls the Souls who are ready for one great stride forward.

We Souls are the Mystery of Life, and the Darling of God, for which all creation was formed all other things grow and perish, even planets, and solar systems grow cold only we Souls endure as the spark of the One Eternal Essence of our Supreme Father Himself.

Within all of us is concealed the mystery of the Word of life, and Creation it is the Lost Word found the parable of the Prodigal Son is symbolic of  the experiences of our Soul our return from our wanderings on earth, and in material existence, after having worn our garments to shreds, we finally find and see the way Home, by the Inner Light of Love, and Grace bestowed on us through our  Living Master.

Our Heavenly Father bestows a new set of robes for the wedding feast of our Soul ... this wedding feast is not the celebration of a physical union, but that of our Soul with its Divine Source, and that is God Realisation

In most of the Sacred Texts there is a promise of  Saviors the Hindus had the nine Avators of Vishnu, the tenth is yet to come as Maitraya Christians are looking for the second coming of Christ Jews are still looking forward to a Messiah ... while they acknowledge Jesus as a prophet, his message did not blend with their particular type of consciousness and therefore they could not benefit by it.

In the teachings of Jesus the Mosaic laws and rituals were not emphasised enough to be of fulfilment to them Jesus brought to earth a new aspect of the Truth and those who were not ready to evolve with, and by it, persecuted him.

As there are first fruits in nature , which ripen before the rest of the fruits on the tree, so it is with us there are awakenings of Souls, and longings and midnight tears of many whose consciousness does not fit any more to the forms we find ourselves in , or to the trend of thoughts, and values we were accustomed to before our awakening.

We Souls struggle and seek , either within, or without the folds of formal creeds our Spirit is not bound by form but seeks to reveal itself to our consciousness daily, through experience, by practising and living according to our Soul qualities.

Truth is the Essence of all existence it is omnipresent, like air , where can we Souls find the answers some type of air is more suitable to some individuals than to others, for these seekers after Truth, our Supreme Father sends Saints to gather and bring in these Souls by their teachings and  guidance.

These Saints do not start new creeds or religions, nor attempt to convert the multitudes into formal observances, and they do not seek numbers they merely attract and instruct those Souls who come to them in all sincerity, and want to find the way to God Realisation.

Our goal is achieved by our Masters Grace and Love, and our own attitude, plus effort  to the development of our Soul consciousness ... the direction for inner devotion, and concentration is given by our  Master at the time of our initiation ... we just work, and  toil, in whatever station of life we may be, to earn our own living, and fulfil our karmic obligations.

We do not have to leave our church or creed ... rather by a process of better understanding, and deeper devotion, we fulfil all these requirements until we no longer need this outer help  to steady us in our inner progress.

Naturally we curtail our animal nature, and lessen our karmic burden by following strict instructions not to eat anything that must be killed or stopped in its progress of development, like eggs, meat, fish, and fowl, or anything containing them.

Alcohol, and Drugs are also definitely avoided because they dull our mind, and senses, and stimulate our nervous system, and the earthy pranas which have a downward material tendency, and result in deterioration .

We aim to ascend the Tree of Life from which we have originally descended, and to again reach Kether, the Crown of Consciousness we are literally going back home by the One Road of Life itself;  the straight and narrow way of Inner Devotion, and Understanding, under the guidance of a living Master who has already traversed the way.

As Master Jesus said " I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me" (John14:6).

All obligations and promises made by Jesus were fulfilled when he was on earth, but ceased when he entered the higher Spiritual Regions ... he could descend within, and show himself to his devotees, who contacted Him during his earth life, but after ascension, he cannot assume the physical body without re-incarnating.

His Love and Truth certainly remain for our guidance, but we can only raise our consciousness to that height, with the help of a living Master , who  have always been on earth.

Truth is our Inner Life, while our outer life is actually unconsciousness Our head is Kether, the Crown of Creation, and the center of the highest consciousness possible the Spiritual realms are above our eyes, our Soul resides in our third eye, slightly above and between the eyes this is the real heart  center.

The lesser chakras situated below our eyes belong to the unconscious realm,.the field of Nature ... automatically supplying our bodily needs by attraction, and repulsion to the great outer realm of Natures energy fields this subconscious field includes the psychic realm.

Our physical heart is ruled by our emotions, while our Spiritual heart center is governed by our Soul qualities ... this is where the Mystic Union takes place..

The seat of the center of consciousness in our body is the central axis of our brain; here the Sound Current, or Word is consciously contacted.

The consciousness of the Supreme Being is not limited, but our awareness has been limited by our own acts of indulgence, and desires, until the veil between ourselves and God has reached the proportion of a mountain.

Our Master shows us how to wear away at this obstruction, without at the same time increasing its height or depth while doing so helping us to again reach the blissful state of  God Realisation, for which purpose we have been given this human life.

Mere physical death is not the answer, in fact suicide or despair is one of the unforgivable sins against the Holy Ghost we are here to learn to control the energies through a body of resistance , in conscious actions and reactions that is, overcoming the deadly vices of  lust, anger, greed, attachment, and egotism by the practice of Chastity, Forgiveness, Charity, Detachment, and Humility.

The Holy Word is the One Power which can overcome our human weakness ... so if we link our consciousness to the inner Life Stream of the Holy Spirit all lower obstacles are automatically left behind and forgotten.

Love and Patience are our real teachers in life earth is a nursery for us, it was never intended as a heaven nor even as a permanent dwelling it is  a wilderness.

It is by the process of obstacles, and resistance, difficulties, and problems in life on earth that we Souls grow gradually mature by seeking depth,and purpose in life; ... not mere physical indulgences as a pastime, and the material success which makes this waste of time possible.

Master Jesus said But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all theses things shall be added to you (Mathew 6:33)

Like children, we Souls, must learn from life and grow up, or remain in the background among other struggling Souls, until we learn to apply the talents given us by our Father how can we expect to enter the kingdom of God while we are attached to, and long for, worldly possessions, and relationships it is these attachments which prevent us from attaining  God Realisation.

(Extract from the Mystic Bible by Dr Randolph Stone)

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